Night of the Comet (1984)


Written & Directed by: Thom Eberhardt


.... Regina Belmont
.... Samantha Belmont
.... Hector Gomez
.... Audrey White
.... Dr. Carter

Special Appearance:

.... Doris Belmont

Release Date: Theatrical: November 16, 1984



A comet wipes out most of the human race as two sisters Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) and Samantha (Kelli Maroney) have to fend off canniballistic zombies but run into another survivor Hector Gomez (Robert Beltran) in which they find out some other survivors but they are a sinister group of scientists doing deadly experiments.


The story does look exciting when it shows outer space as well as a narration and then on planet Earth locals outside at night waiting for the comet to arrive which looks like fun and wanting to be in this picture along with a local movie theatre with Regina Belmont playing a video game and not caring about her job concentrating on the game as I know the feeling on playing games and scoring high that you just can't stop since games are addictive as it adds okay comedic timing within this.
Meanwhile there's her little sister Samantha with a dysfunctional moment towards her stepmother in which there's physical violence involved here which doesn't look pretty and although it looked convincing it wasn't as brutal as I expected it to be.
Then when the comet is expected to arrive there's twisted special effects on the apocalypse happening changing this happy moment into a nightmare and changing the sky and so fourth which looked pretty bizarre as well as shots on what was left over people into dust as well as the city looking dead too. This for sure changed everything big time compared to what it started off as.
Then the morning occurs and one of the employees at the theatre goes and checks out a sound he hears by a doorway as this for sure doesn't leave an impression that this isn't a good idea if he opens the door and for sure when he finds out he doesn't know what hits him next which is fast action paced on what lurks outside waiting for this fellow.
Then Regina goes outside and has a struggling moment with a canniballistic zombie in which this looked enjoyable to watch on her doing a good job by defending herself pretty good in order to survive with this creep trying to get at her.
Regina goes over to see Samantha and telling her on what had happened in which there's a brief emotional argument surrounding this moment which seemed to fit into the story pretty well along with them hearing a radio station on a ghetto blaster and they travel to that station and realise it's all a recording and no one is there as this certainly looked twisted too.
Nice fun touches when Samantha toying around with the knobs at the radio station and so fourth in order to see if anyone is out there.
One of the best and creepy moment is when Samantha is driving her vehicle and two police motorcycles pull her over and she's glad to see them but leaves an impression when these officers reveal themselves that they aren't normal at all. Then she wakes up but yet the nightmare isn't over which is another great brain teaser and works in cleverly which is a shame that most of the other moments in this flick is terribly slow.
One of the most memorable moments to anyone who saw this is when both Samantha and Regina do some shooting practice outside at some vehicles which looked full of action.
Things look sad when Hector Gomez enters his mothers home to spot that no one is there and he is feeling upset but hears a sound from a door in which this leaves a chilling impression that something is about to attack him if he opens the door which of course works well in a horror flick.
Terrific action battling sequences when Hector tries to defend himself from a zombie child as alot of powerful moments occur here.
The girls decide to go to a mall and dress up in fancy outfits as this makes you want to jump in and join in the fun as I was convinced that the makers got this idea off of Dawn of the Dead as some of it is mildly similar and then we have some goons in a mic deciding to play mind games with them about what they're taking along with trying to gun them down in which all of this was intensely action packed and suspenseful to watch especially with the evil things the leader of the pack does along with revealing himself which looked creepy too.
Then the horror slows down when the scientists come into the picture and takes both Samantha and Regina to their laboratory in which we spot Samantha being drugged and falling asleep as well as later on Dr. Carter peppering Regina's mind with questions and she gets fresh about it all along with him telling her that her sister is dead as this made things mysterious but leaving in our minds that they're lying about it all.
Perfectly twisted moments when the other scientists tell a couple of children that they will fall asleep with their gas masks on and will be at the North Pole to be with Santa forever when they wake up which left a chill down my spine that they are about to do something deadly.
The horror comes into the picture again when Dr. Carter reveals himself and tries to grab onto one of the kids when they are in a car trying to escape with the rest of the people that helped them get away in which the suspense happens very nicely here along with some explosions too.
A nice happy ending with everyone taking pictures in the abandoned city as well as a funny moment on them waiting for the traffic light to change in order to cross the street with Samantha across from them telling them that it's deserted and walks across the street in which this left me a feeling that a car will be pulling in.
Bottom line is that although the film was well done with the effects and so fourth the story is incredibly slow with alot of bland spots as well as not enough horror which made me wonder if I was watching one or an action flick. The film needed way more inspiration than what I saw happening here.

The acting is is fairly well performed in which (Regina Belmont) seemed to add alot of pizzaz into her part especially during the beginning when she is focusing on playing an arcade game and getting into it big time in which she was believeable by doing this. Comes across as someone who doesn't take her job seriously in which she focused on this wonderfully. Also was good with her blocking when she fights off an onscreen zombie and knew on how to act tough and showing great energy within this. Offers a nice emotional and upsetting attitude when talking to someone else on what had happened in which she really does this wonderfully. Reacts nicely with her sarcasm when someone peppers her mind as well as once again getting into action in order to try and escape from wherever she is. Yes she was a good character actress.
(Samantha Belmont) seemed to breeze well with her spunky attitude as well as doing a nice job by standing up for herself in a certain scene and trying to be tough too. Does well with her emotional sobbing along with a good natured behavior when she's in a radio station and trying to call out on the microphone there adding some nice inspiration and uplifting behavior. Does a nice job getting scared in another scene when she is briefly attacked. Was great by being tough and trying to save the day. She was a piece of dynamite within whatever she did here.
(Hector Gomez) however was not much of a character actor in which he said his lines mainly and although you could tell that he tried he just couldn't pull it off. Yet he represented himself well with his persona onto the camera while springing into action with his gun and knew on how to disguise himself in a scene making himself look like a cowboy so there were some nice pointers on him for sure.
(Audrey White) drew in a perfect seriousness into her speaking making herself a convincing scientist as well as doing a nice job on what she was talking about. Plus shows off a good mysterious and deadly attitude too along with her wicked behavior. Had the right looks and motive to her role which was another plus to her part.
(Dr. Carter) was another nice example with his seriousness as well as acting perfectly arrogant by what he is talking about. Seemed to do an okay job with his demanding behavior too. Plus shows off a good wicked charm to his role too. He for sure came across as someone unpleasant and knew on how to act creepy and intimidating in other spots especially near the end of his performance.

Nice action packed music scored by David Richard Campbell in which it had a great beat to most of the moments that were happening addign great timing to it all as well as some different sounds which works in nicely too. There's the odd music that didn't do fancy for me though but all in all it was well done used on a synthesizer instead of your typical classical sound score.

Samantha Belmont: You were born with an asshole, Doris, you don't need Chuck.

Regina Belmont: [sitting on police car] What are you going to do when your complexion freaks out? Dermatologist is dead, ya know?
Samantha Belmont: I know, and I'm getting a rash or something too.
Regina Belmont: Oh, God! You and your rashes!
Samantha Belmont: Hey, I'm sorry if the end of the world makes me a little nervous.

[after shooting one of his friends]
Regina Belmont: You're crazy!
Willy: I'm not crazy, I just don't give a fuck.

Davenport: [coaxing the children for a shot] You'll just fall asleep and then you'll see Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.
Brian: I don't believe in Santa Claus.
Dr. Carter: What? You don't believe in Santa?

Sarah: [to the scientist who want her to breathe nitrous oxide] I don't know, my parents told me never to breathe anything from strangers.
Regina Belmont: [Regina comes in to rescue the kids with a revolver] Hey, get your hands up.[the scientists and kids raise their hands and Regina picks up the toy bunny Sarah dropped]
Regina Belmont: What are you guys doing?
Sarah: They said if we breathe this, we can go to the North Pole to see Santa Clause.
Regina Belmont: That's so sick!
Samantha Belmont: [Samantha appears out of nowhere] Hey!
[Regina turns and fires at the voice, Samantha narrowly ducks and avoids the shot]
Samantha Belmont: Holy shit!
Brian: Whoa.
Regina Belmont: Sam?
Samantha Belmont: [with her hands up] I give, I give.
Regina Belmont: They said you were dead!
Samantha Belmont: [with a triumphant smile] They were exaggerating totally.

Regina Belmont: [running to Hector's car] Come on kids!
Hector Gomez: Who are the kids?
Brian: I'm Brian!
Sarah: I'm Sarah!
Regina Belmont: Yeah, and I'm aunt Reg, and that's aunt Sam, and that's uncle Hector.
Sarah: Can I have my bunny?
Regina Belmont: In a minute! Beat feet uncle Hector.
Hector Gomez: Uncle Hector?
Sarah: Hey, it's MY bunny you know.

Samantha Belmont: [calling across the street to the others after Regina pushes the crosswalk button] What are you waiting for?
Hector Gomez: We're waiting for the light to change.
Regina Belmont: We DO NOT cross against the light!
Samantha Belmont: [looks at the red crosswalk light] Are you nuts, auntie Regina?
Regina Belmont: [sighs] You may as well face the facts Samantha. The whole burden of civilization has fallen upon us.
Samantha Belmont: What's that supposed to mean?
Regina Belmont: It MEANS we do not cross against the light!
Samantha Belmont: [walks out into the street] That's totally stupid, there's nobody here! See, we're talking ghost town!
Regina Belmont: [a convertible comes speeding around the corner, Samantha jumps out of the way to avoid getting hit, Regina says to Brian] See what happens?
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: [the convertible turns around and comes to a stop by Samantha] God, I'm sorry but you shouldn't cross against the light like that.

Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: [Danny stops next to Samantha after he almost hit her with his Mercedes convertible] Gawd, I'm sorry but you shouldn't cross against the light like that. Hey, you guys are survivors too, huh?
Samantha Belmont: [looks upward and mouths] Thank you.
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: What?
Samantha Belmont: Nothing. Great car!
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: Thanks, I have 23 of em'. You want to go for a ride?
Samantha Belmont: More than you know.
Hector Gomez: [to Regina] We don't know anything about this guy. Where's he from? What's his name?
Samantha Belmont: What's your name?
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: Danny Mason Keener.
Samantha Belmont: [to the others] Danny Mason Keener, okay?
Regina Belmont: Yeah, alright, well - just be back by midnight, okay?
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: Midnight?
Samantha Belmont: [with mock sincerity] The burden of civilization is on us, okay?
Danny Mason Kenner aka DMK: [smiling] Oh yeah. Bitchin', isn't it?
[last lines]