The Perfect House (2012)

Produced & Directed by: Kris Hulbert & Randy Kent

Written by: Kris Hulbert


Andrea Vahl .... Marisol
William A. Robertson .... Mike
Monique Parent .... Real Estate Agent
Dustin Stevens .... Stranger
Felissa Rose .... Mother
John Philbin .... Jeff
Jamie Lee Baker .... Dinner Daughter
Tyler Nemeth .... Dinner Son
.... Dinner Son
Kris Smith .... Storm Mother
Timothy Dugan .... Storm Father
Alex Markousis .... Storm Daughter
Michael Wagner .... Storm Son
Jonathan Tiersten .... John Doesy
Holly Greene .... Female Cage Victim
Hans Hernke .... Male Cage Victim

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: July 17, 2012




A newlywed couple Marisol (Andrea Vahl) and Mike (William A. Robertson) are introduced to their supposed dream house by a sleazy Real Estate Agent (Monique Parent) but the house has a deadly history.

One of the stories is about a family down in a basement during a thunderstorm dealing with an evil and abusive Mother (Kris Smith) who doesn't love her family at all as the weather isn't the only thing that is going to tear that family apart as they are quickly dismembered.

Another tale is about a serial killer John Doesy (Joanthan Tiersten) who keeps a couple of victims in a cage as he taunts and tortures them to death.

Last but not least, a Stranger (Dustin Stevens) inviting a family over for dinner only to torture them and play a survival game with each family member by dismembering them.


We spot a well focused situattion with a new neighbor entitled the Stranger in viting a family over for dinner as there's an impressive shot on him grabbing a knife and making you think that he has deadly plans for this family.
Also good close up shots on the family enjoy their dinner as well as a good creepy shot on the Stranger mention their last supper as this looked impressive to watch this while another chapter starts too roll in.
We have some nice comedic and uplifting moments with a newlywed couple Marrisol and Mike drriving to the home where the first situation took place thinking of buying it which looked life like. Also we have the real estate agent showing them aroound which I laughed my ass off by how she explains on what's in the home especially by acting sexy while doing this and Marrisol being unimpressed by all of this while we spot surprising flashback shots on what the Stranger has done to the family members. Adding perfect comedic and horror timing all into one which almost seemed to spoof situations like the Amityville Horror.
We have an interesting chapter rolling in with a basement scene of the home showing a greying black and white shot on a family down there by having a discussion while a storm is happening as well as the mother acting horribly nasty to everyone in which adds a nice psychological touch dealing with someone dysfunctional in the family as this had a Tales from the Crypt type of feel to all of this.
Plus there's flashback sequences on the family in which we have colourised scene's spotting the mother being cruel to her daughter and a funny one liner in another scene by the father telling his daughter that her mom loves her and didnt take her meds.
We spot other moments with the mother being forceful and physical towards her kids which of course looks believably intense and disturbing too.
Plus some nice flashing moments taking place back in the basement again with the lights going out anbd we spot some creepy slaughtering moments with each family member being doone in as this leaves a mystery when the two kids are left wondering who thhe killer could be between those two.
In the other chapter spots some more psychological moments with two victims trapped in a cage suited for an animal in which there's nicely focused shots on the maniiac John Doesy being naasty toowards his victims as this was drawn in fairly well but not as good as the previous chapters yet the situations looked very intense and hard to watch as we spot him paralysing one of them and showing nice focuses on this male victim on the table and he uses dissecting tools pointing on this guy's eye as this makes you cringe for sure. The moments looked good and graphic while we watch this happening.
Also real creepy moments while he's back in his cage after the finished results and intense discussions between him and the woman trapped in there as this looked hard to watch after what had happened to him. The scene looked unpleasant with good make up effects on this moment.
Also a perfect moment with John challenging this male victim to leave the basement in one piece in which we spot some mediocre intense moments on this guy being tortured to death as they looked faiirly violent to watch.
There's even a situation when a new victim is put in a cage and is strangled to death by the main one while she explains that she'll never be able to leave and spend her life being tortured in which this didn't look convincing to watch at all.
Also we spot a moment on the mother looking for her daughter wwhile going to John's home explaining that she's been missing for 5 years which gives you a cringing feeling that being in that cage in that period of time is anyone's worst nightmare. Plus things look perfectly upset and disturbing with this mother being upset when he tells her off and being so awfuul towards her about the ppossibilities of what happened to her during that period of time. This scene for sure looked psychological. And disturbing to watch as well.
However there's a perfect vengeful moment on this female victim with her deadly plan on John which will make you cheer for sure.
I found this chapter to be a little too long and it drags a bit but has alot of hard to watch moments.
We go into the beginning of the dinner guests as well as the Stranger having them tied up and gagged. Plus he plays deadly games with them manipulating two children to kill the other one else he will kill their Mother which is disturbing and drawing you in wondering if this will happen due to the peer pressure being pitted against each other.
Also a clever moment with the Stranger forcing the Mother to find one of her children before it's too late while a bag is over his head preventing him to breathe as well as good close up shots on the Mom climbing up the stairs and this maniac stabbing her ankles and slowing her down. This was a nice horror moment and making you watch and wonder if she will make it in time.
Plus a great slaughtering moment with the Stranger using a deadly saw type tool on the Father as this is a must for any fan who loves horror violence to watch all of this.
Bottom line is that this is a different kind of a horror anthology not being typical in any waay. It starts out great but then the story starts to drag in some spots. Seemed too borrow heavily off of other films like Hostile and Saw. Made on a decent budget for an independent flick too. It's funny and psychologically creepy and disturbing too.

The performances aren't too badly done here as Andrea Vahl (Marisol) does well with her bubbly type of behavior and added some nice humor in her conversation with her onscreen husband and getting into this fairly naturally while acting full of life. She also added a nice veersatality while acting ticked and unimpressed showing a good attitude towards another actress in which she showed perfect timing with this as well. She offered some nice energy into all of this.
William A. Robertson (Mike) came off to the camera perfectly with his outgoing attitude and knew on how to speak clearly as well as having a convincing and outgoing type of behavior. His energy was right on target for what he had to do. Offers alot of spunk into whatever he did in his role. Also had the perfect clean cut looks too.
Monique Parent (Real Estate Agent) was one of the best key members in this anthology as she was a natural ham and was good at being funny with her lustful behavior while showing two peopple around the home and acting convincingly strange and comes across as someone sleazy too. She had the beautiful landlady types of looks too as she at first comes acorss as deceivingly decent in the beginning. She studied her role inside out.
Dustin Stevens (Stranger) really brought out his mysterious role and is probably the best out of the whole cast. Shows nice evil expressions on his facc e and was good by acting slick within all of this. Then was terrific by being loud and menacing aas well as acting like a perfect maniac with his obnoxious attitude. Shows some good blocking while attacking his onscreen victims with weapons and plunging it in and was perfectly forceful within this too. Has a good big guy type of looks too.
Felissa Rose (Mother) was of course annoying as always and although she tries to get nto character she just can't. She isn't convincing by portraying a family woman. She was only good by whining or screaming when the terror strikes her which isn't saying much at all since she often does this in today's horror films. Not a born character actress at all.
Kris Smith (Storm Mother) was perfect as an evil and abusive mother and knew on how to act insane with her gruff speaking and was believeable by acting negative towards others. Seemed to do fairly okay while acting forceful to her onscreen children. Was convincing by showing her wicked expressions too as she was a right choice for this part and a terrific horror character too. I can see her getting work in other horror films.    
Timothy Dugan (Storm Father) shows a nice opposite attitude by acting truly sympathetic attitude and making his role believeably fatherly towards his onscreen children and really making his part. believeable while trying to hold his family together with his calmness towards everything that he had to do throughout the chapter he was in.
Alex Markousis (Storm Daughter) certainly did her job nicely as someone whom is badly affected by being tormented as well as trying to show some mercy when she is nearly about to be abused. Also shows a good mysterious attitude later on in the story which she presents this quite strongly.
Jonathan Tiersten (John Doesy) seemed a bit rusty at first since this marks his comeback to acting but he picks it up later as he does well with his cold speaking and sneering type of behavior. Does a good job by his wicked sarcasm to top it off. Also really focused well while torturing someone offering some nice cautious blocking on this. Also shows soome good intense aggressions when he's disturbed by a situation that he hears about. Plus was good while acting negative towards someone else while finding someone whom is missing as he was a convincing dickhead.
Holly Greene (Female Cage Victim) seemed also a bit rusty at first with her sobbing emotions and intense anger but knew on how to get into it later on. Also brings out her might by telling someone off as well as showing some perfect insane expressions within this too. Was perfect while choking out her words to a new onscreen victim about what is going to happen to her as she offers some nice tense energy within this. However her blocking is a bit off while strangling her which needed to look a bit more convincing.
Hans Hernke (Male Cage Victim) Seemed to be on the ball with his crying and acting hysteric. Seemed fairly convincing when he was paralysed and reacted well while being tortured. Knew on how to act out of control later on as well as doing a good job by having a hard time focusing when he is about to be murdered too. Seemed to know on how to feel while being pitted against a maniac with no escape.

Someone lifts a womans shirt up unconcious in a cage revealing her breasts

Head is briefly seen chopped off.
Other body parts briefly seen slaughtered with lots of blood.
Eyelids are cut off.
Fingers cut off.
Someone is bloodily stabbed.
A woman's ankles are bloodily stabbed whille climbing up some stairs.
A person is pitted against an electric saw and blood flying everywhere.

The music was strongly put into the story as we hear metal scraping and screeching sounds as well as low beats too and gloomy type of music. Many strong piano playing and certain classical scoring sounded nice and clear. Plus we have alot of music that sounded depressing which is of course suitable for the gloomy and psychological plot dealing with the tortures happeninng in the story. Some of this didn't do much for me but it worked well in the film alltogether nevertheless.