The Omen (1976)

Directed by: Richard Donner

Written by: David Seltzer


Gregory Peck .... Robert Thorn
Lee Remick .... Katherine Thorn
David Warner .... Keith Jennings
Billie Whitelaw .... Mrs. Baylock
Harvey Stephens ... Damien
Patrick Troughton .... Father Brennan

Release Date: Theatrical: June 25, 1976

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Upon what they thought was the death of their first born son a couple named Robert (Gregory Peck) an american ambassador and his wife Katherine (Lee Remick) were given a newborn baby boy named Damien (Harvey Stephens) to adopt. During his younger years, he was never sick and seemed too perfect in his mothers eyes.
This proved to be true when during his birthday party. Suddenly his nanny (Holly Palance) chose to kill herself in front of the children, in his name crying out
"Look at me, Damien! It's all for you" just before she plunged to her death on the end of her rope.
That was just one of many strange incidents in this child's early years. For example, just before the parents were to do interviews for a new nanny a strange woman named Mrs. Baylock and insisted the agency had sent her for a replacement. However, the parents had not contacted an agency and being an aggressive sort she pushed her way into the house and lives and took control of Damien's care.
One Sunday morning just before church Mrs. Baylock decided for Damien not to go to church arguing with Katherine that Damien could possibly create a scene and was too young to understand anyway. The mother insisted the child got dressed and to go to church but Damien behaved violently when they arrived at the church proving that the nanny was as strange as their little boy.
As the story moves on through Damien's fifth year, the plot gets thicker and more mysteries are solved as Damien first kills Katherine's unborn baby, then the nanny killing Katherine. Meanwhile, other deaths that have been foretold by a photographer named Keith Jennings (David Warner). He had been following the life of Robert and his family while living in Britain. Then he mysteriously dies as all of their deaths have been foretold. Robert must find a way to survive Damien's evil wrath....


A nice beginning on the lead character Robert Thom looking at Damien as a baby on the other side of the window with a Nun cradling him in which draws in a good mysterious moment when we spot all of this. Plus we get more heartwarming moments when both Robert and his wife Katherine and together with their baby as we know later on this happiness will turn itself around in a terrible way.
Also a good moment when Robert and Katherine are strolling near a riverside and they find that young Damien now at age 4 isn't with them which shows a nice conrcerned moment as well as good caemra shots surrounding them and making you wonder if he fell into the river or not. This moment definetely draws you in.

Nice shots and happy moments with family members and others celebrating Damien's 5th birthday with him on rides and stuff like that plus a good shot on a young nanny staring at a rottweiler in a distance as this leaves an eerie impression as well as later on her voice calling to Damien which seemed ghostly along with a nice shot on her standing from a building calling to him looking crazily happy and then having a rope around her neck with her jumping off as this moment was a true horrifying classic to anyone who saw this and done in great taste too as we start to wonder on what will happen later on in the story.
A good hounding situation when Robert is in his business office and Father Brennan tries to come in and warn him about his adopted Damien about being the devil's child as this for sure makes you think that this preacher is nuts.
At the same time an interesting drawing card on what will happen later on.
Impressive and mysterious scene when the new nanny applying for the job Mrs. Baylock suddenly interested in meeting Damien and insisiting even of they tell her he's a bit shy as you get a sinking feeling that she isn't who you may think that she is and a nice wicked moment when she goes into his room to talk to him which has a great touch to the story making you watch for more.
Nicely focused shot on the family driving to the church as well as a nice shot on Damien looking uncomfortable in which this makes you watch carefully wondering on how he will react as things looked perfectly intense when they do.
There's another moment when Katherine takes Damien to a zoo as we spot a nicely focused shot on him staring as some giraffe's with these animals running away which catches your attention as well as them driving near some baboons and these animals going wild and attacking the vehicle which was nicely done and packs the suspense and terror big time.
Good scene when Robert spots a rottweiler in the hallway growling and then Mrs. Baylock telling him that Damien got attached to the dog when he doesn't want this animal around as this was a nice still moment on their discussions having a mild argument.
Great drawn in and cringing moment when Brennan tries to talk to Robert near a seawall about what is about to happen to him and his wife which was creepy on what he had to say. Plus a great moment later on when Brennan tries to run away from a windstorm with lightning striking down since this was well put into the story and quite memorable too.
Nice brief dysfunctional moments when Damien ais playing cheerfully and Katherine is not happy within all of this which leaves a sinking feeling that the terror will strike her soon since this was impressive to watch all that goes on here.

Perfect drawn in and psychotic moments when Damien is cricling around and around in his tricycle in his rec room along with Mrs. Baylock spending time with him while we spot a good shot on Katherine going on a ledge to water some plants which looked suspenseful wondering if she will fall as this looked risky as well as a good shot on Mrs. Baylock letting him use his tricycle speeding towards her s on him looking at her as well as making you watch in suspense with her hands losing grip onto her holding on for her life. This was yet another memorable moment in the story and done in great taste looking mighty disturbing too.
Nice serious discussions with Keith Jennings showing Robert on the photo's he's taken and showing on what's in the background as well as good energised moments on them travelling in Rome to look for clues.
Great mysterious moments when they talk to a blind monk and getting demanding which drew you in offering nice intensity as well as a nicely focused moment on this fellow carving some words in stone.
Great still and dark moments when the two of them go to a cemetary to dig up some graves to find information as this certainly looked genuinely creepy by what they find as well as perfect lungeful moments on rottweilers attacking them which looked intense and powerful as well as good close up shots on the dogs teeth snapping at them.
Great shot on Mrs. Baylock approaching towards Katherine with an evil grin on her face as you get a sinking feeling that something deadly is going to happen here.
Nice still and strong moment with a priest sitting opposite towards Robert and telling him he must kill Damien as the words were very serious and powerful by what we see here.
Perfect situation when Keith goes over to get something and then an accident happens as this looked clever to watch which I was convinced the makers from Final Destination borrowed certain elements on this scene for their own film as it works greatly.
Perfect silent situation when Robert goes towards Damien peacefully sleeping and figuring a way to kill him as things seem too silent which you expect a jumping moment for this which adds great timing when it does.
Great itnense and powerful struggling between Robert and Mrs. Baylock as you wonder if he will survive her madness attacking him which was a great moment into the story.
Perfect peer pressuring moments when Robert is at a cathedral about to plunge a knife towards Damien with this child looking deceivingly innocent which makes you wonder if he will do it as this keeps you watching as to what is going to happen next.
Bottom line is that this is a brilliant horror film and a true classic too. It is truly creepy imagining a child being created by the devil and knowing all the spooky events that are about to happen. The surroundings around Damien you can tell is going to go wrong and this film is categorised in the same vein as the Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby (Those two are also classics and worth checking out as well). This film was extremely influential and was followed by three sequels. Grab some popcorn with your favourite beverage and turn out all the lights. Then sit down and watch this film.

The acting is excellent and not at all too dated like most retro films. Gregory Peck (Robert Thorn) does a great job as a caring husband as well as having a great serious motivation. He draws in well as a businessman type in the flick and really concentrated well by what he was doing. Also shows great itenstiy and aggressions when the terror starts to happen or being good and forceful with his fruserations too as this looked believeable as well.
Lee Remick
Katherine Thorn) really brings it out in her role as a healthy looking wife as well as showing off a good peaceful atttiude. Plus shows a nice versatality as she makes her moods believeable when she suspects that there's something wrong with Damien and does show her true emotions towards all of this. Defintely acts dysfunctional within this as well as freaking out when the terror strikes especially when she is in a deadly situation making this look believeable.
David Warner (Keith Jennings) defientely brings a nice wise and shapr attitude as a photographer as well as doing well with his speaking by talking to others. He shows a nice concentration when he discusses pics he's taken of and what clues there might be. He was on the ball greatly by all that he did here adding some nice spunk into his role.
Billie Whitelaw (Mrs. Baylock) had the most effective supporting role in the story as a wicked nanny in which at first shows a nice deceiving mellow and calm attitude making this come across as truly mysterious and then later on showing a good cold speaking knowing that she is under Damien's power. Plus does a good job with her evil expressions when walking towards someone else as she looked believeably deadly by doing this. Does a great job near the end of her role going in a rage attacking as she looked perfectly wild while behaving like this.
As for the child actor Harvey Stephens (Damien) although he basically had only one line towards the end he showed great emotions and expressions with his role as the antichrist bringing his character come to life big time and it was a shame he never carried on with his career but did make a cameo in the remake. He for sure does well by coming across as deceivingly innocent at first as well as acting full of life in other spots. Also was great by throwing a wild and violent tantrum when he is near a church really going at it on full force.
We also get a good supporting role by the late character actor Patrick Troughton (Father Brennan) as the spooked out preacher and does well at being one too. He for sure comes across as someone odd and paranoid as well as doing a good job with his stern attitude when telling someone by what will happen. Offers nice aggressive expressions for this moment too. I remembered watching him in the Doctor Who TV series.

A priest is stabbed by along part of a crucifix at the top of a church, a side of a priests face is burned
A man is decapitated by a vehicle carrying sheet off glass that slid off.
Other than that it was a goreless movie. Rating for gore 1 bat.

The music was composed by Jerry Goldsmith who has some nice romantic violin playing in the spots that were necessary for making it seem like a love story and has the creepy tones where they needed to be placed like with the rottweiler scenes and in many other great places that it was played as well. The violin music sounds perfectly intense and weeping as well for alot of suggested tragic moments which sounded perfectly marvellous and strong. Also we have many different chanting sounds especially for the opening credits since it's great for a demonic type of flick such as this one. In another spot we also hear whispering chants as this sounded genuinely creepy making you cringe big time. Plus there's some good strong flute playing and drums banging throughout alot of the plot too.

Robert Thorn: What do you know about my son?
Father Brennan: Everything.
Robert Thorn: And what is that?
Father Brennan: I saw its mother.
Robert Thorn: You saw my wife.
Father Brennan: I saw its mother.
Robert Thorn: You are referring to my wife!
Father Brennan: Its *mother*, Mr. Thorn!
Robert Thorn: If this is blackmail, come and say it! What is it your're trying to say?
Father Brennan: Its mother was a...
[Father Brennen is interrupted as the door behind him bursts open violently]
Marine: Everything all right, sir?
American secretary: You sounded strange. The door was locked.

Robert Thorn: If there were anything wrong, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?
Kathy Thorn: Wrong? What could be wrong with our child, Robert? We're the beautiful people, aren't we?

Young nanny: Look at me, Damien! It's all for you.
[she jumbs off a roof, hanging herself]

Father Brennan: He must DIE, Mr. Thorn!

Father Brennan: When the Jews return to Zion / And a comet rips the sky / And the Holy Roman Empire rises, / Then You and I must die. / From the eternal sea he rises, / Creating armies on either shore, / Turning man against his brother / 'Til man exists no more.

Robert Thorn: [ignoring Brennan's warnings about Damien] ... Now, I've heard you. I want you to hear me: I *never* want to see you again.
Father Brennan: ...You'll see me in *hell*, Mr. Thorn. There, we will share out our centuries.

[first title card]
Title card: Rome / June 6th - 6 AM

[first lines]
Robert Thorn: [voiceover] The child is dead. He breathed for a moment. Then he breathed no more. The child is dead. Dead. The child is dead.

Kathy Thorn: Something in mind, Mr. Ambassador?
Robert Thorn
: Why don't we have a little look upstairs...
Kathy Thorn: Well, there's no furniture up there either.
Robert Thorn: Awww, you know, you could be too sexy for the White House!

[Robert Thorn and Kathy Thorn survey a mansion]
Robert Thorn: It's a bit much.
Kathy Thorn: No, nothing's too much for the wife of the future President of the United States.
Robert Thorn: You know, you're pushy.

Mrs Baylock: Have no fear, little one... I am here to protect thee.

[last lines]
Secret Service Man: Excuse me, Mr. President. When you're ready to leave, your car's right over there.
President: In a moment.
Secret Service Man: Yes, sir.

[last title card]
Title card: "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666." Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 18