Piranha 3D (2010)

Directed by: Alexandre Aja

Written by: Pete Goldfinger & Josh Stolberg


Elisabeth Shue .... Julie Forester
Steven R. McQueen .... Jake Forester
Jessica Szohr .... Kelly
Jerry O'Connell .... Derrick Jones
Ving Rhames .... Deputy Fallon
Jason Spisak .... Deputy Taylor
Brooklynn Proulx .... Laura Forester
Sage Ryan .... Lauren Forester
Kelly Brook .... Danni
Riley Steele .... Crystal
Adam Scott .... Novak

Special Appearances:

Christopher Lloyd .... Mr. Goodman

Richard Dreyfuss .... Matt Hooper

Release Date:
Theatrical: August 20, 2010






An outsider Jake Forester (Steven R. McQueen) is told by his Mom whom is the head officer Julie (Elisabeth Shue) to babysit his younger siblings named Laura (Brookylnn Proulx) and Lauren (Sage Ryan) for the sping break while she is on a mission with her deputy named Fallon (Ving Rhames) for some missing cases that has happened in their sleepy lake called Lake Victoria.
There's a fun beach party nearby in their sleepy town with women in bikini's, beer drinking and techno music happening nearby hosted by porn producer Derrick Jones (Jerry O'Connell) in which he offers Jake a deal too good to turn down while he plans to videotape his models on his boating cruise. He is also wooed by one of his models named Danni (Kelly Brook) but is caught by his girlfriend Kelly (Jessica Szoher) in which she comes aboard on the cruise as things get really sticky for the two of them.
Jake tempts Laura and Lauren his babysitting money in order to go on the cruise with him but then later on things get dangerous for everyone as Julie finds out that the missing people were eaten alive by prehistoric man-eating fish after a sudden underwater tremor that sets them free and are heading towards everyone at the Spring Break party as well as Derrick's boat cruise for their next meal.


This film wasn't too much of a remake which is a good pointer since remakes are now trying to be a little more original with their plotlines and this one was a perfect example. There were the odd similarities in the story but basically the plotline was different alltogether.
There's a corny beginning with a drunk in a boat and then the bottom of the ground breaks open with the water spinning which seemed like a great beginning for the story to reveal a tremor of prehistoric piranha's. Even if the CGI effects looked a bit cheesy it was still entertaining to watch. Plus this was a totally different take on these fish since the times before in the original that they were set free in a hatchery area.
Then of course it's spring break and we see many women perform in bikinis at a beachside lake hosted by a sleazy porn producer Derrick Jones which seemed fun to watch with alot of tongue in cheek.
You also see an outsider named Jake being tempted to work for Derrick as one of his beautiful women hits on him but he has to babysit his younger siblings while his Mom who's the main officer in the town named Julie is on a mission which looks like a total peer pressuring moment of wanting him to be with this hot lady and make some bigger money too. We've all been in these similar situations now and then which is peer torture. This seemed to be well written in.
When Jake tricks his way to making his siblings to babysit themselves you just wanna jump in the fun when he goes on a boat cruise and videotape these hot women swimming without their clothes on as all of this was funny to watch and the scenery was peaceful and mellow which makes you wonder if these pirahna's will swim over and eat them alive breaking this nice silence.
There's some terrific scene's with some deputies scubadiving into the water and discovering a cave which looked entertaining to watch and then discovering a line of pirahna eggs in which the effects here looked neat to watch all of this. But then you get a chill down your spine that the one's already hatched are gonna come in for the kill and BANG!
Yet it's cool they catch a live pirahna and then try to discover it which you never see in any of the other pirahna films and you get something out of it's historical moment too which was also fun to find out in this movie.
Then the action really starts to happen when both officers Julie and Fallon tries to warn partygoers to get out of the water with them still getting into what they're doi9ng which really psychs you out watching all of this and then are all silent when Fallon fires his gun which was a perfect breaking moment while watching the film on how everything stops all of a sudden. But then they party again which makes you cringe that they're in for a terrifying surprise and boy are they ever in which if you have a strong stomach and aren't a big fan of horror violence then trust me, you will want to keep your eyes closed for a long time. Alot of fast action moments happen here and there.
Then we spot Jake and the rest on the boat after rescuing his siblings from a rocky island and the next thing you know that the motor is clogged by things underwater as well as the boat near some rocks in which this enrages Derrick to plunge forward as much as possible. While thinking this is a bad idea that they're gonna hit some rocks ince they succeed freeing the boat you are right on target with the boat sinking and these pirahna's are coming in for the kill. There's also of shocking attacks including a cock a pirahna has bitten off which will totally gross any viewer out as well as eating one of the porn stars and some breast implants are floating in the water which offers some good chuckles.
There's alot more here on how to survive from these killer fish when the terror happens to these people but yet I won't give it away. But it keeps you glued watching and hoping for the best on the innocent people.
Bottom line is this is the most graphic gory horror film to date and it can be fun to watch but like the orginal Pirahna film it seems to lack a good storyline as this one offers beautiful women in bikinis or taking it off alltogether. A kind of movie that fans on Baywatch would get a kick out of. It saves the film being average from a cut above due to some good performances and lots of shocking horror along with some sharp directing skills too.

The acting is not too bad in which Elisabeth Shue (Julie Forester) really lived up to play a role as a tough as nails sheriff in the flick with her real tough attitude and knwojn g how to get physical when she needed to. She does well getting physical towards arresting someone and handcuffing this personwhich looked highly energised and intense. She also showed high intensity and energy after spottting a corspe in the water after falling in. Plus she also knew on how to portray a scrict mother in other spots too. All in all she studied this role incredibly well and it's nice to see her on the big screen again.
Steven R. McQueen
(Jake Forester) whom is the grandson of the legendary actor really pulled off his part as a loner teenage boy and an outsider in which he seemed to know this part clearly. He does well by going some good emotions with the dangers surrounding him and brings off some good energy to this role without a doubt. A nice concerned reaction on him when he is looking for someone in a lake and they're not there which seemed natural on what he was doing. A great emotional discussion on him insisiting he stays on the sinking boat to rescue his girlfriend towards his onscreen mother as this looked realistic. Two thumbs up for him and he can really go far I find.
Jerry O'Connell
(Derrick Jones) stole the show with his sassy performance as a businessman host and filmmaker of his pornographic show in which he really got into it big time. He showed off lot of crazy spunk and pizzaz as well as a slick and fast talking type of person. A terrific moment on him hosting his show at a boat and really getting with the groove of things. He also showed great aggressions and arrogance along with a believeable greedy behavior too showing his other side than an all around fun type of fellow. A good moment with him by having attitude towards his fellow actor when he tries to defend someone who doesn't want to get into the game as this was energised. A perfect aggressive attitude with him when the boat is jammed as he goes into a perfect rage and getting demanding with everyone. He was impressive acting weak in pain near the end of his performance. I found this film to be his best performance ever and lived to play this type of role.
Ving Rhames
(Deputy Fallon) really brought a great seriousness to his role and bringing a great toguhness and blunt attitude onto the screen in which he brings all of this together perfectly. A very good no bullshit attitude with him talking towards his fellow actor when they bring in a pirahna for him to see what it is as he does well getting serious and discussing this. He stood out nicely in his role and showed great energy too with alot of the scene's that he was in.
Brooklynn Proulx
(Laura Forester) seemed to grab attention big time with her role as a smart ass little kid in the film in which she came across well and intelligent too. She brings alot of charming characterisitics in her role and really got into it like most of the cast members here.
Kelly Brook
(Danni) came across stunning and beautiful onto the screen here and she does a fairly okay job in her role too as one of the playmates in the flick in which she brings off a nice flirtatious behavior in her part of the film which seemed natural of her too. A great reaction on her with pirahna's jumping up and biting her which she does well screaming out loud. Two thumbs up.
There's a special appearance by Christopher Lloyd (Mr. Goodman) in which he really brings out a great eccentric goofiness into his part and shows some good timing with his comedic performance. I had to mention this guy since he seemed to be a nice key role to the story.

There's naked chicks on a computer monitor of a website.
Both Kelly Brook and Riley Steele are naked top to bottom while swimming in the lake.
Gianna Michaels
is bare breasted while parasailing.

The goriest horror film to date so far.
There's many chewed up corpses from the lake.
Legs are chomped off.
A pirahna chews through a person's face.
An eyeball is popped out floating in the water.
Many people's lower body parts are chewed to the bone.
Bodies are split in half.
A woman's body is sliced in half.
A guy's head is smashed by a motorboat
A woman's skin is torn off her face while her hair is caught in a motoboat engine.
Lots of bloodsheds.

The music was strongly done with great quick violin composing as well as alot of banging sounds and other types of good horror sound effects which was all put together by Michael Wandmacher.