Omen IV: The Awakening (1991)

Directed by: Jorge Montesi & Dominique Othenin-Girard

Written by: Brian Taggert

Story by:
Harvey Bernhard & Brian Taggert


Faye Grant .... Karen York
Michael Woods .... Congressman Gene York
Asia Vieira .... Delia York
Michael Lerner .... Earl Knight
Madison Mason .... Dr. Hastings
Ann Hearn .... Josephine Thuseon
Jim Byrnes .... Noah
Don S. Davis .... Jake Madison
Megan Leitch .... Sister Yvone / Felicity
Joy Coghill .... Sister Francesca

Release Date: Made-for-TV: May 20, 1991; Theatrical: July 10, 1991 (France)

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A married couple named Karen (Faye Grant) and Gene (Michael Woods) have tyhe American dream and everything they have ever wanted except for a child.
The adopt a baby girl named Delia and fall in love with her but however, Karen gets a scratch mark by Delia and a nun named Sister Yvone (Megan Leitch) tries to tell the couple about her but she is always warded off by Delia.
Years later little Delia (Asia Vieira) causes destruction wherever she goes and people die that are near her.
Karen begins to question Delia and her attitude towards her which soon turns to fear as she finds out that she is pregnant as well and wants no involvement from Delia in order to save her unborn child from her evil grasps when she is discovering that her adopted daughter is the next antichrist.


Some well focused situations between the parents Karen and Gene cradling their adopted newborn in which there's focused camera shots on this as it draws you in that this baby is deadly. It just leaves that vibe big time by what we see on the screen.
We have an impressive moment with Sister Yvone walking away outside after the family adopted the baby and being emotionally sad then getting scared after hearing the churchbell ringing and running inside. We see a nice shot on Mother Superior standing there and then opening her arms to Leitch which almost looks like a sign that something evil will happen.
There's a great intense moment between Mother Superior as she strikes Sister Yvone which looked great and a bizarre moment between their argument happens. Between these moments we spot an eclipse of the moon as well as a thunderstorm but how this was all put together looked rather cheesily done. But hey this was a TV movie not a motion picture like what we're used to seeing.
Perfect intense moment when Sister Yvone runs towards a cathedral and spot a giant crucifix turning upside down with her feeling upset as this was powerfully done in.
Also there's a moment when the baby is being baptised and is bawling like crazy which was a nice moment to the story also leaving an impression this this is the next antichrist after Damien. The moments here looked quite powerful to watch.
Another attention grabber is when Karen is holding this baby she gets a scratch from her which is another good mysterious moment to everything.
We see a good moment on Karen York playing hide and seek with Delia at 2 years old which looked like a good mother and child time together. Then we have a great shot on a truck rolling by and Delia running down the hill while this vehicle is rolling by and she keeps running towards the street with Karen screaming for her along with a rottweiler running towards the child as all of this had great timing. This makes you watch in suspense and terror wondering if this child will be okay and not run over.
Another drawn in moment is when we spot Delia's 4th birthday in which there's a real effective moment when she gets nasty by biting the head on a barbie doll and tossing it as well as reactions from certain other people that have seen this. It for sure draws you in more and more that this child is for sure evil.
Another well done scene is when there's a dispute between Delia in school with a boy on him stomping on her lunch and then an effective fighting scene between the two of as she strikes him in the face with her lunchbox and he hits her which looked well choreographed along with him hitting her. Makes you wonder as to who's the true bully here.
We also see the boy's parents going to the York's home to gripe about what their child is doing to their son and saying she's crazy which stuck out well in my mind that this little girl is going to do something worst later on.
Another greatly drawn in moment is when Delia steals something from this boy the next day as he chases her up a ladder and climbs high along with good focused shots on him being fearful climbing up and wetting his pants as well as the kids making fun of him as this looked perfectly cruel to watch and well focused on mean kids too.
Perfect situation with the boys father once again freaking out about what this girl is doing as well as a good shot on Delia staring coldly at this man as well as an accident happening that looked deadly which was also well shot and unpleasant to watch.
Well put in scene with Delia doing a horse convention as these animals get leary around her along with her getting on top of to ride one and it freaks out which made me watch in fear that she will get hurt. It looked nice and suspenseful.
The conversations between Delia and Congressman Gene York looked believeably innocent when they discuss her bullying in school.
Nice moment with Karen introducing Josephine Thuseon to Delia as well as showing her a curing necklace along with this child getting nasty about it all as this was sharply done.
Perfect moments when Josephine brings Delia to a fair as we see psychic's with their clients as well as them staring scared at Delia walking by which is a real attention grabber big time as well as something terrifying happening to the fair later on which looked good and shocking.
Well drawn in moment when Josephine tries to talk to Delia and she gets nasty towards her and spits in her face as well as a good moment on her being affected by this with a rottweiler pushing her out of the window as this looked truly intense and terrorising to watch all on what is going down here.
Nice discussion with Karen trying to go to the aid of an ex-cop Earl Knight and getting emotional by finding out who Delia's biological parents are as I found this necessary to put into the story.
There's odd witty moments when Earl tries to look for clues around the town to find out about Delia.
A scene that was a real attention grabber is when he goes to a gospel church performed by Sister Yvone as the moments looked truly brainwashing by what she was doing as well as trying to hold and control rattlesnakes in which this looked genuinely creepy to watch. Plus a real effective moment when Earl shows her a pic of Delia and she trips out as well as these rattlesnakes attacking and terorrising adding alot of perfect tension and madness going on.
Also some nice terrifying moments that happens as there's a good hallucination sequence when he spots the town locals ghoulish and coming towards him and another moment which includes a crane smashing through a building that involves him as this made me gasp a bit.
Great mad scene when Karen goes to see Dr. Hastings to find out about Damien's history that involves Delia with her threatening to kill him as you wonder if she lost all snaity or who's the real crazy one since there's some neat twists to this scene. It boggled me big time while watching all of this unravel.
Bottom line is that this was almost like a remake of the original classic although it does follow after part 3 but this time its with a little girl who's the antichrist instead of a boy. It's enjoyable and a great film but of course doesn't have that creepy edge to it since it's only a TV movie but I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys TV movies. It's still disturbing during most scene's and well done too.

The acting is very well done by a good cast. Faye Grant (Karen York) who played the concerned mother was excellent in every way with her part in it showing good frights and emotions and good solid energy to all of this. She looked great lying on a hospital bed having a hard time spitting out her words after the tragedy. She also reacts well by being in pain while being pregnant and fearing on losing her child as it keeps you in suspense wondering if the child will be born. She shows nice aggressions walking into the doctors office and stabbing his hand. She was powerful in every way.
Michael Woods
(Congressman Gene York) seemed to do quite well too as the sympathetic father and proves he can make his role come to life that way. Also knew on how to get to the point with stuff as well as being short on his speaking too. Definetely knew his craft while doing all of this.
Supporting actor Michael Lerner (Earl Knight) stood out well as an ex-cop and can really deliver. He was a natural ham in his performance delivering all sort of good characteristics. Had the right looks and appeal to everything. He was right on the ball with stuff as well as reacting well to the terrors that strikes him offering decent energy into all of this.
Madison Mason (Dr. Hastings) played a nice doctor in the film and seems very strong with his lines in the film. He for sure knew his craft playing this type of role adding a good mellow type of behavior into all that he did here. Plus shows a nice versatality adding a nice evil side to him near the end of his performance. He for sure brought this out just as well.
Ann Hearn
(Josephine Thuseon) truly came across as very mysterious and strange with her part as the Nanny trying to discover Delia. You kinda wonder if she is good or evil in this film and no one could do it better for this flick. Adds a good sharp type of attitude as well as trying to be understanding and upfront with situations which looked believeable as well.
Of course child actress Asia Viviera (Delia York) was perfect playing the devil's daughter as she performed with great nasty and disrespectful attitude and yet trying to put on a good girl act too and is convincing at doing both and could go far with her career proving to be versatile. She shows a nice sad expressions near the end of her performance as if why do you wanna kill me when someone pusues to do so.
Megan Leitch
(Sister Yvone / Felicity) performed well and did her job superbly in a scene preaching at a church holding a rattlesnake as the shots on her and the snakes looked really scary and does react terrifically when she is attacked by them. She was good calling out her words and sounding almost brainwashing and crazy with her speech during this moment. Plus does well acting weak and dying in a hospital bed.

The music composed by Jonathan Sheffer is not dark sounding like in the other films and very TV movie like but still it's passable but not horror sounding. There are nice action sounds to it. Lots of clarinet and string plucking having a good orchestral feel to it especially for the uplifting scene's that we spot in the story. Also there's the music combined from the original flicks.