One Missed Call (2008)

Directed by: Eric Valette

Written by: Andrew Klavan & Minako Daira


Shannyn Sossamon .... Beth Raymond
Edward Burns .... Det. Jack Andrews
Ana Claudia Talancon .... Taylor Anthony
Ray Wise .... Ted Summers

Release Date: Theatrical: June 6, 2006

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Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) experiences deaths of her two friends of just two days apart after she discovered that her two friends have received phone messages on recordings of their own voices on their deaths foretold in which they die from horrible accidents and then a small redlike ball falls out of their mouths and a detective named Jack Andrews (Edward Burns) tries to help Beth and to discover why these deaths are happening.
But even Beth's cell phone rings an eerie tune displaying that it was a one missed call and she risks her own life when she tries to save others from being murdered in which her surviving friend named Taylor Anthony (Ana Claudia Talancon) is being paranoid that she could be next since everyone else thinks that they're delusional but then they are encountering ghosts and deadly spirits arround them wherever they go.


This piece works in marvellously with some jumps and great suspense. There's a good beginning with a woman standing near her small pond in her back yard leaning down near the water after her cell goes off in which we have some good camera shots focusing around her and towards the water when she's feeding her fish in the pond. A nice jumping moment with a hand grabbing her into the water which was great and quick.
We spot a nice shot circling around Leann Cole when she listens on her cell phone and has a shocked expression.
She doesn't seem convincing when she talks nervously on her cell near a railroad track walking on an overpass yet there was nice suspenseful shots with a train coming as well as a nice shot on her about to fall off.
Nice shots on Det. Jack Andrews looking at a corpse and trying to find some situations about it.
There's a good conversation between Beth Raymond
and Brian Sousa as well as a good shot on him walking by a street almost getting hit by a vehicle with him still talking to her when he walks back and fourth on the street which makes you really cringe wondering if something is going to happen to him.
We have nice shots on Taylor Anthony in a church ceremony with crazy events happening around her as well as demonic looking effects too.
We spot a good flashback sequence with a child cutting Laurel Layton's hand in their room and then Mrs. Ford acting wicked towards this child which looked disturbing.
We have some good shots on Beth running upstairs or looking around as well as a great surprise attack by a strange woman tackling her down.
There's also a good shot on Jack peeking through a peephole of a door and Beth telling him not to in a panicked voice which was well done and leaving a good impression someone will stab his eye.
There's also a great shot on Beth screaming and being dragged with the camera rolling in on her.
Bottom line is that this is a great american version on the 2003 Japanese version of this flick and I hope a sequel will arise like the Japanese one did. There's lots of jumps and twists in the film which almost reminds me of the film Final Destination. It is shocking during the beginning of the film and it keeps you wanting for more if you like scary films that offers supernatural events. The story shows a good struggle about surviving deadly incidents when a cell phone is activated showing a missed call which looked creative making you think that cell phones can be deadly.

The acting is in a descent shape as Shannyn Sossamon (Beth Raymond) puts alot into her role showing her frightened emotions, intensity and her screaming actions. She was so full of energy in her character. She does a good job pleading not to hurt her during a scene when she's being attacked.
Edward Burns
(Det. Jack Andrews) had the right looks and attitude to play the role of a detective so he gets good credit for that plus knew how to portray his character.
na Claudia Talancon (Taylor Anthony) does her job well as a spooked one terrified on being the next vicitm for a near tragic deadly accident. Also does well having a panic attack towards someone else about what's going to happen.

There's some scarred looking corpses.

The composing was very effective with some wind effects and hissing sounds too along with the odd creepy keyboard sounds too composed by Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimeck.

Brian Sousa: It's all in your head, Beth.

Leann Cole: That's not my ringtone.

Beth Raymond: [to Leann after hearing her voice mail] That's your voice. That's you.