Night Terrors (1993)


Produced & Directed by: Tobe Hooper

Written by: Rom Globus & Daniel Matmor


.... Genie
.... Fatima
.... Mahmoud 
.... Marquis De Sade / Paul Chevaller
.... Dr. Matteson

Release Date: Dylan Dog Horror Fest: May 30, 1993






A teenage girl Genie (Zoe Trilling) travels to Egypt to visit her father Dr. Matteson (William Finley) where she is nearly raped by locals only to be rescued by Fatima (Irit Sheleg) who drugs her as she sees strange hallucinations and then becomes unwillingly involved with a bizarre sadomasochistic cult led by the charismatic Paul Chevalier (Robert Englund) , who is a descendant of the Marquis de Sade.


A nice gothic type of beginning to the story involving Marquis De Sade in clown type of make up in which there's twisted moments on being tortured as well as other crazy moments which took place in some sort of a dark cell type area as this was entertaining to watch.
Then there's moments with both Genie and her father Dr. Matteson doing stuff in Egypt and having discussions which seemed to look good and natural.
In the story when Genie goes out exploring she is nearly raped by local goons as this looked hyped and intense to watch and fast acting too.
Then there's nice moments when Genie is introduced by Fatima as their scene's looked very well done and entertaining to watch.
Then later on her father tells her that Fatima is bad news which definetely brings in the mysterious feel ino the story since we get a creepy feeling that she will be in for trouble if she sticks around with this foreign local and does just that.
She goes to a party with Fatima and spot that she drugs her as she starts to see strange happenings with gypsy's etc doing lustful and strange dances as well as one of them messing around with a constrictor. She even spots her father doing something which looked awfully twisted to watch.
Rolling along in the story Genie gets aquainted with the hunky local there Mahmoud in which their coonversations flow in well that you know they will be an item by what they are talking about as well as the two of them horseback riding near the ocean as this was nicely set out while watching the film. Then they get into a lustful romance which was carefully shot. Then things get exploited later on which involves Mahmound. You'll see what I mean while watching this unravel.
Genie and Fatima along with her friends go to a fun party with classical music in which this looked nicely set by all the surroundings along with a puppet show which shows them doing a doggystyle sex as this looked somewhat humoress. Suddenly it seems she is back in time during a hallucination sequence which was well set into this scene as Marquis acts creepy towards her by by what happens here. A nice touch indeed that you don't often expect.
Gebie gets involved with another nightmare with the creepy Marquis stalking her as he has some sort of a weapon trying to follow her in the deep dark staircases and other situations where she tries to get away from him as this seemed to be an ode to the A Nightmare On Elm Street legacy. This was my favourite one to watch.
There's a moment when Dr. Matteson does archealogy digging up some ruins in Egypt but yet all of this was a little too set out and unnatural buy what everyone around him was discussing.
Genie suddenly finds something gruesome in her refridgerator which looked obviously fake but then goes to the aid of Fatima who drugs her once again but this time there's a lesbian moment with this strange woman which looked interesting to watch and drawn in nicely as well as Genie going into dreamland and spotting hallucinations of a lustful type of Egyptian woman as well as Marquis on a crucifix which looked rather strangely done.
Genie is suddenly handcuffed and chained up in a room full of candles as it almost looked gothic as well as some intense moments that occurs here along with more moments on Fatima getting aroused or Paul acting insane and obnoxious. Yet it doesn't seem to go anywhere as it needed to be trimmed down which doesn't save the film for a 3 bat rating.
Bottom line is that this was an entertaining flick but it doesn't get to the point near the end in my opinion anyhow as it was a hard one to fully understand. Still can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it.

The acting was well performed in which (Genie) had the perfect healthy cute girl innocence as she does a nice job strutting her stuff into the story as well as doing a nice job getting into a romantic conversation with someone else in a certain scene. She also does a nice job by acting anxious and scared too whenever this was necessary. Does a fair job too by behaving emotional too which she did her best to behave that way too.
(Fatima) added a ton of spunk and enthusiasm as a foreign local in which she comes across as a little too friendly and untrustworthy which she did this powerfully showing off her stuff. Also does a nice soothing job when she gets lustful and so fourth. OOffered a ton of nice chraracteristics and was one of the best in the cast.
(Mahmoud) stood out greatly with his hunky and masculine presence. Seemed to do well with his charming behavior and really got into his role big time. Also does a nice job later on when striking someone or acting crazy. Another true character actor.
(Marquis De Sade / Paul Chevaller
) was marvellous in his role in which he proved to be versatile into everything that he did here. Certainly had a crazed eccentric attitude as well as behaving obnoxious and violent. Also does a nice job with his hissing behavior too. Shows off a good sterness too. Yes this fellow has it all.
(Dr. Matteson) wasn't too shabby in his role as a sympathetic parent in which he offers some nice decency into his role. He really got into a crazy mode during a hallucination sequence which shined off. However when he gets excited on finding a ruin he seemed a bit over the top.

Topless gypsies are at a party.
Two bodies are lusting as there's a butt shot on the guy as well as a breast and butt shot on the woman.
A naked man is riding a horse full frontal (Yes folks believe it!).
A naked egyptian looking woman in golden make up is revealed in a dream sequence.

Eyeless faces are revealed
A couple of decapitated heads that look phony
Some bloody stabbings

Dov Seltzer composed the music in which he does a splendid job for each scene as we hear the odd chiming sounds as well as other dark moments. Plus there's some chanting sounds too which was catchy. Soe good hissing sounds with strong music to go along with many of the suspesenful scene's. All of this was brought together in a superb fashion for a horror film of it's time.