The Other Side of the Door (2016)


Directed by: Johannes Roberts

Written by: Johannes Roberts & Ernest Riera


Sarah Wayne Callies .... Maria
Jeremy Sisto .... Michael
Sofia Rosinsky... Lucy
Suchitra Pillai .... Piki

Release Dates: Theatrical: February 24, 2016 (Indonesia; Philippines); Theatrical: February 25: 2016 (Cambodia; Russia; Singapore) Theatrical: February 26, 2016 (Taiwan); Glasgow Fright Fest: February 27, 2016; Theatrical: March 4, 2016 (UK; Ireland; Pakistan; USA)

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A family residing in India loses their son from a tragic car accident being underwater as the family woman Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) was only able to rescue one of them but their maid Piki (Suchitra Pillai) tells her at a temple she can talk to her dead son and say her farewell goodbyes but tells her not to open a certain door to the other end on their communication but however she doesn't obey that rule and terrible things start to happen to the family and their surroundings.


The beginning of this film grabs your attention greatly when we have the discussion between both Marie and Michael about to become parents as well as them walking along a beachside which looked peaceful. Plus we have a moment when Marie asks a child a question and then he screams out with a ghoulish looking face as this for sure looked genuinely creepy. Suddenly she wakes up from her nightmare and being unhappy since this is impressive to a start of a horror flick.
Perfect psychological and intense moment when Marie is trapped underwater in her vehicle with her two children and struggling to stay alive making this moment truly hard to watch as if you were in this position. This looked powerfully well done and wondering the outcome out of all this later on in the story.
A nicely drawn in moment with Marie's housekeeper Piki trying to tell her that she can say her final goodbye's to her son who drowned as this looked well done and in your face as what to do in order for this to happen. It for sure was a memorable scene and it looked good and dark by what was going on here.
Great dark settings when Marie goes to the temple which looked run down and unpleasant as well as her trying to look around in the dark as this offered the odd good jumping moment and leaving a good eerie feeling. Also impressive moment when she's by a doorway she talks to the spirit of her child which was nice and emotional as the child begs for her to open the door to the other side as she is told not to do offering a good peer pressuring moment wondering if she will actually do so.
Perfectly creepy dark setting when she sees what's on the other side with some dead trees as well as certain objects that seems to spy on her which was a nice touch.
Cute moments with the daughter Lucy playing with her stuffed toys and hears footsteps but no one being there giving a nice chilling and haunting feeling to what goes on in the home. Plus a nice shot on a stuffed toy of her dead borther's on the top of a staircase leaving it trully still and mysterious.
Also we have her playing the piano and Marie trying to get her to stop and asking her something as well as a nice shot on the piano playing by itself which looked nicely haunting as well as Lucy telling her Mom that her son has come back which seemed to leave a nice uplifting feeling on it all.
Also some nice moments on a thunder storm with Lucy watching TV at night and her dog barking as well as a nice creepy image on her dead brother as this really creeps you out when you spot this happening.
There's also a good moment when Lucy tells her Mom she doesn't like her brother anymore and showing some bite marks on her neck as this looked well shot and nicely put into the story as well.
A good moment with Marie going into her dead son's bedroom and trying to talk to him as well as seeing some objects moving and banging sounds which nearly makes you jump when she is trying to confront him but being scared about it all.
Also a good setting when Piki shows Marie on what is happening outside with stuff dying around her as this looked perfectly unpleasant as the set designers did an impressive job.
Great moment with Piki kneeling down near a pond of water trying to get something as this leaves you a cringing feeling that something will grab her by how this was all shot which looked good.
Perfect creepy moment when Marie and Lucy are near an ocean area as the little girl asks her mother who the person is looking at her as she thinks she's talking about someone from further away looking at her but we get a great jumping moment of something that we don't expect when Lucy tells her that it's someone else. This looked incredibly clever.
Great twisted moments when Lucy seems to turn on Marie as well as Michael locking Marie in a room which makes these moments on a family losing their minds as well as a good deadly moment with Lucy holding a kitchen knife towards him along with what she did to the family dog. This for sure leaves off a nice clue that this little girl is possessed by her dead brother. Plus there's great intense moments later on with all of this happening as well as what Marie has to do to end the madness happening as alot of this looked incredibly powerful to watch.
Bottom line is that this story is very imaginable and mysterious as well as a good look on a paranormal event working on it's own. Seemed to also pay tributes to other types of horror flicks but not trying to resemble them at the same time. Nice look at the town of India within all of this too. Plus we have an ending in the film that leaves a door open for a sequel.

The acting is in good shape as Sarah Wayne Callies (Maria) knew her stuff as a family woman in which she does well with her upesetting behavior as well as going intense when she is trapped in her vehicle struggling to get out with her intensity which she brings it to a hype. Also does a nice job with her crying and emotional attitude while talking to the spirit of her onscreen son as she made this very realistic. Plus does a good job when getting upfront or having a frightened behavior when the hauntings happen. Yes she showed it all in good taste and really studied her role pretty good.
Jeremy Sisto
(Michael) seemed to draw in a good seriousness as the caring husband in which he shows off a good timid behavior as well as doing a good job with his bothered attitude on the devastating moments. He also shows off some good energy with his upsetting attitude as well as being confused by stuff which stands out nicely. But his memorable performance was when he was losing his mind on the medness that was happening and acting convincingly crazy. Plus reacts well to being in shock or in pain after being stabbed in a certain scene which looked effective.
Sofia RosinskyLucy) offered a great charming littl girl attitude as she was perfect playing with her stuffed toys and making out on what she was doing totally believeable. Also does a good job acting upset or disturbed after she was attacked by a ghost. Also does nicely with her disturbed behavior as well as acting perfectly wicked in which she drew in nicely by acting possessed. Shows off a nice versatality into her part of the flick.
Suchitra Pillai (Piki) I found to be the best out of the cast as she shows off a good sharp behavior as well as coming off strongly when talking to someone on helping them as she shows off a convincingly serious behavior. I really found that she did a good job. Also does well when she is concorned about stuff or acting alert on things. Was good with her indian accent and speaking strongly too as she did a bang on job by being a house maid with a wise attitude. She was a great character actress.

A piece of an object which looked like an arm is torn off from a coffin.
Someone is bloodily stabbed.

The composing by Joseph Bishara sounded good and strong for alot of the scene's that it was used in as we hear alot of great echoey classical music as well as deep sounds too sounding effective. Plus we hear echoey types of playing as well as some strong piano playing in certain spots but the touching ehoey piano playing in the other area's sound a little too typical for todays standards that didn't do much for me. Also nice hissing and windy types of effects too that blends in superbly.