Phantasm: Ravager (2016)


Directed by: David Hartman

Written by: Don Coscarelli & David Hartman


Reggie Bannister .... Reggie
A. Michael Baldwin .... Mike
Angus Scrimm .... The Tall Man
Daniel Schweiger .... Thief
.... Dawn

Release Date: Austin's Fantastic Fest: September 25, 2016




Reggie (Reggie Bannister) is wandering through the desert seeking out his friend Mike (A. Michael Baldwin) and the evil The Tall Man (Angus Scrimm). Along his journey, he is hunted down by the dangerous spheres and stumbles upon the gorgeous Dawn (Dawb Cidy). Out of the blue, he finds himself in an institution with Mike explaining that he has dementia and then in another dimension. Yet is he dreaming or hallucinating all of this since he is in the past and then the future along with confronting the Tall Man as to why he never killed him yet.


We spot a beginning with a narration by Reggie which seemed necessary for a long awaited sequel with him drifting along a deserted road but this didn't seem too impressive as I had a bad feeling the story was going to be a bore when you'd expect after so long an exciting sequel.
We also get a moment when Reggie forces this nerdy type of driver to get out of a vehicle that apparently belonged to him as well as seatling his clothes which was supposed to be funny but I wasn't laughing the least bit. But we see the killer steel balls coming at this dorky guy and killing him which looked good and graphic as well as these objects trying to chase after Reggie when he is speeding away but this seemed to be a boring time killer.
Also a dull moment when Reggie spots a beautiful woman named Dawn needing a lift with their conversations which was supposed to have flown well but misses by a longshot since we've seen these moments happen before as well as him strumming on his guitar in a cabin dedicating a song to her as this looked lame and uninspired even if this was supposed to look charming and romantic.
A brief amusing moment when the Tall Man is standing outside of the cabin at night and we see the steel balls approaching as well.
Plus there's an impressive moment when Reggie races up to Dawn's room and spots something gruesome that was revealed by these weapons as I must admit the murder looked impressive and can please fans of horror violence.
But things get confusing when we see him alot older in a some sort of a retirement home in a wheelchair talking to Mike and discussing stuff as this also looked totally dull while watching all of this happening.
We also see Reggie in a hospital bed with the Tall Man looking like another patient and their discussions as this looked mysterious along with something creepy happening as I must admit that this looked genuinely twisted.
It goes back to where he was younger again as this was supposed to be clever by how he is from older to younger but still it doesn't expplain itself too well. Yet there's an impressive shot on him in a field and goes near those dimensional bars that we see in the previous flicks as well as a giant steel ball over him which was my guess a spaceship to the Tall Man's.
Some nice action packed moments when Reggie goes to an area and meets up with Mike as a soldier in which their discussions looked good and powerful. This was one of the most effective moments used in the story reuniting in the past world compared to being in a retirement home as I liked this scene alot better.
A good moment when Reggie is wandering in the funeral home from the first flick and we spot something racing by which made me jump a bit since things were good and still as this was a nice pointer as well as a good shot on the Lady in Lavender floating towards him as well as showing flashbacks from the first flick involving this character which worked in well. Then a good cheesy shot on her looking monstrous when she's face to face with him.
Also a good moment with Reggie in a cave and then it crumbles between him and the Tall Man together and they're on a steep which looked impressive with their serious discussions together. Plus there were impressive moments beforehand when Reggie is attacked by one of the hooded dwarfs as the monstrous effects on this beings face looked okay for today's horror standards.
Plus we have some decent battling moments with the soldiers against the steel balls and even see a unique one with spikes that we've never seen before as well as a moment going to another dimension with all of them and the Tall Man with his hooded dwarfs and speaking telepathicly which doesn't seem to do much for me but the colourisation seemed to grab your attention.
Then we spot what might be the end of Reggie in a hospital bed with Mike and Jody next to him as this doesn't explain itself just as much as the other plotlines that we spot here.
Bottom line here is that I was wanting a sequel so bad like the rest of the fans since the previous one was to be continued like the rest but it looked like that Coscarelli had no clue as to what to put into the story since it doesn't really carry a plotline whatsoever and should've spent more time with this piece in which I'm hugely disappointed. This is supposed to be a conclusion to the whole legacy as we spot what looked like the apocalypse. This is sad and the worst of all the series. I'm glad they're not making any more since there's no effort on this one.

The acting seems to work in a mediocre pace as Reggie Bannister (Reggie) takes on the lead role in which he struts his stuff pretty good in this one but again did a good job in all of them. He offers some good aggressions whenever he needed to be this way. Plus adds a nice charm to his personality which he still had the knack in order to do so like he did in the rest of the flicks. Plus does well acting confused in other spots. Shows great energy when firing his rifle or geting into battle. Also does a good job stressing his words in other areas too.
A. Michael Baldwin (Mike) shows off a nice warm and mellow behavior during the beginning of his performance as well as later on acting super happy after greeting someone when he struts his stuff as a soldier. He brings out alot of dynamic attitude onto the screen and really rolls in with the punches. I still admired to what he did here.
Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man) still had the right serious and wicked attitude to play this part as he says his lines powerfully when he discusses what his plans will be as well as having that strong pacing with his blocking in other areas. He was a strong force of nature. He however does show his old age with his speaking nonetheless.
Daniel Schweiger (Thief) presented himself the best out of the whole cast as he was anaturtal ham with his spunky behavior as well as doing a powerful job with his courageous speaking and attitude as well. He was a decent character actor and had the perfect motive within all that he did. Had the right appeal which was a total plus for his part. He was a perfect choice for casting.
(Dawn) added a nice charmisma to her part as a beautiful one. She was great with her words and has a nice outgoing type of behavior. Added a nice versatality into her part later on as a soldier losing her memory into what she was doing as well as showing a good courageous behavior before going into battle.

People are brutally attacked by steels balls in separate scene with the drill going through their heads and blood gushing out.
Heads are exploding in different parts of the story too.

We have an orchestra which sounds too mainstream and common with the violin and trombone playing but at other spots it sounds quite decent and there's the odd effective sounds in the suspenseful areas which sounded quite strong as well as a variety of other music that we hear chilling sounds or the odd echoey harmonising which sounded incredible for the fantasy moments that was used in the story. Plus great strong drumrolls too.