Night Visitor (1989)

Directed by: Rupert Hitzig

Written by: Randal Viscovich


Derek Rydall .... Billy Colton
Teresa Van der Woude .... Kelly Fremont
Allen Garfield .... Zachary Willard
Michael J. Pollard .... Stanley Willard
Elliott Gould .... Ron Devereaux
Richard Roundtree .... Captain Crane
Kathleen Bailey .... Dolan
Michael Jason Rosen .... Bernstein
Shannon Tweed .... Lisa Grace
Brooke Bundy .... Mrs. Colton
Teri Weigal .... Victim in Cellar

Special Appearance:

Henry Gibson .... Jake

Release Date: Theatrical: May 12, 1989


Billy Colton (Derek Rydall) has it tough. He is often late for class and his teacher Mr. Zachary Willard (Allen Garfield) is always on his case. Worst of all, Billy hardly ever tells the truth about his lateness or any other excuse he can think of.
Yet he has a beautiful nextdoor neighbor named Lisa Grace (Shannon Tweed) who seems very flirtatious as Billy spies on her with his telescope as she seems to bring a guy home every night and tells his friends about her being a prostitute but yet they don't believe him so one night he climbs on her house roof to take a picture to show proof that this time he is telling the truth.
What's terrifying is, that she ends up being murdered and Willard has killed her as well that he is a satanic preacher at night doing sacrifices to prostitutes with his brother Stanley (Michael J. Pollard).
However, no one believes him due to the lies he's made up beforehand but his girlfriend Kelly Freemont (Teresa Van der Woude) tries to help him out as they go to an aid of a former detective named Ron Devereaux (Elliott Gould) but Willard can cause alot of pain for Billy at school if he continues to try and frame him even if it means his life.


We have an impressive beginning with a hooker whom is credited as the Victin in Cellar coming up to a black vehicle and Stanley Williard talking to her as well as a mysterious creepy figure in the backseat dragging her in which is a good start for a horror flick.
Decent moments with Billy Colton showing up late for class as well as his teacher Zachary Willard giving him a hard time as this was a good start off to what we will later discover on the horror between the two of them.

Good uplifting moment when both Billy and his friend Bernstein are greeted by the new nextdoor neighbor Lisa Grace as she comes across as overly friendly in which this was done in perfect taste with this lustful woman. It offers some decent timing with the mild comedic one liners from each of them talking to one another.
More great comedic timing when Billy goes to her home with a housewarming gift and she acts flirtatious with him while she offers him a beer and her getting nearly lustful as this was a great drawing card making you want to watch for more and see what happens next as things looked still and strong.
Fun moments when Billy looks through his telescope spying on Lisa with another guy as this offered good timing as well as what she does here including her winking at Billy as this was very entertaining to watch all of this.
More good timing when he tries to bring his friends Bernstein and Kelly Fremont over to prove that his neighbor LIsa is a hooker but spot her getting ready for bed with no one in the house with her which of course works in well every time since we've seen other situations such as this one on making out that this person is a liar and bragging.
Nice dark shots on Billy climbing up the roof of Lisa's home to try and take a pic to show proof without being caught which keeps you in suspense as well as a good shot on a killers hand stabbing her to death which looked suspenseful as well as a perfect jumping out of your seat moment when this killer crashes through the window and tries to grab him revealing that it's his teacher Zachary in which this looked perfectly intense on the struggling moments wondering if he will get away. This offered decent horror timing.
More good horror moments with Stanley going down in his cellar where we spot a pentagram as well as the Victim in Cellar gagged and tied up crying when he is talking to her as this for sure leaves a nice cringing moment and nicely put into the story.
Great discussions with Billy talking to his mother on trying to convince her that he's not making up about his teacher killing their nextdoor neighbor as the chemistry looked nicely done between mother and son.
We spot a good teasing moment when Stanley convinces the Victim in Cellar that he's going to set her free as you get the impression that he's going to trick her by how this was all set out as well as the two of them sneaking out of the cellar when he makes out to her not to let his bother hear them only to be in a room for their sacrifice as the setting looked great with the satanic surroundings as well as a nice camera shot looking down on her later on when she wakes up and let's out an echoey scream when she is about to be slayed which looked perfect for a horror flick.
Also a good moment when the next day Zachary dismisses his students except for Billy as this leaves a nice cold chill down your spine wondering o what he's going to say or do to him and this looked perfectly pressuring and psychological when he forces him to sit in his chair and has a pair of big scissors. This makes you watch cautiously in every take of this scene. This was one of the best moments in the flick.
Perfect powerful moment when both Billy and Kelly are spying on the home of Zachary and then in the alley their car comes charging at them at full speed and they try to get away as this looked incredibly suspenseful and full of action. Kind of like in a Christine type of fashion.
Perfect night shot on Kelly spying on Zachary's home as things looked good and still as well as someone grabbing her from a window and dragging her in which packs some good suspense.
There's a nice strong discussion between Billy and Ron Devereaux on trying to solve the missing case of his teacher as this looked good and serious. Meanwhile there's a moment when Zachary is panicking while driving his vehicle to his home preaching to Satan as this looked pretty corny while watching all of this.
The action is the best when both Billy and Ron crash into the home to save the day with a good moment on Stanley attacking Ron with a chainsaw and him protecting himself with his shotgun as well as some strong powerful struggling with Zachary against Billy which was well focused and powerful looking.
Bottom line is that I quite enjoyed this piece as it was brought together very nicely imagining that you have a school teacher that you don't like and thinks that he doesn't like you but you have every right to be terrified of him. It has some fun touches throughout the story with teenagers being teenagers and alot of intense and suspenseful scene's.

The acting is very good as lead actor Derek Rydall (Billy Colton) was truly convincing as a teenage troublemaker showing great energy to his role with terrific emotions too. He really added some nice anxious behavior as well as rolling with the punches when he panic's or trying to act convincing. He packs a punch greatly in a scene with his fearful and tense behavior trying not to cry which looked extremely believeable. Shows off great energy with his blocking while trying to defend himself from a brawl as he got into this greatly.
eresa Van der Woude (Kelly Fremont) is another fine young actress as she comes across well as a nice girl at the school who tries to be understanding. She certainly draws across as an onnocent intelligent brainy girl as she had the perfect looks and appeal for all of this. Plus does well screaming and crying intensely when she is held hostage. Got into her role quite nicely.
Two thumbs up for Allen Garfield (Zachary Willard) as he was great as an obnoxious schoolteacher by day and a satanic killing preacher by night. He has icy words when he speaks along with outrageous aggressions too. He for sure came across as truly intimidating when being forceful with a pair of scissors towards somebody else speaking firmly as this looked strong. Plus does well acting violent quarter way through. He was a true character actor and always has been with everything that I saw him in.
We also have Michael J. Pollard (Stanley Willard) in his role as his brother who acts like a goof off like most of the roles he plays. He for sure brings attention onto the screen with his eccentric type of behavior. At times it seems a bit over the top but not too much to handle at the same time. Shows some nice crazed type of behavior with his cackling or using a chainsaw at full thrust in another portion of the story. Got into this role as best as he could.
Elliott Gould
(Ron Devereaux) for sure comes across well as a drunken retired officer and was believeable by feeling down on his luck which he had a solid seriousness by being this way. Also does well by getting into a serious conversation and trying to be helpful which he brought this to life a great deal. He seemed to study this role inside out.
Richard Roundtree
(Captain Crane) still has the knack to play a police officer with a good serious attitude. He shows a good no nonsense type of behavior and has a nice stern type of speaking too. Seemed to have a real effective supporting role and shines off nicely here.
Kathleen Bailey
(Dolan) stood out greatly as another officer in which she has a tall type of feature to her as well as doing well with her serious attitude when trying to discover a case and getting onto it. Had the perfect looks to play this role. Offers a great concentrated attitude.
Michael Jason Rosen
(Bernstein) does well as a teenage prankster and acting like a typical clown in the flick with his sarcasm and goofy atttiude. Had the right looks as a kid next door. Shows a ton of spunk into what he did here. Was a true character like the rest mentioned here.
Shannon Tweed
(Lisa Grace) had the stunning looks and the lustful attitude bringing it all to life in her supporting role as she stood out greatly. Has a great flirtatious attitude as well as knowing on how to act lustfully charming. She brings it all in wonderfully and not falling out of it at all. Two thumbs up.

Teri Weigal briefly takes off her top showing her breasts and another moment when her top is cut off during a sacrifice with her breasts exposed.

Some blood dripping her and there and some bloody gunshots.

Parmer Fuller greatly composes whistling sounds as well as some moaning type effects along with the high pitched synthesizer playing and the piano pounding and we can't forget the chanting sounds for the satanic ceremonies which all seemed to sound a bit cheesy for certain scene's.