Orca (1977)


Executive Produced & Directed by: Michael Anderson

Written by: Luciano Vincenzoni & Sergio Donati


.... Captain Nolan
... Rachel Bedford
.... Umilak
.... Annie
.... Ken
Scott Walker .... Al Swain
Peter Hooten .... Paul

Special Appearance:

Keenan Wynn .... Novak

Release Dates: Theatrical: July 22, 1977

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A greedy hunter Captain Nolan (Richard Harris) kills a whale and then the main family member of the mamals seeks terror against him as well as chasing the fish away from the sea as the local fishermen don't want him around while they're losing business as he is pitted against this thing and must face up to this vengeful creature.


Nice plesant beginning with the killer whales swimming as a family as it was well shot within all that they do. Plus there's a moment with someone scuba diving and trying to dodge away from a great white which seemed to be an okay moment to put into the story as well as one of the whale's charging at the shark and killing it which was a nice heroic moment into the story.
However we spot a real disturbing moment that is hard to watch with the head hunter Captain Nolan killing a female killer whale with a speare gun as well as this creature taking her life charging into a propellor of the boat and another upsetting moment on what this one does too which isn't pleasant to watch. It makes you think on how far someone goes to doing such a thing.
ALso a perfect moment when someone is looking over sea and the killer whale leaps into the air to eat him as this is a good horrific moment along with close up shots on it's eye looking angry and leaving an impression that the whale will seek more revenge.
Nice strong situations with Rachel Bedford talking to Nolan on what he did while we see this dead femlae whale washed ashore as well as a native indian Umilak using his knowledge on staying out of the main killer whale's way which of course leaves a deep sinking feeling that things won't be pretty at all.
A good moment with Nolan looking around near at night for the whale and nice shot on the water as well as the whale approaching and lunging it's head out and growling showing it's teeth which looked well done.
Nice effective discussion with a dock worker not being happy towards Nolan on what is happening to their fish which was powerfully done and discussing about the killer whale incident.
Great night time moments with the whale crashing into things and causing an explosion at an oil factory as well as a good shot on the whale diving in the air and leaping back in the water. Many good suspenseful moments occuring here.
Also a nice suspenseful situation when Nolan's wife Annie is being cautious while holding a glass of bandi in her hand and we see the whale swimming underwater below their home as you get a bad sinking feeling on what will come out of this. Plus a good screeching sound on the whale causing her glass to break as well as this mamal crashing into the pillars of their home causing their house to sink as well as Annie struggling and sinking down near the water with terrifying results on what this whale does as this looked unpretty.
Also a good setting with Nolan and his crew leaving the village in their boat with the locals all watching and looking unhappy with him and what this whale caused as this leaves a nice impression to anyone who's watched this.
Nice surprise attack on the whale killing one of his people as well as a good moment with Rachel looking over the side of the boat to find this mamal and the whale charging as you wonder if she will be the next one.
Perfect serious discussion between Nolan and Rachel on the situations that have happened as well as his experience on his story that compares to the whale as well. It was powerfully done.
The best scene is when the whale and Nolan's crew are in the arctic ocean as well as this whale crashing through their boat as well as Nolan himself on a patch of ice and this whale cleverly makes him the only one standing on it and him being pitted for the final battle as well as this ice tipping over and him sliding down which looked terrifying to watch and making you wonder if he will land in the jaws of this beast. These moment also were carefully shot so you can see piece by piece on what will happen next.
Bottom line is that this film was well done and not for everyone to watch with what happens in the beginning of the story as none of it is pretty and makes you feel like crying on a cruelty to a femlae whale as well as what happens afterwards. It makes you think as to how far people can go by doing this and how deadly things can be with these animals being vengeful too. Alot of critic classify this as a Jaws ripoff but it's a totally different story alltogether. At times it's a bit slow but not a bad film as it's reputed to be.

The acting is in fair shape as lead actor Richard Harris (Captain Nolan) seemed stiff at first in his performance but seemed to get into it later on. He does an okay job with his nervous behavior into all that he did when warned on what the whale will do. He also shows off good energy when he loses it or calls out to the sea. Plus does a good job acting anxious while struggling in the arctic ocean. He wasn't a bad performer but could've done better.
Rachel Bedford) showed off a decent sharp attitude and comes across as believeably serious and having a no nonsense attitude by what she's talking about. Shows off a good disappointed reaction to what has happened in which showed off strongly. She also seemed to do well by getting into a discussion and hearing someone out as she focused on this nicely too. Had the right looks for her role which was another good pointer to her character.
(Umilak) stood out well in his role as a native in which his looks really suited his role. Shows off a good still and serious attitude. Also represented himself well when he tells someone on what this whale is capabl of doing. He also shows a nice powerful attitude when offering to come on board to help someone out on the problem. He was a decent character actor without over doing it.
(Annie) shows off a great calmness to her role and knew on how to act mellow. Also seemed to have a nice timid behavior to top it off and reacting nervously in her home while hearing the whale call out. Plus she does a good job with her nergy trying to struggle from the terror that comes to her. Also has the nice girl next door looks which works in a horror flick.

Speares are impaled in a whale and bloodied.
Lady's leg is briefly chomped off.

Nice classical composing by Ennio Morricone in which he has a nice pleasant sound for the opening scores as well as it suiting with the whales swimming in the coean. Also alot of good intense violin music for a shark attack or when the whale attacks too. We hear mellow sad music too for the upsetting moments which sounded not too bad eithr.

Rachel: You're planning to capture and sell a fellow creature! He's like you - he has worm blood, he breathes air, he's a mammal, but with intelligence!

Captain Nolan: If you're so sure I can't catch a killer whale, why are you so upset?
Rachel: Listen, you won't catch one, but you might butcher a couple dozen in the attempt!
Captain Nolan: Oh, that's not my style at all.

Rachel: [after Orca's mate washes ashore, dead with Nolan's harpoon in her, mockingly to Nolan] You won't kill one. Its not your *style*.

Rachel: He followed you. He saw you on the deck of the boat.

Rachel: He deliberately left you your boat because he wants to fight you alone on the sea.

Umilak: It is known that they have great memory and even after many years they will always remember the human being who has tried to harm them.

[Captain Nolan has just seen the orca kill a member of his crew after the orca knocked the house into the ocean. He then looks out to the water & sees the killer whale leaping out of the water, breaching]
Captain Nolan: You revengeful sonofabitch! You win!
[the orca keeps breaching, as if taunting Captain Nolan]
Captain Nolan: You want revenge? Well, you'll have it! I'll come out and fight you! You revengeful sonofabitch!
[Nolan's boat, the 'Bumpo', steams out of the little harbor the next morning with the fishermen watching as he goes to fight the orca]