Phantom of the Opera (1989)

Directed by: Dwight H. Little

Written by:
Duke Sandefur
Gaston Leroux (Novel)


Robert Englund .... Erik Destler / The Phantom
Jill Shoelen .... Christine Day
Alex Hyde-White .... Richard Dutton
Bill Nighy .... Martin Barton
Stephanie Lawrence .... La Carlotta
Terence Harvey .... Insp. Hawkins
Nathan Lewis .... Davies
Peter Clapham .... Harrison
Emma Rawson .... Meg (London)

Special Appearance:

Molly Shannon .... Meg (New York)

Release Date: Theatrical: November 4, 1989




Cursed by the devil, a disturbed man named Erik Destler (Robert Englund) is turned into the Phantom who hides his face with a mask preventing it from falling off.
A young New York opera singer named Christine Day (Jill Shoelen) is auditioning for a part in an upcoming opera but is knocked unconcious by a sandbag that fell from the stage and is dreaming the 19th Century in England where her past is about to become a terrifying reality.
The Phantom falls desperately in love with Christine and tries to make her the star of the opera.
He also kills others to show he cares even if it means getting to the man of her dreams named Richard Dutton (Alex Hyde-White) which she fears for him as the slaughtering escalates while Christine is catapulted to stardom and is told she may never leave the Phantoms domain.


There is a nice shot on Christine Day singing her opera audition and then a great suspenseful shot on a sandbag hitting her with shattering glass and other effects when it shows her falling.
A nice shot on a horse with a carriage panicking and galloping.
A good shot looking up on Meg looking down on Christine lying on the ground.
There's a nice cold moment with the Phantom towards Joseph Buquet speaking evilly towards him on a top floor of a stage along with a nice shot of Joseph himself falling with a rope tied to his leg.
There's a camera shot with an evil look on the Phantom's face in a steam room after he kills someone.
A great moment with the Phantom speaking softly towards Christine to sing and the setting looked great when she does sing.
We have a great camera shot with the Phantom caressing a hooker.
There are many nice discussions between Christine and Meg as they looked like realistic friends.
A nice flashback scene involving the Phantom playing the piano and saying he will sell his soul to the devil which involved a dwarf as it looked extremely effective.
A perfect setting with a hideout that involved the Phantom speaking to Christine with candles around them as well as him playing the organ.
There's a nice perfect dark alleyway scene that involved the Phantom standing there along witha few locals battling him as the action is very fast paced with lots of good gruesome details.
A great effective moment with one of the people named Mott after he witnesses a decapitated head is rolled towards him with his freaked out actions. There's also a nice evil discussion between him and the Phantom when he grabs him.
A good camera shot with the Phantom pinning Christine down with her frightened expressions.
We also spot a nice conversation sequence between Insp. Hawkins and Davies discussing the Phantom's history and how he came to be while we see many camera takes on the Phantom himself sewing skin on his face and peeling stuff off of him showing his true identity.
We spot a great dark scene between the Phantom and a rat catcher bluffing to him that he won't kill him.
There's a nice brief struggle betweenthe Phantom and Richard Dutton with their battle towards one another.
A good shot on the Phantom when a fire ablazes screaming his words out to his mistress about never leaving.
Bottom line: Ah yes we get a nice remake of this film with a total horror feel too with along with plenty of gruesomeness that the film stands on it's own. Some may slam this film but I quite liked it as it had a great story and performance to all of this along with a wild imagination to top it all off. Although not a mainstream film by any means it was very close to being one due to it's good budget and effects too.

The acting is very good as we get Robert Englund (Erik Destler / The Phantom) playing another killer showing that he can pull off another character than Freddy Krueger and has terrific icy cold words with great evil expressions to him to top it all off.
Jill Shoelen
(Christine Day) is a gifted actress in the film and has a lovely singing voice too. She shows terrific energy to her role in the film as well as with her tense words too. She
does well acting nervous discussing the Phantom towards someone at a ballroom and quickly trying to get away.
Alex Hyde-White
(Richard Dutton) is quite charming as the hero in the film and portrays a very nice character to his part in the story.
Supporting actor Nathan Lewis (Davies) does well as a tough detective in the film showing great aggressions to his part in it.
We spot many strong and powerful blocking and running performed by him when he tries to flush out the phantom in a sewar.
Supporting actress Emma Rawson (Meg) really portrays such perfect niceness to her part and is believeably outgoing too.

A brief breast shot on a woman lying in bed

We spot a few bloody stabbings
A skinless body is found in a closet
A head is cut off during a battle
The phantom tears off parts of his skin
Another decapitated head is found in a pot of stew
The phantom rips someone's heart out
The phantoms face is torn off

We have lots of terrific classical music with adventurous violin and horn playing composed by Misha Segall who never screws up in any parts of this film at all. It sounds very mainstream and superb too. You will see what I mean when you watch the movie from start to finish.

[as he burns Erik's face with a magic touch]
The Devil: People will love you for your music. But that is all that they will love you for.

Mott: You're a thing from hell.
Erik Destler: And you, sir, are hellbound!

Ratcatcher: I lead the rats away, round them, without me, you will have them crawling all over you!
Erik Destler: Then lead them to eternity!