Pinocchio's Revenge (1996)


Written & Directed by: Kevin S. Tenney


Rosalind Allen .... Jennifer Garrick
Todd Allen .... David Kaminsky
Aaron Lustig .... Dr. Edwards
Ron Canada .... Barry
Candace McKenzie .... Sophia
Brittney Smith .... Zoe Garrick

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November 21, 1996 (Netherlands)




A defense attorney named Jennifer Garrick (Rosalind Allen) acquires a Pinocchio puppet from a condemned serial killer.
Her preteen daughter named Zoe (Brittney Smith) is about to celebrate a Birthday party but is having a hard time making friends at her school and is always being bullied by a classmate named Beth (Tara Hartman).
While she celebrates her Birthday she spots the Pinocchio doll thinking that it's her gift and becomes instantly attached to it.
But suddenly deadly accidents starts to happen whenever anyone tries to torment or cross Zoe as Beth is nearly run over by a bus but says that this was caused by Pinocchio as Jennifer tries to sympathise but her shrink Dr. Edwards (Aaron Lustig) thinks otherwise and tries to suggest that she gets special treatment but Jen declines this.
Pinocchio promises Zoe that he will behave if his strings are cut and while she agrees to do so then he goes off on a killing spree as he wants them to be together with just her and her mother and no one else.

There is a good conversation between Jennifer Garrick and a supporting character Vincent Gotto when they have a discussion between a prison visiting room with a thick glass as Vincent himself has this soft like depressed voice and then acts monstrous by hitting the glass as well as later on being pulled away with him screaming.
A great shot on him in the electric chair and his intense reactions.
We have a nice silent and still speech by David Kaminsky
when he explains Pinocchio's history and later on him, Jennifer and Zoe having fun laughing and running around as if it looks like a real family.
There's a good shot on Sophia after she came from the shower and spotting the Pinocchio doll which shows nice close up shots on the doll as if it would leap out at her as well as her about to touch the doll which makes you cringe at first.
A perfect suspenseful shot on a supporting character Beth by riding her bike and then her bike wiping out with a bus charging as there's a great camera shot zooming towards her.
We have a good discussion between Jennifer and a prisoned biker telling her his story and then a great intense moment when he grabs her arm.
There's a good shot on David getting stern by walking up some stairs in a cellar and then the door slamming on his face with him falling down the stairs.
There's a great camera shot on Zoe standing stiff in her room shrieking as well as a great shot on Sophia panicking and dropping a glass with a good shot on the glass falling to the floor and smashing.
A good shot on Sophia walking in the hall and then an object from a fireplace whacks her constantly which looked believeably brutal.
There's a good battle and struggle between Jennifer and the Pinocchio doll during a thunderstorm in the house as well as good shots on Zoe crying and holding a knife as well as screaming to get out of the house.
Bottom line is that Pinocchio's Revenge seemed like it would be an entertaining and fun film, since I like Kevin's work in film's such as Night of the Demons and The Cellar, yet it is very bland on many occasions as it tries to be scary in some spots with the doll standing there but however this film tries way too hard. There are some good performances and nice family moments though with an obsessed child who can't get along with kids at school which looked natural. It's hard to understand though whether it's the doll committing the murders or the child doing it and imagining it's the doll's fault. Plus this film can be categroised as a Child's Play ripoff as that film was far more better.

The acting is in fair shape for this low budgeter as Rosalind Allen (Jennifer Garrick) portrays a great sane character in her role trying to believe her daughter for not committing the murders. She shows nice energy whenever she needs to. Does well by scolding and punishing her onscreen daughter as well as showing good emotions with this.
Todd Allen
(David Kaminsky) does a fine job with his part as a stepdad with his outgoing attitude as you'd want someone like him in your family life. He reacts perfectly in the hospital when the plus is pulled out of his life system in a hospital room.
Aaron Lustig
(Dr. Edwards) brings his part clearly good as a shrink in the film who shows great concerns with his words and actions.
I really enjoyed Candace McKenzie (Sophia) the best as a caring caretaker at the house as she shows a great warmness and interest to her part and trying to make things good for everyone. Does a nice and fine job by trying to cheerher fellow actress up as it looks very comforting.
Brittney Smith
(Zoe Garrick) brings her charm marvellously as well as showing a perfect bratty attitude and obsessions with the Pinocchio doll to her part in the flick as I couldn't see anyone doing a better job. She shows great nasty expressions and attitude as well as being good at attacking her onscreen bully near the beginning and biting her. A nice ballistic reaction on her in a psychiatrists office with Pinocchio when she talks to the doll. She has a great intense crying on in bed when her onscreen mother gets blunt with her and taking away the doll. She totally fit the suit well.

Candace McKenzie is full nude from top to bottom while taking a shower.

Blood is pouring out of a guy's head
Some bloody whacks
Otherwise not much gore

Dennis Tenney composes the music. He has some great hissing sounds and screechy noises with the odd chanting and moaning too along with some classical synthesizer music too but however, he doesn't beat his score like he did in Night of the Demons.

Zoe Garrick: Whatre you doing with my Pinocchio?
Sophia: Whatre you doing in my room?

Biker: I'm not crazy lady... The box did talk to me