Patrick: Evil Awakens (2013)

Directed by: Mark Hartley

Written by: Justin King


Sharni Vinson .... Kathy Jacquard
Peta Sergeant .... Nurse Williams
.... Brian Wright
.... Doctor Roget
.... Matron Cassidy
.... Patrick

Release Dates: Melbourne International Film Festival: July 27, 2013; Austin Fantastic Fest: September 19, 2013; Horrorthon Festival Dublin: October 27, 2013; Glasgow Fright Fest: November 2, 2013; Limited Theatrical: March 14, 2014 (USA)






A new employee at a hospital for comatosed patients Kathy Jaquard (Sharni Vinson) communicates with one of the peitents named Patrick (Jackson Gallagher) who will stop at nothing to have her as he has special powers to possess anyone there or cause deaths as well since his history was killing his mother and her lover.


We spot an impressive but typical dark moment with a nurse walking in the dark room while trying to treat her patients in a coma as well as having a sneaky suspicion that someone is watching her as this looked midly suspenseful along with a nice spooky shot on a shadow figure zooming by her as this for sure is a good horror moment and a suggestion that a strange mysterious character is going to kill her.
A well focused moment with the lead character Kathy Jacquard while driving her vehicle in a storm talking to herself and being in deep thoughts which is supposed to draw you in but it doesn't seem to do the trick at all. Also the outdoor shots on her driving a car in the storm looked quite phony and computerised effects too.
A nice dark setting with her having a discussion on the head employers at the hospital which are Doctor Roget adn Matron Cassidy along with their bluntness and unpleasant presence towards her about working at the place as this for sure looked good and convincing as well as nicely focused on someone who doesn't wlecome newcomers. A nice tie in to the horror story for sure making you wonder if these two have some skeletons in their closets.
Nice uplifting moments with one of the employees named Nurse Williams showing her around and what to do along with good gloomy shots on the patients in their coma and her describing each one as what had happened to them and good shots on these patients too.
Plus a good moment with her introducing Patrick in his coma as well as some perfect jumping moments when things are still and Kathy looks up close to him and he spits out as this is a different feel compared to the first flick. A certain chill down your spine for sure on these moments.
Another nice moment with her in an elevator with a supposed dead corpse wrapped in sheets and another near jumping moment when this dead body grabs her arm as this for sure would make anyone freak out and a nother perfect horror touch to the story and a different type of situation compared to the original as I will give this remake credit for that too.
Then we have a situation like in the first film when she tries to communicate with him when he spits suggesting to give him signals as yes or no when she asks him something. These situations don't look nowhere as eerie like in the first flick though and a wee bit rushed which is common in today's remakes.
There's nice discussions between both Kathy and Williams having a lighthearted discussion at a bar as well as them discussing a good looking guy which happens to be one of the main characters Brian Wright as well as him coming on cocky like which adds flavor to the story while we watch later on what happens here.
A good moment with Brian approaching Kathy in a store and talking to her as well as a nice surprising moment when he spits at her which is a shocking situation and making you wonder as to why he did this since we see Patrick doing this it makes you wonder if he was possessing his body for sure. A good moment by breaking the silence here.
There's some different moments with today's technology having Patrick still in a coma typing away on a computer communicating towards others like on a cell phone affecting Brian as this adds some mysterious moments to what's happening as well as leaving deadly messages towards Kathy about him. However, there's a scene when he is out of control driving his vehicle controlled by Patrick as this was supposed to look suspenseful but this looked way too cheesy and obvious.
There's a moment with Roget speaking nastily towards Kathy in which this looked good and strong as it gives you that feeling that you'd wanna hit this man as well as having a very cold environment on everything which draws in perfectly to the story here.
There's also a good trance with Williams going to a ledge and then she goes out of it and spots on where she is which is suspenseful to watch and then a terrifying moment happening making you wonder if she's dead but she's fine and suddenly BANG! Another incident happens as this offered nice horror timing.
Nice flashback sequences revealing the pupils on Patrick's eyes and neat computerised effects on the colours as well as interesting historical looks in a couple of different scene's that involves Patrick being abused by his fornicating Mother as well as his vengeful moments in which there's neat airy speaking throughout these flashbacks as well as neat lighting effects making it look like a true flashback moment by how it was all done here.
Plus there's a great moment with Cassidy acting crazy and vengeful trying to put a stop to Patrick as well as good deadly moments involving her as well as nice close up shots on her eyes changing colour which looked impressive to watch.
Near the end of the movie there's a game of cat and mouse with Patrick texting Kathy as to where her boyfriend is hidden in the areas of the hospital as this almost borrowed a bit from the Saw franchise which doesn't work all that great but there's the odd amusing moments like spotting a patient in a coma whispering out to her as well as heaving his head up at her along with a good shot on the other patients rising up and saying stuff as this showed nice horror timing and different compared to the orignal. We even spot Roget doing something really gross and twisted adding great insane dark horror timing.
Then there's a twisted ending involving Kathy waking up constantly from nightmares which is supposed to boggle you wondering if the nightmare is real or not but doesn't do the trick at all.
Bottom line is that this was a true disappointing remake but aren't most of them disappointing these days? It tries not to mess too much with the original but yet loses it's creepy touch alot and seems to be quite stale. Instead a sequel should've risen as those should be common in today's horror standards.

The acting is very well performed so there's good credit to this from it being an average flick. Lead actress Sharni Vinson (Kathy Jacquard) draws in a nice seriousness to all that she does in her role as a new employee. She really stood out with how she interacts with others as well as reacting perfectly well while getting surprised by certain stuff. Also shows some nice energy when the terror surrounds her which looked energetically done too. Does a fair job acting romantic or fearful in other spots.
Peta Sergeant
(Nurse Williams) shows off a perfectly bubbly type of attitude as well as offering a great outgoing and witty attitude along with a nice convincing sarcasm. Basically comes across as someone whom is easy to work with which she brought all of this to life a great deal. Also was good acting expressionless while acting like she's in a trance and does well by flipping out after she is out of this. A true character actress she was.
(Brian Wright) seemed to offer a nice sarcastic and slightly cocky behavior in his first appearance as well as drawing in a great smooth and slick behavior too. Shows a good charm to his role which shines off well. Also has the nice masculine looks too to portray this role. Offers nice reactions to the suspenseful moments into the film as well.
(Doctor Roget) was the best in the cast as someone whom has a perfect coldness to his presence and speaking along with making all of this come to life wondering if he is really like this in person. Also does well by acting obnoxious as he draws in a nice strong personality by getting in your face like this. Plus he does well acting insane and speaking coldly while eating a frog which adds a different twist to him making his role convincing that he's in a trance. Plus had the right looks for this part as his apperance looked unpleasant too.
(Matron Cassidy) stood out the most in her role as she shows a great expressionless as well as a convincing mysterious presence with her cold speaking as well as acting perfectly paranoid to stuff. Certainly was a convincing horror character to what she did here. Roles in well with the punches when she acts insane when trying to act aggressive by seeking revenge as well as reacting well to being in a trance too. A perfect key role she did here.

A woman reveals her breasts in bed during a flashback sequence as well as in another moment taking a bath. Her boyfriends butt appears after rising out while getting electrocuted
A topless patient in a coma rises up from her bed surrounding others rising up
Patrics butt is revealed standing up

A sharp mirror object is stabbed in a woman's arm.
People's bodies are scarred while being electrocuted in a tub.
Body pieces are revealed in a room.
Fingers are impaled in a guy's neck.

The music is very unique and dark sounding especially the violin playing as it's different sounding than the typical playing for a horror flick which is a good thing. Also alot of fast playing on it during the closing credits too. Somtimes the orchestra in certain spots is a bit much though. There's great hissing sounds as well as the prickling types especially for when we focus on some still suspenseful moments involving Patrick. Alot of clanging sounds too and banging noises for the jumping moments which works like a charm as always. All of this was put together by Pino Donaggio

Patient (Softly Speaking): Patrick wants his hand job