Nine Dead (2009)


Directed by: Chris Shadley

Written by: Patrick Wehe Mahoney


Melissa Joan Hart ... Kelley
William Lee Scott ... Jackson
John Terry .... Shooter
James C. Victor .... Eddie Vigoda
Marc Macaulay ...  Father Francis
Lucille Soong ... Nhung Chan
Chip Bent .... Sully
Edrick Browne ... Leon
Daniel Baldwin ... Detective Seager
Andrew Sensenig ... Parks
Lawrence Turner ... Coogan

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: November 6, 2009

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Nine strangers are kidnapped and forced to figure out the connection they have to each other as one has to die every ten minutes.


The beginning looked impressive with the maniac building stuff and bringing out the tools in order to do so as it looked dark and deadly but then the story really slopes after that.
Then we have a stripper who's unhappy about her job as well as later on this killer kidnapping everyone by knocking them unconcious and placing them in a room in which there's nice camera shots on them waking up and realising that they're chained up to a poll as well as them discussing the situations in which this could grab your attention with their heated discussions and frusterations. Yet it becomes incredibly boring afterwards as most of these moments take place throughout the whole story.
Things seem to change a bit with the flashbacks on some of the people discussing their guilt and what they've done but that's nothing too big to brag about either.
There's a good psychological and interesting moment when Sully tries to get someone to break his fingers so he can try to get the handcuff off of him in order to free himself as this looked intense and painful to watch. Also things looked interesting when he grabs a gun and acts threatening towards the killer Shooter as well as the downfalls as to how many bullets that are in the gun with this maniac bringing out a fully loaded gun. Plus another good psychological moment of torture and pain involving Sully when he is sent back into the room.
A strong moment with an asian woman Nhung Chan begging Shooter for her life in her own foreign language when she is next to die which makes you watch carefully as to whether or not he will shoot her.
A powerful moment when Kelley pleades to Shooter and trying to convince him on not killing her or the others as well as her telling him about her son needing her in order to keep her alive which looked good to watch and keeping your attention as what will happen next. Plus great psychological timing when Shooter snaps back at her about her dark secret on her child as this looked incredibly effective.
We have more flashback memories on everyone trying to solve the missing cases as to why they are there which is supposed to make things mysterious but it's a total bore but eventually things start to look mildly interesting but not great by any means. Plus we have a deadly secret told by Kelley and revealing a bloody flashback as to what she did in order to be locked in the room with the rest.
The near ending seemed to look twisted when Shooter removes his mask to reveal himself as well as what Kelley does which looked zany. But I was happy when this movie came to an end no matter how disappointing the plot turned out to be.
Bottom line is that this is a mere ripoff to the Saw legacy and is totally boring to watch with not much action happening in each piece of this flick. Not worth checking out at all unless you're ready to fall asleep and need something to watch in order to pass out. Making this flick was a total waste of time.

The acting stood out well and is better than the story itself as Melissa Joan Hart (Kelley) had a strong personality of her own by how she reacted to everything acting convincingly anxious and hot tempered too. Offered a good hyperacting and aggressive behavior as well. Was greatly intense and crazy at times which also shined off. Plus was good by trying to plead for her life with her decent and reasonable attitude as well. She was probably the best out of the cast.
William Lee Scott (Jackson) seemed to have his characteristics nailed down too with someone who reacts well to knowing about something that he did as well as showing off great energy within his aggressions by what he hears. Was pwerful within his speaking and does well with his alerted behavior too.
John Terry (Shooter) shows a great presence as the maniac in the flick in which he shows a great overpowering type of behavior and good deep voice by what he's talking about. He shows a great no nonsense behavior as well as acting perfectly slick in everything that he did here. Plus was good with his versatality with his emotional behavior close to the end of his performance.
James C. Victor
(Eddie Vigoda) seemed fairly mysterious in his presence but yet a level headed type as well as doing a good job delivering his lines. Plus does well getting anxious when he realises a dark secret as well as showing good emotions and aggressions too. He offered great energy.
Marc Macaulay (Father Francis) shows off a nice calm type of behaviuor and seemed to portray well by being a preacher as well as showing good nervousness whenever he needed to behave this way. He shows off a convi9ncing behavior as someone whom is a bit dysfunctional. Had the right looks and motivation for his role.
Lucille Soong (Nhung Chan) shows it off greatly as someone foregin not able to speak english as well as showing off great aggressions but isn't convincing when she does this in order to be funny. Yet she does a good job when she gets scared trying to beg for mercy by not being the next one to get killed. She made this type of performance believeable.
Edrick Browne (Leon) stood out the most in his supporting role in which he offered a good arrogant and cocky type attitude he really shows everything off in a great fashion by being this way in which you get a feeling that he's gonna get his in the end.
Lawrence Turner
(Coogan) was another one who stood out in my mind a great deal as he for sure seemed like a natural ham with his sarcastic and cocky behavior just bringing out the pizzaz as well as coming across as believeably gay by how he spoke which shines out greatly. Plus shows great expressions too. He was a true character actor.

We have alot of hissing and other types of dark sounds which really blends in greatly with the dark scene's that were used in this flick as well as violin and other classical music sounding sad like as it works in an okay fashion but nothing too spectacular. All of this was done in by Danny Lux.