The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

Directed by: Rupert Julian

Written by:
Gaston Leroux


Lon Chaney .... Erik, the Phantom
Mary Philbin .... Chrtistine Dae
Norman Kerry .... Victomte Raoul de Chagny
Arthur Edmund Carewe .... Ledoux
Gibson Gowland .... Simon Buquet
John St. Polis .... Comte Philip de Chagny
Snitz Edwards .... Florine Papillon

Release Dates: Theatrical: September 6, 1925 (New York, New York); September 22, 1925 (France); November 15, 1925 (USA);

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An insane, disfigured composer known as Erik the Phantom (Lon Chaney) falls for an understudy performer there named Christine Dae (Mary Philbin) and terrorises the lead soprano, until she flees the opera.
Once Christine has the lead, she seeks out the Phantom who strangely helped her but the workers there warn her about his evil deeds.
The Phantom must have her to be his bride but wears a mask to hide his monstrous face.
But Christine is in love with the other workers at the opera named Raoul (Norman Kerry) So the Phantom tries to prevent him from seeing her even if it means trying to kill him.


Good camera shots looking down on a stage with some woman dancing and performing.
There's also a good shot with a set of lights crashing onto the stage.
We have a nice expressive reaction on Ledoux when he tells everyone about the phantom along with good shots on the people running or trying to figure out stuff.
We have many good scene's between Christine Dae and Victomte Raoul de Chagny with their romance towards one another.
A great scene between the Phantom and Christine with shots on one another of him begging to be his bride and her acting hesitant and later on with crazy situations along with her passing out.
There's a nice shot on the Phantom playing the organ and later on and Christine pulling off his mask with a nice close up shot on him with his monstrous face and her screaming with him pointing at her.
We have nice moments with both Victomte and Comte Philip de Chagny running in the Phantom's torture room as well as this maniac giving an evil look towards Christine with her freaking out.
Both Victomte and Comte look impressive by suffocating in a heating room as well as a good shot on them in a room with water rising up to them.
We have great shots on the townfolks with torches running after the Phantom.
Bottom line: Aaah yes... the original classic horror flick but yet it's hard to tell if it's a horror at all due to the opera and dramatic scene's as it seemed like more of a mystery at first. However it stirs up later on when the Phantom reveals his monstrous face and torture room. The movie is so old it wouldn't scare a 5 year old nowadays. Later on this film would inspire the popular Broadway musical along with numerous other remakes. It still is very entertaining even if it's a silent film but those one's are always fun to watch since you can use your imagination.

The acting is is hard to tell on a silent film but they seem to all do well with their actions especially Lon Chaney (The Phantom) as he showed good energy to his role by the looks of it.
Mary Philbin
(Christine Dae) had the great looks as the one who is pitted to be the Phantom's bride with great horrific reactions and loving emotions to the one she is really in love with.
Norman Kerry
(Victomte Raoul de Chagny) was another fine performer showing nice expressions with pumping energy to his part.

We don't have the typical music for silent films as we have a terrific classical orchestra performing for the scene's in this film with some piano playing too composed by Gustav Hinrichs.