Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981)

Directed by: Graham Baker

Written by: Andrew Birkin


Sam Neill .... Damien Thorn
Rossano Brazzi .... DeCarlo
Don Gordon .... Harvey Dean
Lisa Harrow .... Kate Reynolds
Barnaby Holm .... Peter Reynolds
Mason Adams .... President
Leueen Willoughby .... Barbara Dean

Special Appearance:

Robert Arden .... American Ambassador

Release Dates:
Theatrical: March 20, 1981


Damien Thorn (Sam Neill) is now full grown and an ambassador in Italy and has helped rescue the world from a recession, appearing to be a benign corporate benefactor.
While waiting to be a U.S. Ambassador to England, Damien fulfills a terrifying biblical prophecy.
People end up taking their own lives wherever Damien's surroundings.
Priests who know about Damien plan on killing him with daggers which is the only weapon that can put an end to him but he uses his powers to stop them.
He then becomes romantically linked to a journalist named Kate Reynolds (Lisa Harrow) who is a single mother to a child named Peter (Barnaby Holm) as Peter himself becomes attached to Damien as he has evil plans for him.
A man named DeCarlo (Rossano Brazzi) tries to rescue Kate and his son from Damien's evil wrath since he knew Damien all his life.


We have an opening revealing different types of situations such as a rock type mine discovering stuff as well as preachers preparing things too which seemed to be necessary for a flick such as this one.
Also we have a room where a film is showing at a cadets school with Damien being the head of the military and turned off by this in which this seemed to draw you in of him fully grown as well as making you wonder as to what is going to happen in the story.
A nice moment with an american ambassador walking through a park and then a nice close up shot on a rottweiler snarling and barking at him along with a nice shot on him having a disturbed reaction and then walking in a hypnotised fashion ignoring what is around him which draws in a great mysterious moment in the story. Plus we get a feeling that he will do something deadly when he is back in his office. This looked powerfully done.
Good brief setting at a party when both Damien and Kate Reynolds get aquainted with one another which their discussions seemed to flow quite well.
Also nice setting with them in a park as well as Kate's child Peter warming up to Damien's generousity as it leaves a feeling that this person isn't always so evil after all or so we all may think.
Then a nice moment when they all walk along a walkway with people protesting with nicely focused shots on this as well as an effective one talking about religion as this has a nice slow motion focusing on Damien spotting this and feeling disturbed by it all. Catches your attention a little bit.
A good moment with Damien being interviewed by Kate on her TV show which looked sharply done as well as a situation with a crew member looking overhead as well as a perfect so called accident on him falling and catching on fire wrecking havoc as things looked tragic and intense by what we all see here.
Another strong moment when Damien is in a dark room and talking to a jesus type crucifix statue and being powerful about it all as this seemed mysterious but at the same time needed a little more inspiration and less time for what went on here.
The story seems slow at first as you wonder when it will get more exciting but it does improve as we spot two people going up to a mountain area of a cathedral to try and put an end to the madness as we spot the rottweiler growling there as well as being attacked by a thunderstorm which looked entertaining and suspenseful.
Lots of great takes on people riding horses to cathc a fox as well as mysterious moments on some local hunters as to what they're doing along with them trying to get Damien with a horse going nuts and one of them falling off a bridge into water as this looked horrifying to watch as well as a pack of dogs charging towards another under Damien's power as this looked well done as well since these dogs were harmless looking but this antichrist made them into vicious killers.
Great setting near the rocky area of that cathedral with the whole town watching Damien's speech on what he wants everyone to do and their answers as if they're in a trance and under his spell which was a great moment that was used in the story. ALso good close up shots on some of the locals that attended.
A nice powerful and cringing moment when a mother is walking with her baby stroller and someone hits her in the head with a ball and the stroller drifts away towards a street with a speeding car racing by as you wonder if something bad is going to happen. This for sure packs alot of great chilling suspense.
Perfect serious discussion with DeCarlo talking to Kate about Damien and his history as this really worked in well for a sequel with his warnings on who he is. Alot of this was done in a decent fashion and well written too.
Nice intense moments when Barbara Dean acts emotional towards her husband Harvey while holding her baby on what he was doing as this looked perfectly dysfunctional.
Nice conversation between Damien and Kate walking near a bridge and he tells her to look further down on what he spots as this leaves you a creepy impression that somethings going to happen and it's suspenseful when she falls into the water and you wonder if he will rescue her from drowing as this showed off great intense camera shots on her struggling.
Well focused camera shot on Barbara Dean ironing her clothes as well as a good shot on her baby and then we see the rottweiler looking through the window with her trying to shoo it away. Then a great shot on a corpse of a baby which you horror fans like myself will enjoy spotting as well as her being shocked by all of this.
Then we have the final moments when we se Damien's fate as well as people like Kate trying to put a stop to him at the cathedral area as some of this looked mildly powerful but nothing too special but interesting spiritual effects towards Damien as to what happened to him. Nothing to brag about at the same time.
Bottom line is that the story is very slow in the beginning and nowhere as good as the first two but it does get better and is quite well done for what the movie is worth. It's a little different by every means but it is still very dark and disturbing. At the same time needed alot of improvements as it gets boring from time to time.

The acting is well performed by everyone that participated in this film. Sam O'Neill (Damien) proved worthy as the adult version of the antichrist since he does well at portraying a deceivingly all around decent and nice guy but also does great by showing his cold evil side too. Offers a good charm to his role as well. Plus does the trick well with his stern behavior. Offers a nice madness when he plans to kill someone and was very slick into all that he did here.
Rossano Brazzi
(DeCarlo) seems to be good as a mysterious one who followed Damien's life and has great seriousness to his character. He knew on how to get into a deep conversation within all that he did here. Shows a believeable concerned behavior as well as coming across nicely with what went on in situations. Offers a good mellow behavior too.
Don Gordon
(Harvey Dean) stands out well as Damien's assistant and makes a nice character to his part in the film. He drew in a great sharp attitude along with his seriousness to all that went on. Plus shows off a great aggressive attitude or geting to the point with stuff. Was believeable by being controlled too.
Lisa Harrow
(Kate Reynolds) plays a nice journalist and single mother in the film. She shows off a nice warm attitude as well as a believeable friendliness to her role. Knew on how to offer a nice charm to what she did in the story. Has a nice happy type of behavior. Plus does well by being alerted to stuff too. Was convincingly smart by her actions which shines off well too.
Young actor Barnaby Holm (Peter Reynolds) ) looked good in his role and almost was convincing as a younger Damien in the film which he was slowly turning out to be in the film which he does well at.
He shows off a nice curious type of charm in the story as well as showing a nice kid next door type of behavior during the beginning of his performance offering a decent innocence.
Leueen Willoughby (Barbara Dean) knew her stuff well by portraying a basket case of a housewife in which she does well with her emotional crying along with her disturbed attitude too. Plus shows nice shockec reactions to stuff as well as having a good thrusting action to all that's going on around her. Certainly had an effective supporting role.

Lisa Harrow briefly shows her breasts and butt while crawling out of a bed.

A person's head is shot with his blood splattered against the wall.
A man is burnt to a crisp
A guys face is badly scarred by a hot clothing iron

Superb composing by the artist Jerry Goldsmith as he has done the same for the last two films. He has great chanting in the film giving a great adrenaline. Also there's great loud and long clear trombone playing as well as the heavy drumbeats and violin playing too. Alot of this stood out more powerfully than ever. Plus at times in a certain scene there's the odd high piched screeching noises that sounded brief which wasn't sounding too bad either. This guy is the one.

Kate Reynolds: And who is this... Antichrist?
DeCarlo: The American Ambassador, Damien Thorn.
Kate Reynolds: [laughs] That's ridiculous. I know Damien Thorn.
DeCarlo: You know Thorn the man... but do you know his soul?

DeCarlo: Every child still living born between those hours is in mortal danger if, indeed, he has not already been killed.
Kate Reynolds: Are you suggesting they've been murdered?
DeCarlo: No, no, I am not. I'm stating it as a fact.
Kate Reynolds: But who on Earth would do such a thing?
DeCarlo: He is born again. And so is the Antichrist - the son of Satan - as foretold in the Book of Revelation.
Kate Reynolds: I'm sorry, Father. Look, I do respect your faith but I don't share it.
DeCarlo: You are not a practicing Christian.
Kate Reynolds: No, I'm a practicing journalist. And one of the first rules of journalism is to be a doubting Thomas. I need to see evidence with my own two eyes.
DeCarlo: All right, here is your evidence. Check that for yourself.

Damien Thorn: Nazarene, charlatan, what can you offer humanity? Since the hour you vomited forth from the gaping wound of a woman, you have done nothing but drown man's soaring desires in a deluge of sanctimonious morality. You've inflamed the pubertal mind of youth with your repellent dogma of original sin. And now you absolve in denying them the ultimate joy beyond death by destroying me ? But you will fail, Nazarene, as you have always failed. We were both created in man's image, but while you were born of an impotent god, I was concieved of a jackal. Born of Satan, the desolate one. Your pain on the cross was but a splinter compared to the agony of my father. Cast out of heaven, the fallen angel, banished, reviled. I will drive deeper the thorns into your rancid carcass, you profaner of vices. Cursed Nazarene. Satan, I will avenge thy torment, by destroying the Christ forever.

Damien Thorn: Oh my Father, Lord of Silence, Supreme God of Desolation, though mankind reviles yet aches to embrace, strengthen my purpose to save the world from a second ordeal of Jesus Christ and his grubby mundane creed. Show man instead the raptures of Thy kingdom. Infuse in him the grandeur of melancholy, the divinity of loneliness, the purity of evil, the paradise of pain.

Damien Thorn: I now command you to seek out and destroy the Nazarene child. Slay the Nazarene... and I shall reign forever. Fail... and I perish.