Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)


Directed by: Gregory Plotkin

Written by:
Jason Pagan,
Andrew Deutschman, Adam Robitel & Gavin Heffernan


.... Ryan
Brit Shaw .... Emily
.... Leila
Dan Gill .... Mike
.... Skyler

Release Date: Theatrical: October 23, 2015




It's almost Christmas and a new family moves into the home and finds the box full of 80's material including VHS tapes and a camcorder as this camera picks up paranormal objects as well they looked at the tapes finding some creepy material.
Most of all the family's little girl is talking to one of the spirits and is becoming possessed as well as finding thier dream house to becoming very deadly and seeing on the tapes as to what happened to people that once resided there.


Nice beginning on where one of the sequels left off and showing some preacher talking to the little girls which makes things look truly mysterious.
On present day some nice moments on the new residents moving in as well as preparing Christmas decorations and such including putting a star on the tree which grabs your attention. Plus what's more mysterious is that we spot someone finding som old junk from the 80's including a camera and VHS tapes in which this draws you in a great deal on what horror will unravel after seeing all of this.
We spot a good moment when one of the residents tries out that old camcorder in which we spot wavy types of objects that it picks up which works well into the story that leaves a clue they are paranormal types of beings which doesn't look cheesy at all.
Also some good moments when both Ryan and Mike look at the found footage which is nice to see what happened in the previous sequels which looked impressive as well as them spotting a preacher talking to a child and she is feeling uncomfortable as this looked mildly disturbing as well as a near good jumping moment when the power briefly goes out too. For sure this looked effective.
A perfectly creepy moment with Leila speaking to a mirror in the dark in which things looked very ghostly as if she's ion a trance and later on finding out she's saying bloody mary which is a cool start off to everything.
A perfect moment with Ryan filming around and spotting specks as well as some jumping moments on Mike appearing by surprise as this looked mildly intense and wondering if something will happen out of this.
A hilarious moment with little Leilia waking up from bed and talking to nothing as this also looked good and haunting that something is in the room with her.
More thrilling moments when Mike and Skyler goes to the backyard and spots a teeter totter going by itself and a ghostly object jumping out of the pool along with other jumping moments as this looked powerfully effective into the story and not looking phony at all.
Nice creepy moment with some dark object rising up near Leila's bed and her talking to it as well as Emily coming in to talk to her and some good jumping moments that involved Emily herself caused by the paranormal objects as this looked good and strong.
Good moments with Ryan and Emily talking to Leila on not talking to her imaginary friend anymore which was a perfect add on to the story and making things feel more creepy to what will later on unravel. Plus a perfect moment with this little girl being too stubborn to go anywhere when they ask her to leave her room which looked good and still.
A nice heartwarming and cute moment with a preacher talking to Leila and trying to put holy water on her as well as him talking about her teddy bear she's holding as this also looked nice and cute to watch and then a jumping and shocking moment on what this little girl does towards him which also catches you by surprise and done in great horror taste.
A real memorable moment late at night with a wall cracking and opening up another dimension and Leila crawling through this as you really wonder as to where this will lead to.
The action really happens greatly when the preacher performs and exorcism and things go haywire which there's alot of fast action moments that we spot here and there with forces happening too and done in great style. Plus great deadly moments that happens in the story later on as well as spotting Emily going to that other dimension in the wall to find her daughter which is exciting to see what's happening there and begging you for another sequel during the end of this all.
Bottom line is that this found footage sequel has more twists and special effects making it work in well and one of the better sequels too. Has nice potential and the terror happens almost right away instead of it slowly building up and taking a long time for things to happen. We see more and more as to what is happening in the paranormal world in this one.

The acting works out alot better in this flick as the lead actor (Ryan) really stood out as the family man with his guy next door looks and motive. He for sure shows off alot of great energy within his performance here as well as doing good with his communications but being fully alert on what's happening as well as doing a good job by getting serious when he needed to be this way.
Brit Shaw (Emily) seemed to really roll in well as the family woman in which she acts convincingly motherly by what she does as well as doing a good job with her serious and stern type of atttiude when she finds her onscreen daughter playing with matches as this looked believeable. Also does well with her worrysome behavior as well as her stern attitude when trying to talk to her onscreen daughter showing some upsetting behavior. All of this was energetically done.
(Leila) was probably the best in the cast as she comes across as convincingly innocent as well as enjoying the holiday season acting full of life. Shows a perfect focus while talking to a mirror acting like she's in a trance. Also was funny talking to nothing in her room. She does a great job acting disturbed and possessed too. PLus was convincing with her stubborn and closed minded attitude. Really knew on how to lunge out while biting someone with full force.
Dan Gill (Mike) seemed to do the right thing as a dopey type of person with his speaking and attitude in which he seemed not too bad in his performance here but he didn't do much for me and seemed at times annoying but he wasn't a bad actor by any means. Seemed to be fully alerted for the suspenseful moments when needed to be this way. Also had the right looks for this part.
(Skyler) showed off a great sharp presence into her role as she was perfectly clear in her speaking and came off wonderfully with her likeable and bright type of personality. I found out that she stood out the most within her part of the story and had the beautiful looks to top it all off. She added alot of energy and spunk into her part of the story which was a great plus.

More great rumbling noises and banging to make you jump as well as effective ghostly sounds too.

Leila: Daddy? I can't sleep.
Ryan Fleege: What's going on?
Leila: There are noises in my room.
Ryan Fleege: You hear noises in your room? Okay, well Daddy will go and make you everything's...
Leila: [sneezes]
Katie, Kristi: [on the TV screen, talking to the outside world] Bless you.