Octopus (2000)

Directed by: John Eyres

Written by: Michael D. Weiss

Story by:
Boaz Davidson


Jay Harrington .... Roy Turner
Ravil Isyanov .... Casper
David Beecroft .... Captain Jack Shaw
Carolyn Lowery .... Dr. Lisa Finch
Rico Ross .... Brickman
George Stanchev .... Salvanto
Martin McDougall .... Taylor

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: September 21, 2000 (Germany)






A terrorist named Casper (Ravil Isyanov) is caught by a CIA agent named Roy Turner (Jay Harrington) while doing damage in Bulgaria and is sent to the US in a submarine to be held as prisoner but he seems to wreck havoc with the people driving him there and his henchmen plan to hijack the submarine. Turner still manages to try and not let Casper escaping as he tries to watch every move he makes.
But terror really starts to happen for the crew in the submarine as they are attacked by a giant octopus as well as being grabbed and eaten by this creature.
The people in their submarine also discovers another submarine that was crashed down there in 1962.
Along the way is a cruise ship along the way as people there will soon be endangered by the bounty hunters and the killer octopus.


The beginning looked slightly cheesy but yet draws you in as we have what looks like an old lady acting strange and giving a little girl something but when we look closer we can tell it's a man in disguise in which leaves an impression that something not good is about to happen as well as some nice action moments on Roy Turner and his sidekick Henry Campbell trying to pin down this person who happens to be Casper as well as cheesy computerised explosions on a building which at the same time adds some decent suspense to the story.
Plus a good shocking and touching moment by what happens to Henry as well as his final discussions with Roy as this draws you in and well put into the story as this moment truly makes you feel sad when watching all of this go down.
The story is very slow though when Roy goes into a submarine with the rest of his crew on a mission as the discussions looked stale. It seemed to lack and making you wonder as to when something exciting will happen.
ALso there's lame scene's showing what goes on in a cruise ship with a dance floor and spots like that which could've looked more amusing than it did as well as a crime happening at the end of this scene with a maid being murdered as this was supposed to draw into the mystery of the story but fails in order to do so.
However there's moments when some of the team in the submarine tries to go in the water to discover something as well as interesting fast shots on the octopus attacking which makes you want to watch for more but the intensity looked quite lacking as well as the team in the submarine talking anxiously to the people in the water which seemed to borrow a bit on a scene in Aliens but yet that movie was done in much better style than in this scene as this seriously needed more effort by what was going on. Wasn't as intense as it was made out to be as this doesn't make you cringe since it was supposed to have been.
There are some effective moments like a brawl between both Roy and Casper which seemed to look energised as well as Casper trying to mug Dr. Lisa Finch with her trying to act cool about it which makes you wonder if she will lose it. Nothing too terrific but passable.
However the story does improve a bit with the intensity when they try to get to their emergency vehicle and we spot cheesy effects of large tentacles grabbing at someone which looked fun to watch while everyone tries to get away from safety as well as an explosion on the submarine which of course you could tell was computerised like the rest of the special effects.
Nice fast action moments when the criminals start to cause things at the cruise ship which packs a punch as well as neat suspenseful effects on the octopus grabbing at the ship making it tip as you watch in terror with this happening as well as the battles against this monster. Plus some good shots on the monstrous teeth of this beast too. This was probably the best scene ever.
Bottom line is that I expected a cheesy flick with phony effects and that's just what I got. However, this film wasn't a bomb and can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it. Mostly the story took place inside a submarine and people trying to survive a giant octopus but there are other moments too yet they weren't as long. Basically the creature feature moments are the only thing worth watching in the story.

The acting is not bad but doesn't stand out too much. Jay Harrington (Roy Turner) seemed to show off alot of energy in his role as someone working for the lkaw showing great stern aggressions whenever he needed to be this way, He was sharp and slick within whatever he did here. Had the right looks and appeal for what he did.
The lead villain Ravil Isyanov (Casper) was believeable as a sneaky and violent madman terrorist in the film. Shows off a good strong accent as well as trying to act deceiving in other spots. Was good and slick within what he did in the film too. Also shows off a nice powerful force of nature when he's violent or going to attack.
David Beecroft
(Captain Jack Shaw) seems very charming as a Captain of the submarine and is well remembered I must say. Comes off as someone arrogant and closed minded which makes you not wanting to be around but yet shows a nice versatality showing his nice side later on when the terror happens. He was quite energetic doing all of this.
Carolyn Lowery
(Dr. Lisa Finch) was really powerful with her role as a strong minded and tough scientist in the film and can really go places. She offers a good outgoing behavior as well as showing a good wise behavior too which stood out not too badly whenever she acted like this. Also shows a tough no nonsense behavior too whenever she had to act like this as well.
Rico Ross (Brickman) cwas a strong force of nature as well with his serious commanding as well as showing a good hearted behavior as well. Offers nice powerful aggressions too by not letting an ounce down at all. He was a worthy character actor and probably the best out of the whole cast.
Supporting actor Martin McDougall (Taylor) really knew how to act emotionally frightened in the film being a victim in the submarine.
He offered a great intensity just freaking out and losing control. Shows that his supporting role can be well remembered to anyone who saw this. He another good character actor.

Captain Jack Shaw is bloodily shot in the leg and a bit of blood on some corpses but nothing gruesome at all.

The music sounded quite good by Marco Marinangeli as he didn't compose typical synthesizer playing. We get some good classical music surprisingly enough. Also nice powerful music during the cruise ship attack by the octopus as this packed a nice punch sounding mainstream enough. In other spots of the film we hear what sounds like conga tapping in certain parts like when the cruise ship is about to depart in which this didn't do much for my tastes as well as brief chanting for when people in a submarine discovers something in the deep ocean as this drew in well.

Captain Jack Shaw (After being shot in the leg) Thank you
Dr. Lisa Finch:
Any time