The Offspring (1987)

Directed by: Jeff Burr

Written by: C. Courtney Joyner, Darin Scott & Jeff Burr


Vincent Price .... Juliane White
Susan Tyrrell .... Beth Chandler
Clu Gulager .... Stanley Burnside
Miriam Byrd-Netherly .... Eileen Burnside
Megan McFarland .... Grace Scott
Terry Kiser .... Jesse Hardwick
Harry Caeser .... Felder Evans
Ron Brooks .... Steven Arden
Angelo Rossitto .... Tinker
Rosalind Cash .... Snakewoman
Cameron Mitchell .... Sargeant Gallon
Tommy Nowell .... Andrew
Ashli Bare .... Amanda

Special Appearance:

Martin Beswicke .... Katherine White

Release Date: Theatrical: September, 1987








A murderess named Katherine White (Martin Beswicke) is sentenced to death and a reporter named Beth Chandler (Susan Tyrell) travels to the twon of Oldfield to pay a visit to the killers uncle named Juliane White (Vincent Price) to question him about his niece's history as he unravels four related tales.

The first one he tells is about a dweeby elderly man named Stanley Burnside (Clu Gulager) wants a romance with a younger woman but is too lonely as he has to take care of his sick sister Eileen (Miriam Byrd-Nethery) all the time but however, he convinces one of his co-workers named Grace Scott (Megan McFarland) to have dinner with him and she accepts but realises he's too much but he must have her even if it means to the grave.

The second story Juliane talks about a wounded man named Jesse Hardwick (Terry Kiser) whom was betrayed by his wife telling some creditors where he is hiding out and then rescued by a backwoods hermit named Felder Evans (Harry Caeser) with a secret to eternal life as Hardwick must find the secrets and gets greedy about it.

Third chapter is about a man named Steven Arden (Ron Brooks) who works as an act at a carnival who can eat glass and other dangerous stuff as he is madly in love with a woman named Tinker (Angelo Rossitto) but the evil owner named Snakewoman (Rosalind Cash) threatens that he will pay an ultimate price if he does so.

And finally, Juliane goes into the deep past about the Civil War soldiers led by the nasty Sargeant Gallon (Cameron Mitchell) who has killed all their enemies thinking that they are home free until they are held captive by a group of orphans led by a boy named Andrew (Tommy Nowell) as he has gruesome and strange intentions for all of them as they are tortured to death and Gallon is the last one for their deadly plans.


Well the anthology was off to a good start in the beginning but it slid down big time with the wraparound which wasn't very convincing at all. It starts off very nicely and dark with a woman slowly walking out of the bathroom with a towel around her and then good shots on her getting dressed.
Next, we spot her strapped in a chair as she shows nice creepy expressions as well as reacting well when she is dying due to a needle in her arm.
But then the the moments start to weaken when there's a discussion between Beth Chandler questioning Juliane White in his library about why his niece was killed as he goes into a historical detail introducing the chapters which could've been a bit more convincing.

The first chapter about the dweeby elderly man who is disturbed about not having a love life of his own and taking care of his sick sister has some good moments but the ending was a little ridiculous as it is hard to understand too. We have a good dark shot with Grace Scott standing like a statue almost looking dead and then Stanley Burnside seducing her and next there's a good moment with him in bed screaming with his eyes bulging in terror with a corpse grabbing him which looked truly creepy.
There's a strange conversation between Stanley bathing
Ellen Burnside as siblings and discussing their parents on Christmas.
A fair moment with Stanley coming on strong with Grace in his car as well as strangling her as there's good camera shots on the cars tail light and other shots too while this is happening.
There's also another nice struggling moment between Stanley and Eileen when he tries to kill her in her bath which looks a bit intense.
Great dark shot on a tombstone with a hand coming out as well as a camera zooming around and entering a house.
Another great shot on Stanley staring wild eyed at the bottom of the stairs as well as a nice shot on a creature at the top of the stairs pointing.

The second chapter was quite bland with a man hiding out in a cabin almost killed and associating with a hermit that knows how to create eternal life which hardly goes anywhere other than this close to death victim getting greedy to have this eternal life potion and facing consequences in the end.
A good moment with Jesse Hardwick in his trailer hideout towards his wife when he finds out she called the mob after him which there's nice shots on him breaking out of the back door of his trailer and running away.
Nice shot on Jesse being shot in the back as well as a real spooky shot on him lying in a boat and corpses hands are lunging out at him and bringing him down.
A good shot on him lying in bed looking around a beat up old cabin with a clock ticking.
Nice shots on Felder Evans mixing up some potion like he's doing some sort of voodoo type of spell.
A descent shot on Jesse by rocking a boat in the swamp with Felder lying on the boat.
There's another good shot on Felder bringing down an axe with menacing expressions.

The carnival one was the worst one of all but showing the snakewoman putting a spell on her employee at the carnival was the only thing worth watching.
But we do have some good shots on Steven Arden eating glass and other stuff on stage at a carnival performance as you cringe a bit wondering how he does that.
There's also great evil moments with Snakewoman by getting demanding and nasty to everyone in a tent playing poker.
Many conversation sequences between Steven and Tinker as an engaged couple which looks extremely raw.
The two of them knew how to scream with intensity in a hotel room when something deadly happens.

The last chapter was probably the best one imaginging a bunch of orphans taking over after a war has ended and doing evil deeds which was like a horror version of Lord of the Flies.
This tale was quite a gruesome one as Sargeant Gallon fires his gun with his troops against their enemies as well as walking in a field and mine bombs exploding next to them falling down.
A nice presence by young Andrew introducing himself to Gallon and the rest with a powerful attitude.
There are many good scene's with the kids torturing the adults and acting nasty.
A nice pleasant approach by Amanada acting nice towards Gallon trying to feed him while he's tied up which makes you want to be nice back to this polite child.
There's another good moment with Gallon when he tries to sweet talk her into letting him go and he can take her with him as there's good shots on the two of them and you get the feeling he won't keep his word and will do something horrible to this innocent child.
Good shots on the some of the other kids by playing a sick game with a chopped up corpse.
We also have a good explanation by Andrew as to what happened to the adults in the war showing some gruesome stuff that was left behind.

Bottom line: Well folks, the anthology may disappoint you but if you're in the mood for a bad party flick then check it out by all means.

The acting is in average taste but sometimes it's actually not too bad. Vincent Price (Juliane White), now there's a horror icon from way back but he however isn't as good like he was in his other films but still has the charm to his part for a horror type of attitude.
Susan Tyrell
(Beth Chandler) brings her part across sharply well as the one questioning him as both of these actors are involved for the wraparound story.
Clu Gulagher
(Stanley Burnside) looked extremely different by playing a dweeby elderly man as he can present himself differently in alot of his projects and does this well with his freaked out expressions and his disturbed behaviour.
Miriam Byrd-Nethery (Eileen Burnside) who played his sick sister was a little too corny on the other hand but not terrible. She seemed like a bit of a fruit.
Terry Kiser (Jesse Hardwick) shows nice aggressions to his part as a mobster of some kind with good nasty expressions too. He does well in a certain scene by getting demanding towards someone else by how he got eternal life showing stern expressions as well as acting violent about it. He does great going ballistic looking for a book on how to create the eternal life potion in a cabin.
Harry Caeser (Felder Evans) was another fine actor who presented himself well as some sort of a voodoo type of hermit. A good approach by him with wicked expressions and about to strike someone.
Rosalind Cash
(Snakewoman) was wonderful with her wicked attitude of the carnival owner and often played these kinds of roles in other shows cause she is superb by portaying it and has the perfect evil looks too.
Ron Brooks (Steven Arden) however, was a bit wooden with his work in his chapter who needed some improvement but does show some fair intense energy in certain spots.
Cameron Mitchell
(Sergeant Gallon) perfectly portrays his role as a soldier from war with his menacing actions and wicked charms as this points out to be one of his better works in horror films.
Tommy Nowell
(Andrew) stood out well as the leader of the evil cult orphans but however some of his voice was overdubbed by his brother Justin who had a smaller role in the film. He does a great dark speech during a sacrifice which looked very gothic like.

Miriam Byrd-Nethery exposes her breasts while in a bathtub during the first chapter of this story.

In the third chapter we have a battered up patient in a hospital bed
During the fourth chapter there's holes coming out of a man's body
The last chapter we spot a man with his eye ball plucked out
A corpse chopped up as a game piece and a chopped off arm with a hook on the end of it.
There are also some decapitated heads

Jim Manzie composes some terrific ghostly and dark synthesizer music for the film as well as some twangy guitar music for the second film.