Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)


Directed by: Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman

Written by:
Christopher Landon


Lauren Bittner .... Julie
Christopher Nicholas Smith .... Dennis
.... Katie
Jessica Tyler Brown .... Kristi

Dustin Ingram .... Randy Rosen

Special Appearances:

.... Lisa
Sprague Grayden .... Adult Kristi

Release Dates: Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival: October 14, 2011; Theatrical: October 19, 2011




A bunch of people look into their VHS tapes on their past and finds a 1988 tape and play it in which they spot a birthday for Katie (Chloe Csengery) as well as her father Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith) setting up cameras in his home to spot anything unusual as his other daughter Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) having an imaginary friend named Toby who happens to by a spirit of a demon causing scary moments to happen especially when Katie plays a game of Bloody Mary causing more damage in the home and fears on anyone who is residing there too.


The beginning of the film looked mildly impressive with a newlywed couple going to their home as well as discovering some old video tapes and one of them is Katie's Birthday in 1988 and we go to see this footage which seemed clever to put into the film.
Things looked good and uplifting when we carry on into the story showing a cake outside with Katie's birthday which looked like a real family home video. Everyone seemed to put alot of effort into doing all of this which was well done.
Nice setting with the couple Julie and Dennis making out with one another and suddenly an earthquake (Or we may think so) breaks out in which startles you a bit and a nice impression to the story that the place is possessed or haunted.
Also we spot more situations with people sleeping and what goes on with the cameras rolling with a light in the bathroom going on and off as this grabs your attention adding more mysterious stuff to the flick.
Also we see some good 80's stuff like Teddy Ruxpin suddenly talking and things like that in the children's room.
Great moment with Dennis going outside to check up on the kids sleeping in a tent as well as humoress moments on them all teasing one another which looked good and natural.
Also a good dark moment with Kristi at night talking to something as this looked spooky to watch and a perfect setting too adding more mysterious and haunting flavor to the story.
Perfect moment with both Kristi and Katie going into the bathroom and discussing the bloody mary chant turning off the lights to see if the tale is true that this being will come and get them as things were good and still with the lights off while they were saying this as well as later on leaving realising that nothing happened but yet we see the camera still in the bathroom as it makes you cringe by getting a bad feeling that something is going to happen which gives you the chills.
Good moment with Kristi getting together having an imaginary tea party with her Teddy Ruxpin doll as well as getting Dennis to join them but telling him not to sit where her imaginary friend is which draws into the mystery that it's the paranoirmal spirit she's talking to as this was well written in. Also later on it's good for her sister taping her and mocking her about her imaginary friends calling her a baby which looked good and natural for a mean older sister doing it to her younger one as well as going into a small room that Katie's imaginary friend doesn't want her to go into and warning her but still going in anyways as this keeps you in suspense as to what will happen here.
Cute moments with the babysitter Lisa having fun with the kids while tucking them in bed putting a sheet over her and playing a ghost as this made me laugh and looked very realistic like watching a home video big time.
There's also some nice camera shots moving back and fourth with Lisa sitting there doing her homework as you wonder big time as to what will happen here as well as suddenly what we may think is one of the kids with a sheet over their head creeping up on her and then the sheet falling to the floor as this looked nice and spooky.
What looked effective is when Dennis shows his brother Randy that footage as well as what Lisa may have encountered and trying to rewind the tape to see all of this as it was a perfect add on to the story making you want to watch for more.
Perfect situation when Katie gets Randy to play bloody mary with her and saying he did it too fast for anything to happen and then doing it the second time keeping the door closed as well as hearing sounds and having a perfect scary psychological feeling on your fears as a child as to what will happen if he opens the door which looked effective too. It for sure scares you greatly and will please horror fans to see on what's going to happen.
Perfect intense and strong quarreling moments between Randy and Dennis as to what has happened as this for sure looked uncomforting by what we spot on what Randy has experienced with his niece and works in marvellously.
Great freaky moments with the kids sleeping and Kristi getting up to talk to her imaginary friend as well as things going bump in the night scaring Katie as well as the creepy moments that happens with a force dragging her as well as holding her hair up and things like that as well as Katie trying to tell this friend to leave her alone when she agrees to still be communicative as this looked terrifically well done and one of the best spookiest scene's that we see in a flick.
A [erfect jumping moment when Julie is in the kitchen and suddenly a bunch of things crash to the ground which looked powerful to watch. It of course boggles you and makes you feel unsafe if you were in that situation.
Nice heartwarming moments when the family lives with one of their parents house for a while as things seem impressive when everyone is going to sit down for some apple pie.
Things are genuinely creepy when Dennis is filming at night and everything is still and quiet as well as not being able to find anyone and calling to them which is an impression that something scary is going to happen as well as spotting his family not the same and trying to get away from them which also looked perfectly spooky when he tries to help Kristi to get away from the madness. It races with your mind big time while seeing all of this. Plus there's a great shot on Kaite with her back turned and Dennis tries to go and touch her which makes you quiver as you have a feeling something is not right here which works in greatly.
Bottom line is that this is one of the better one's and although I don't like sequels better than the originals for the most part I consider this an acceptance big time. It is for sure alot spookier as well as fun stuff on what we see from the 80's that's hard to find nowadays. This seems to be almost a found footage Amityville Horror kind of fashion as some scene's borrow a bit from that flick. The ending for sure begs you for more big time.

The acting stands out greatly as lead actress Lauren Bittner (Julie) knew her stuff as a family woman by acting like a loving mother and being uplifting for the birthday party as well as getting serious whenever she needed to behave like this. Plus shows a good concerned attitude in certain spots. Also does a great job getting short to her onscreen husband about what is going on adding a perfect aggression. Also reacts perfectly for when a hauinting moment strikes just being quick about it all.
Christopher Nicholas Smith (Dennis) shows off a good charming attitude and a convincingly loving father too. He wacts perfectly full of life with his onscreen family as well as getting into good conversations as well as having a pretend tea time which looked cute by what he does. Also does a good job when looking at some video tapes after witnessing something which he reacts energetically. Shows a perfect hyped aggressions when he is in an argument on a sitations with hauntings as he maeks this come to life greatly or getting upset with his onscreen wife. Plus does show some adrenaline with his speaking when he tries to struggle near the end of the film. He was a good character actor.
(Katie) does well by playing the older sibling in which she does a nice job acting happy about her birthday party. Also shows a perfect taunting behavior with her onscreen little sister acting like a convincing jerk. Also does well with her aggressions when she is locked in a small room. Plus acts good and uplifting when wanting to play a game of bloody mary. Was perfect with her freaked out and crying behavior when the terror strikes as well as getting perfectly intense with her screaming attitude when she is attacked. She draws into all of this realistically as if this was actually happening to her.
Jessica Tyler Brown (Kristi) offers a perfect happy and cute little girl charm to her role in which she does well in a scene talking to her onscreen dad while he's filming and wanting to join in on the fun. Was perfect while talking to her imaginary friend late at night coming across very spooky like. Plus does a good job getting upset with her onscreen sister when she taunts her and tries to warn her which looked greatly done too. Plus was cute by having a pretend tea party as she drws this in well too. She also does a good job by trying to tell her onscreen sister what not to do when the hauntings happen as well as trying to plead to her imaginary friend to stop as she adds good energy into this. Plus does a nice job getting scared in another scene and trying to escape the madness. I found that she stood out the most in the cast and can lead a good career in future acting projects.
Dustin Ingram
(Randy Rosen) does his job well as the uncle in the film by having a good and goofy charm to his role in which he offers a nice sense of humor into whatever he does here. Also does well with his onscreen nieces too. Plus does a good job when trying to act calm when he experiences the terror which he did the best out of his performance as well as getting aggressive with his onscreen brother on what he saw just letting it all out. For sure he was a ball of energy.
Lisa) seemed to show a ton of great spunk into her part as the babysitter in which she was terrific by having fun with the onscreen children while tucking them in to bed as she made me laugh a great deal along with acting outgoing near a camera in the room of the kitchen. Also does well by acting concerned and cautious too. She for sure lived to portray this role.

Katie: [playing the Bloody Mary game, Katie first explains it] So, you say Bloody Mary three times.

Randy Rosen: Mmm-hmm.

Katie: And then you wait a little bit and then you turn the lights back on; and then you're supposed to see her body in the mirror and she's gonna try to kill you.

Randy Rosen: Try and kill you. Good game.


Katie: Yep.

Randy Rosen: I don't know why you wanna play this- One of us is gonna be dead by the end of it. I guess it's a one-time game. Okay, let's do it.

KatieRandy Rosen: Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.

Katie: [Randy turns on the light as nothing happens] Randy!

Randy Rosen: Nothing happened.


Katie: You turned the light on too soon!

Randy Rosen: Oh, come on, Katie. This is stupid.

[as he walks to the door]

Katie: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! You can't leave!

[blocking the door]

Randy Rosen: Let's just go play doll house or something.

Katie: No, you didn't do it right.

Randy Rosen: What did I not do right?

Katie: You need to keep the light off longer.

Randy Rosen: Okay. Okay. All right. You wanna play Bloody Mary? Let's play Bloody Mary.

Katie: Okay, ready?

Randy Rosen: You're not gonna see anybody play Bloody Mary like I'm about to play Bloody Mary.

Randy Rosen: [arguing about the demon] This isn't... Casper the fucking friendly ghost you're chasing man!

[last lines]

Kristi: Come on Toby.
Grandma Lois: Let's get ready.