Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)


Directed by: Tod Williams

Written by:
Michael R. Perry, Christopher Landon & Tom Pabst


Brian Boland .... Daniel Ray
Molly Ephraim .... Ali Ray
Katie Featherston .... Katie
Sprague Grayden .... Kristi Ray

Release Dates: Theatrical: October 20, 2010 (France / Kazakhstan / Switzerland / Australia) Theatrical: October 21, 2010 (Denmark / Hungary / Ireland / New Zealand / Netherlands / Russia / Singapore / South Korea); Dublin Horrorthon Film Festival: October 21, 2010; Theatrical: October 22, 2010 (Brazil / Finland / Iceland / Ireland / Italy / Mexico / Norway / Sweden / Turkey / Poland / UK / USA / Canada)

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Two months before the first incident in the house the original residents known as that Ray's thinks that their house has been broken in a few times after hearing loud banging sounds so they activate security camera's around the home only to discover that things are falling by themselves as well as doors opening without anyone behind it.
Things get more sinister as strong forces seems to control things more and more as well as revealing possible possessions to one of the family members leading all of them to their death.


In the beginning of this film we spot alot of home video shots on the family doing their regular activities in which seemed a little boring and pointless as well as showing the next day late at night with shots in the living room as well as the pool which shows nothing happening at all as well as bad picture quality but yet it was intentional to make you think nothing will happen until later on which is a good surprising moment here.
There's an impressive title credit exposing a week before Micah's death which proves that this is a prequel discovering the original character here as well as the family discovering pictures that they thought were missing as it almost hints that the house knows too much on this family.
There's good silent moments like with Kristi Ray late at night holding her baby as well as her walking around the living room at night and then we hear a slamming sound which definetely makes you jump out of your seat with everything else being still and quiet. A perfect start for the horror unveiling itself along with their family dog barking at something that they don't see which is another nice key to the story.
A fun touch to the story is when we spot the family man Daniel Ray in his pool with his friends being sarcastic about the house being haunted as this brought things to life making it look uplifting. This scene was well done.
Another perfect creepy moment is when Kristi is sleeping in the living room to discover anything unusual which seemed well set as well as her looking into the kitchen and then suddenly we spot a pot or pan falling which is incredibly suspenseful looking and done in a perfect haunting fashion while the camcorder is rolling with this all happening.
We even spot a situation with Ali and her boyfriend toying around with a ouija board in which this didn't look effective at all along with their discussions as this looked incredibly stale and bland too. Plus it looked too dark to see as well.
There's perfect frusterating moments between Daniel acting like a goof not taking Kristi seriously on the hauntings in which looked like a believeable married couple having an unhappy moment and the other trying to cheer the other one up.
We spot a nice chilling moment when Kristi leaves a device on to hear if her baby is crying only to have some strange static sounds coming thorugh it as this looked genuinely haunting like and spooky too.
A nice moment with the daughter Ali walking outside and the door slamming on her as well as a neat shot on the baby suddenly floating from his crib which looked interesting to watch too. This seems to make things look more mysterious.
Nice timing showing Daniel being closed minded towards Ali when she tries to explain the house being haunted as to why she was locked outside trying to show him proof and him trying to find excuses as this seemed impressive to watch too having a good dysfunctional moment here.
Another perfect moment is when Kristi is in the kitchen in the daytime with things being silent and suddenly cupboards and other door slam open which is a perfect jumping and scary moment too.
There's even a nice moment with Kristi going in to check up on the baby and suddenly a force drags her out which looked perfectly intense as well as watching her trying to struggle to be free from this and then watching her being dragged down the stairs and into a door in a cellar and then slowly walking out. This also looked good and mysterious too.
We spot a nice camera show on some scratch marks on the cellar door which also holds some mysterious moments as well as the camera walking into a room and spot a door half open with Kristi sitting inside as you wonder what is going to happen next.
The excitement and intensity really stirs up when a situation happens between Ali and Kristi with the baby crying and realising that they have disappeared from the room that they were in as well as a good chase with the camera controlled by Daniel trying to search for them. Plus a perfect power outage which packs more terror here along with spotting quick night camera shots on everything going on in a cellar with the three of them as well as spotting unsual images too which psych's you out too.
Bottom line is that the film was half boring and too fast to understand what is going on at first with a bad camera to begin with but this seemed intentional too. It gets pretty exciting and things catching you by surprise when you least expect it but at times the scary moments really needed to improve. It's a fun film to watch for the fans who like these types on found footage horror types. It also works as well as the first one.

The acting is pretty good and natural as we have lead actor Brian Boland (Daniel Ray) who steals the film with his performance in which he seems to come across as light hearted and doing well with his discussions along with having a believeably sarcastic type of manner with whatever he does. Plus seemed to show off well partying at the pool with his friends just really getting into this too. He also does a great job with his scolding type of behavior by speaking sternly whenever he needed to and having a no bullshit attitude which looked pretty energetic here. He shows off a terrific struggling attitude too when the terror really happens by racing through the house and getting anxious.
Molly Ephraim (Ali Ray) seemed to come off nicely with her performance in which she shows a nice bubbly type of attitude acting full of life and showing off some nice spunk to her role. She also does well with her stressful situations while trying to explain something and getting frusterated with it which also looked believeable and energetic. Also she does well with her sobbing and freaked out emotions showing great timing within all of this as she looked believeably scared by what is happening around her just showing it off here and there.
Katie Featherston (Katie) shows off a nice outgoing type of behavior in her role as well in which she brings on some nice characteristics. She shows off a nice versatality when she gets firm on a situation with her cold speaking just acting still about it all with her scolding behavior. This showed a nice change to her personality and draws her performance in this scene perfectly. A good pat on the back with this actress.
Sprague Grayden (Kristi Ray) seemed to grab attention onto the screen as she was good with her blocking by cradling her baby or walking around the halls just doing all of this naturally. Also she does well with her jumping reactions as well as getting paranoid showing some nice tenseness to all of this. Also does a nice job with her argumentive attitude and frustrations on situations which flows in well. She shows it off well with her screaming intensity when a force drags her in which she shows some nice powerful blocking along with her loud screaming just rolling in with the punches here. Also does a nice job acting expressionless and having a somewhat wicked behavior later on in which looked well performed too.

Daniel Rey: Hey! Who left the front door open?

Ali Rey: I don't know if the house is haunted, but I hope it is.