Phantom of the Opera (1998)

Directed by: Dario Argento

Written by: Gerard Branch, Dario Argento & Giorgina Caspari (English adaption)
Gaston Leroux (Novel)


Julian Sands .... The Phantom
Asia Argento .... Christine Daae
Andrea Di Stepfano .... Baron Raoul De Chagny
Nadia Rinaldi .... Carlotta Altieri
Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni .... Honorine
István Bubik .... Ignance, the rat-catcher
Lucia Guzzardi .... Madame Giry
Aldo Massasso .... Pourdieu
Zoltan Barabas .... Poligny
Gianni Franco .... Montluc
David D'Ingeo .... Alfred
Kitty Keri .... Paulette

Release Date: Theatrical: August 11, 2006; Deauville Film Festival: September 2, 2006

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After being abandoned as a baby and taken away in a stream towards a cave, some rats come to the rescue as he is known as the Phantom (Julian Sands) and grows up living in the caves and plays his organ as well as murdering intruders that trespass in his domain as well as saving his pet rats from exterminators.
But suddenly he seems to have a change of heart when he encounters a beautiful opera singer named Christine Daae (Asia Argento) as he begins to lure her by playing a haunting melody in which he caresses her and she gives in to him.
However, he wants to keep her in his cave and do his deeds in which she doesn't want to so her keeps her there.
A charming young man at the opera named Baron Raoul de Chagny (Andrea Di Stepfano) who falls for Christine as well tries to track her down and saves her from the grasp of the Phantom.


A nice shot in a cave with a baby floating in a cradle on a stream with a bunch of rats circling around it and then taking the cradle in which looked cute along with a good close up shot on a rat with it's eyes growing red.
There are many shots on Christine Daae performing and singing on stage which looked quite impressive.
There's also many moments with the Phantom caressing her and speaking softly towards her with her soft reactions.
An impressive moment with Ignance, the rat-catcher when his hand is trapped in his rat catcher stabbing his finger with some rats swarming around his hand and biting in it.
We have a good lustful discussion between Alfred and Paulette while making out and speaking to one another in a corner of a cave and a good shot on them later on walking the alleyways with a sudden grab by the Phantom picking up Alfred and then a good close up shot on him speaking evil and viciously towards him along with a good shot throwing him down.
There's a good close up shot on Paulette screaming in terror and then running away suddenly getting caught with her foot between some rocks along with a distant shot on the Phantom coming after her. A good shot on her foot when she tries to break free which makes you wonder if she'll make it on time. We have many other suspenseful shots on her when she tries to escape and a good close up shot on the Phantom with his face next to her and then about to bite her tongue off.
We some some artsy interesting shots on people at a bathhouse getting out of the pool, making out or massaging one another.
There's a corny moment with Ignance and supporting character Dwarf with their killing vehicle doing away rats at the cave with a great deadly crash.
A good presence by Christine performing on stage with a camera looking up on the Phantom watching with her suddenly passing out and the people looking worried especially by him.
We spot a good shot on Christine walking in the cave withthe Phantom playing the organ and then he asks her to sing for him.
We spot some nice lustful shots between the two in bed with a good shot on Ignance peeking through a crack watching them.
There's a great moment on Christine screaming outside near the stream with a good shot on The Phantom by going away on his raft.
A well done scene with Carlotta Altieri performing on stage meanwhile with the Phantom breaking open some cement of some sort and then a part of a stage object crashing on the orchestra with lots of people fleeing and screaming.
We get a good shot on Christine screaming and crying floating away on a raft with shots on the Phantom being shot to death.
Bottom line: An Italian version of the good ole classic which works quite well. It almost reminded me of Andy Warhol's horror flicks Frankenstein and Dracula by the style it was done. This film had was done in good taste. It's very exploited and a little different since the Phantom doesn't wear a mask to hide his ugliness yet he doesn't look monstrous at the same time. There's many good dialogues and some suspenseful scene's throughout the film which I thoroughly enjoyed too. We have some odd dark humor here and there as well as real intense moments too especially between the Phantom and Christine. Original fans of the movie may not enjoy this as much but for others that enjoy artsy film with skin and gore will probably enjoy it.

The acting is not too bad but I believe some of it is overdubbed with American actors. Yet, it is well performed with the voice over's.
Lead actor Julian Sands (The Phantom) was marvellous playing the Phantom with his soft and soothing voice to the one he falls in love with and his insane and aggressive actions towards the one's he doesn't like putting it all together. He has the right looks for the role too. In a certain scene he does well acting physically aggressive towards his fellow actress to stay in his domain.
Asia Argento
(Christine Daae) shows a nice soft speaking and lustful behavior in her role of the film plus knew how to act aggressive and emotional. She stood out well with her opera singing too. A great screaming reaction with her outside near a stream in a certain part of the story.
Andrea Di Stepfano
(Baron Raoul De Chagny) as the charming one in the film really showed a good obnoxious attitude and also was good at acting heroic too. A great aggressive reaction on him at the bathhouse not satisfied with the women there.
Nadia Rinaldi
(Carlotta Altieri) stood out extremely well playing an arrogant opera actress in the film showing a good nasty and self centered attitude to her role which made her part totally believeable. Nice reahearsal performance by her and afterwards having an arrogant behavior towards others. Plus a nice reaction on her acting worried and concerned while trying to find who's talking to her during a certain scene. She also does well screaming afterwards when she's attacked by the Phantom character. Does well performing on stage in another part of the story before a tragic moment happens.
István Bubik (Ignance, the rat-catcher) was quite a comedic character in his role as the eccentric rat catcher and had the perfect timing for the role he played in the film which added a nice touch to the whole story. There's a great reaction on him by screaming in pain when his hand is trapped in his rat catcher. A good reaction on him after discovering his finger bitten all the way through after trying to get surgery with an aggressive attitude.
avid D'Ingeo (Alfred) was one of the first people who got killed off in the film but seemed to show a nice charm to his part in the film. A great fearful reaction on him when attacked by the Phantom character.

Oh yes lots of nudity as we have breasts exposed by Kitti Keri while being seduced in a cave.
There gratitious nudity in a bathhouse with men and women full nude. Yes folks it's true.
There's a tit shot on Asia Argento while being seduced by the Phantom which there's partial nudity on him too played by Julian Sands.
There's a tit shot on Nadia Rinaldi after the Phantom tears off a top part of her costume.

A body is cut in half
A finger is cut all the way through
Someone is hurled into a sharp rock
A woman's tongue is bitten off by the Phantom
A guy's face and neck is being chewed off by the Phantom
A dwarf's head is chopped off
Some gruesome looking rats are slaughtered
The Phantom is bloodily shot

Ennio Morricone composes some fast paced orchestral nmusic with the Phantom chasing after a woman in his cave plus there's some hokey music that invovled a rat cather killing rats with his vehicle in the cave.
There's some nice smooth and peaceful violin playing during a lustful moment between the Phantom and Christine. Plus we have some quivering violin music for the susenseful moments too.

The Phantom: The role is yours
Christine Daae: I don't want it
The Phantom: I said that it's yours
Christine Daae: I said, I don't want it. Tell me how many life did it costs, huh
The Phantom: You shall sing Julliete and I shall be there with you.
Christine Daae: I hate you!
The Phantom: Yes. Well, hate and love are one.

Christine Daae: I HATE you, and I HATE this place!