Pet Semetary Two (1992)

Directed by: Mary Lambert

Written by: Richard Outten


Edward Furlong .... Jeff Matthews
Anthony Edwards .... Chase Matthews
Clancy Brown .... Sheriff Gus Gilbert
Jared Rushton .... Clyde Parker
Darlanne Fluegel .... Renee Hallow
Jason McGuire .... Drew Gilbert
Sarah Trigger .... Marjorie Hargrove
Lisa Waltz .... Amanda Gilbert

Release Date: Theatrical: August 28, 1992

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A famous celebrity Renee Hallow (Darlanne Fluegel) gets electrocuted to death during a failed film shoot as her son named Jeff Matthews (Edward Furlong) watched what happened and is badly shaken by it all.

Him and his father Chase (Anthony Edwards) move into a new home by the Pet Semetary and is greeted by their new housekeeper named Marjorie Hargrove (Sarah Trigger) whom is a fan of Renee's but Jeff doesn't seem to take a liking to her thinking that she is moving in to their lives.
Jeff is badly bullied by kids at school led by Clyde Parker (Jared Rushton) after his Mom's death but meets up with a burly kid named Drew Gilbert (Jason McGuire) as he is troubled by his stepfather and local sheriff named Gus (Clancy Brown) whom abuses him and mocks his weight as well as not getting enough of his mother Amanda (Lisa Waltz) plus hating the dog of theirs.
Well one day the dog was bothering the rabbits Gus caged up for meals and shoots the dog as Drew and Jeff bring the dead dog to the Pet Semetary nearby but Drew tells him about an indian burial ground nearby and plans to resurrect his dog which freaks Jeff out a bit.
After his dog is buried there the dog returns but is not the same as on Halloween night Drew and Jeff get together with Clyde and his friends to party out at the cemetary but Gus catches them and beats up Drew and suddenly his dog comes to the rescue and kills Gus.
Drew feels he has no choice but to take Gus' corpse up to the burial ground so his Mom won't know what had happened.

Gus seems more childish after returning and more fun to be with but is more brutal towards Amanda. He will even kill people who do bad deeds now which puts both Drew and Amanda in deadly danger.

Jeff is still disturbed by the death of his mother and starts to lose it as he gets Gus to help resurrect her at the burial ground again while Chase finds out the history of that place after what happened to the family who resided there before.


A perfect dark beginning with the camera shots on a deep dark forest and the full moon as well.
There's a real intense scene with Renee Hallow getting ready to do a scene shoot and gets electrocuted along with a perfect close up shot on Jeff Matthews scream her name and crying intensely.
There's a great shot on a cat leaping towards Jeff and then running away as it almost makes you jump.
We also have a funny shot on a kitten running into the hallway and then a dog chasing after it.
There's also a disturbing moment with Jeff being tormented by Clyde Parker as he portrays a school bully running off with his kitten as you hope the kitten will be okay along with great shots on them speeding away on their bicycle's.
There's a good brawling scene between Jeff and Clyde too but of course this bully nearly beats the crap out of him. This was well done that you feel like going insane and killing this prick.
We have a nice scene with Jeff rescuing his kitten from a cage at the Pet Semetary with Drew Gilbert approaching from behind him and a nice friendly conversation between the two of them.
We have a good shot on Sheriff Gus Gilbert watching Amanda Gilbert as his wife bending down to open an oven and then him hitting on her which looks like a realistic active couple.
There's a good nasty scene with Gus mocking Drew at the dinner table on cutting back what he's eating and then Drew himself acts sarcastic, then a good threat by Gus towards him which truly makes the scene dysfunctional.
We have a good lustful scene between Amanda and Gus and then a nice aggressive act by him running out of the house with his shotgun towards a dog.
There's a good sad moment between Drew grieving and holding his dog that is dying which looked believeably emotional.
A great scene with Drew holding his dead dog with Jeff walking to a Pet Sematary and then the creepy long hill to the burial ground as this scene still gives it that chilling feel.
A good shot on the two walking afterwards on the side of the road with Gus driving in his police vehicle next to them and getting demanding with Clyde to get in.
We have a good shot on Renee at the Pet Semetary and then Jeff falling down later on realising it was a dumming along with a good camera shot looking up on Clyde and his friends and mocking him.
A tense moment with Gus towards Amanda demanding to know where his son is at as it does look like he will hit her if she doesn't answer.
Great shot on the group of kids fleeing after they spot Gus approaching the cemetary.
We have a great tense shot with Gus hitting Drew and then grabbing a wooden crucifix and then a good shot on the dead dog clenching it's teeth and attacking Gus as it almost draws a smile on your face for doing a nasty deed.
A good appearance by Gus resurrected at his house sounding ghostly asking his stepson for his keys and then saying he found them with a ghostly grin on his face and holding the keys.
A great sequence with Renee with a blue light shining on her acting lustful towards Chase and then a great shot on the dead dog attacking him in bed which makes you wonder if it's a dream.
There's a good and crazy moment at a dinner table with Gus acting gross and crazy while eating potatoes.
We have great moment with Clyde knocking Jeff off the road and then almost forcing his face towards a spinning wheel of his bike. A perfect moment with Gus punching out Clyde and then turning on his motorwheel bike towards his face along with a good shot on him laughing.
A perfect shot on Gus breaking open a house door in a Shining type of fashion and then trying to attack Drew.
There's great shots on a vehicle chase with Gus chasing after Drew and Amanda which looked very disturbing indeed.
A good silent moment with Jeff in an attic having his Mom's dress ready acting disturbed and silent and then Chase trying to talk to him and Jeff telling him he's going to resurrect his mother which looked quite cold.
There's a great discussion between Jeff entering a house of a taxidermist when he tells him about the Creed's and what had happened as it looks terrifically and insanely done.
Great shots between Jeff and Renee approaching one another in the attic with cold devilish expressions.
A great dark looking battle between Jeff and Gus in his house as well as Jeff himself against a resurrected Clyde as there's the odd humor in it too with the one liners.
We have a nice shot on Renee with her face melting and pleading Jeff to stay with her as you really feel like sympathising.
Bottom line is that this film was almost as disturbing and dark as the first one. It shows different characters but it was definetely based on the original film with what was told in it. We also have some highschool bullies which suits the film along with an abusive stepfather to a dysfunctional family which blends the plot well to turn into a horror film. There's some elements of Night of the Demons after the dead is resurrected from the burial ground with their actions along with some Freddy Krueger humor from the Elm Street sequels as it lightens the story a bit after the first film. There's tons of shocks in the film sometimes making it hard to watch as well as great imaginative one's too. If you like the first one then check this one out too.

The acting is well done like in the first one as this was Edward Furlong's (Jeff Matthews) next successful film after his debut performance in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. He shows great intensity with his actions and nice coldness quarter way through the film as he made all of this convincing. Shows a nice exhausted expression on his face in a certain scene for coming home late. A great spooked reaction on him falling down.
Anthony Edwards (Chase Matthews) does well as his sympathetic father with his actions and understanding making him look like a realistic fatherly type. There's a good stern attitude with him towards his onscreen son for getting in late
Clancy Brown
(Sheriff Gus Gilbert) played a great asshole sheriff in the film with his nasty actions and violent behavior like you wouldn't want him in your everyday life. He also does well with his evil humor after being resurrected. He was quite often typecast playing these types of roles in shows and is excellent with what he does. We have a nice menacing performance with him molesting his onscreen wife.
We have another nice performance by Jared Rushton (Clyde Parker) as a school bully and was convincing enough for you to want to hurt him severly for his nasty deeds. Shows great blocking moments when he knocks someone over. Well done.
Darlanne Fluegel
(Renee Hallow) was great with her soft words as a ghost in the film and really pulls it off well with her creepiness.
We have a performance with burly young actor Jason McGuire (Drew Gilbert) who pulls his part off well as a dweeby troubled youth following others in order not to get hurt.
Sarah Trigger
(Marjorie Hargrove) says her word perfectly playing a friendly housekeeper and shows a perfect bubbly attitude too.
Lisa Waltz
(Amanda Gilbert) looked perfect as the passive mother and remarried one to an abusive sheriff as she really looked disturbed about her dysfunctional family and frightened emotions too.
There's a small role by Jim Peck (Quentin Yolander) as a taxidermist but he really knew how to act insane with his words about what happened in the past.

There's a breast shot on Darlanne Fluegel while opening up her blouse during a ghostly encounter with her ex-husband in bed

Gus' neck is chewed open by the evil dead dog
There are slaughtered kittens in a kennel (I hate to say this folks but remember, it's only a movie)
Gus slaughters a bunch of rabbits for dinner
The dead dog took a chunk out of Chase Matthews shoulder as well as a drill through his shoulder
An eye is stabbed
Clyde's face is devoured after resurrected and later on his head is blown up after a fuse in his mouth
Renee's face is melting

There's perfect dark violin sounds during the opening credits. We have perfect moaning sounds while there is a burying scene at the burial ground. There's also some good synthesizer music mixed with some fast paced violin playing and the odd guitar riff.

We have many songtracks from some in your face rock music and have a closing credits by the Ramone's with "Poison Heart". However, it's nowhere as good as their theme song from the first flick.

Clyde Parker: [holding Jeff's cat] You ever seen a kitten run before?
Jeff Matthews: Yeah.
Clyde Parker: No, I mean REALLY run. Like this!
[takes off]

Gilbert: Come on Clyde, just tell him where the cat is.
Clyde Parker: I all ready told where the cat is, now SHUT UP DICK WAD... What? You gonna sic big bad old Gus on me?

Gus Gilbert: Now I thought we were going to tone down on your flabby ass.
Drew Gilbert: Hey, I'm so sorry I'm not the stud you are.

Gus Gilbert: Get your ass out here Drew Gilbert, front and center!
Drew Gilbert: He is gonna kick my ass!

Jeff Matthews: Drew, I know your dog died, but get a grip, man, you're freaking me out!

Gus Gilbert: No Brain, no pain... think about it.

Clyde Parker: What are you doing, man?
Gus Gilbert: I'm just fuckin' with ya'!

[zipping up Clyde's corpse in a body bag]
Gus Gilbert: Takin' you up the hill, Clyde-buddy. That's the way the Indians did it.

Chase Matthews: [after he has shot Zowie the dog] What are you doing?
Gus Gilbert: Well, I WAS building a doggy door.

Renee Hallow: Jeff, I love you. Stay with me, Dead Is BETTER! DEAD IS BETTER! STAY WITH ME, OH GOD!