Piranha 3DD (2012)


Directed by: John Gulager

Written by: Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan & Joel Soisson


Daniella Panabaker .... Maddy
Matt Bush .... Barry
David Koechner .... Chet
Jean-Luc Bilodeau .... Josh
Chris Zylka .... Kyle
Katrina Bowden .... Shelby
Adrian Martinez .... Big Dave
David Hasselhoff .... Himself

Special Appearances:

Christopher Lloyd .... Carl Goodman
Paul Scheer .... Andrew
Ving Rhames .... Deputy Fallon
Gary Busey .... Clayton
Clu Gulager .... Mo

Release Dates:
Theatrical: May 11, 2012 (Ireland / UK); May 30, 2012 (Philippines); May 31, 2012 (Isreal); June 1, 2012 (USA)

*Images courtesy at: www.beyondhollywood.com






Things are dead quiet at the Lake Victoria since the horrible incident of the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranha's which has been closed down. However a group of hunters discover a new breed of them in their lake in which they are eaten alive as well as others in which these one's are more menacing even out of the water.
Nearby is an open water park run by the greedy Chet (David Koechner) and his step daughter Maddy (Daniella Panabaker) who disapproves on how he runs his business.
She experiences these piranha's with her friend Shelby (Katrina Bowden) almost being eaten alive themselves as they even breed with any living thing including people as well as Chet opening a bigger water system from the lake to keep his water park running which these killer fish enter the park as well causing a bloodbath with the customers.


The film seems to look impressive by starting out the way it does in which we spot people in their bikini's shaking their butt in a beach area and having fun as well as hearing a narration on a news report later on about what had happened with flashback sequences since this was necessary to show to anyone who doesn't remember the first flick. Also nice shots on the abandoned beach with wrecked up boats as the settings here looked perfectly gloomy.
Then a great dark setting on two bumbling fishermen type of rednecks named Clayton and Mo go walking into the lake to go and check on a dead cattle in which this dead creature looked obviously phony when we spot this. But yet nice shots underwater on larva of baby pirahna's which looked nicely effective here. Also a great close up shot on Clayton slowly about to put his hand on this dead cattle which makes you cringe and having a feeling that a jumping moment is about to occur here keeping you in suspense here. Plus a nice shocking result on Clayton while he's being attacked in the lake which also is a nice painful feel while looking at his face rising up from the lake.
Then we get into a scene with a greedy host and businessman named Chet introductin on TV about his new waterslides and swimming pool in which this all looked corny but in a nice entertaining fashion spotting beautiful lustful women going down a water slide and other stuff. Plus we even spot an adult swimming pool in which this is just what it is with women swimming nude which is pretty creative while watching all of this. It's very much in your face with this moment with the sleaziness going on here.
Also in the story we spot two teenagers Shelby and Josh about to go skinny dipping in a lake which has a good setting here and more corny discussions used in this scene too. Plus good camera shots on them in the water with baby piranha's swimming around and aiming towards Shelby.
There's also a situation with another couple lusting in a van and accidently turns off the emergency brake as their van rolls into the lake which leaves an impression here that these deadly beasts are going to get them which looked well shot here. Also there's a great in your face shot on the boyfriend crashing through with a chomped off wrist revealed which looked well done.
A nice emotional situation between Maddy talking to Shelby on a loss of a friend which was well focused plus good shots on Shelby's feet wading in the water with a camera shot zooming up. Also great terrifying situations when they struggle to try and get away from the pier with these piranha's biting through and trying to attack in which this keeps you watching and wondering if they will make it out in time that it looked believeably intense and showing no escape by what we spot here. Probably the best suspenseful situation here. Many jumping moments with these things leaping out when you think they're dead.
Cheesy slapstick discussions with Shelby sobbing and insisting on losing her virginity with Josh as this looked very obvious that this was not meant to be taken seriously as well as wondering if Josh is dreaming or not seeming too good to be true to get into her pants so easily. Also a shocking situation with they do intercourse spotting something moving in her stomch and going on down towards her vagina and suddenly BAM! Something attacks his thingy which isn't pleasant to watch at all when he is struggling with this object and is clinging onto his private part. Offers decent dark humor with the intense one liner's coming from him. The results aren't pretty to spot either when Shelby awakens after her sickness to try and find where he has disappeared.
A nice artsy shot on Maddy lying in a bathtub as well as these baby pirahna's jumping in from the faucet of the tub and her not noticing which looked creepy as well as spotting one leaping at her which also makes you jump out of your seat along with this just being a dream as I was convinced that the writers borrowed this from A Nightmare On Elm Street.
Nice close up shots on David Hasselhoff's hands drinking some alcohol since we knew he had a big issue with this along with spotting some groupies in his bed along with him trying to write some lyrics to a new song and playing it on a keyboard in which by then this looked stale while he tries to come up with the song and unfunny.
Nice liners with Maddy trying to stop Chet on draining more water from the lake to put into his pool and warning him about those piranha's coming in as he acts ignorant about it. While spotting this you really want to hit him for his greedy attitude here.
Also the humor picks up when Hasselhoff is in a lifeguard chair and entertaining the people there while a little boy tries to talk to him about getting a band aid and him trying to figure out as to why he doesn't know on who he is which offers alot of great laughs here showing that he's been out of the spotlight for a long time. Also good camera shots on him turning his head to the little boy who's calling for help while people are being attacked not paying attention to what's going on which offers the comedy and horror blended in perfectly here.
Plus we spot alot of great special effects shots on these monstrous fish biting through the water vents which looked entertaining to spot. Also there's shocking situations on what parts of the bodies they're attacking which looked perfectly gross.
There's alot of perfect shots on gruesome results of people being eaten alive as well as perfect tension on the surroundings here. Also a good disturbing moment on a dead mother with her little girl crying while spotting this in which can be hard to watch along with a greedy Chet spotting this. Just makes you want to hate him even more for his thoughtless actions on not attempting to save these people by getting away with all his money. Yet we spot something shocking later on what happens to him while he tries to make his getaway showing interesting CGI effects here.
Also there's an effective and suspenseful moment with Maddy getting sucked into the pool trying to escape with Barry struggling to try and save her underwater as this also looked well done and wondering if he will rescue her in time before she drowns.
There's also a near ending with this little boy about to take a pic on what we might think the piranha won't attack on land and then spot a jumping and shocking moment within this as this almost seems like a similar effective ending to the Final Destination flicks.
We have more treats during the closing credits with what we spot a spoof on Hasselhoff on a parody of his Baywatch days as well as some teasers in what we might think are bloopers and outtakes.
Bottom line is that the film is considered a box office failure but yet I liked it a little bit and found it better than the first one which is unusual for me since I don't like the sequels better. This seemed to be done in better style and more terror too along with more stuff happening too. However it goes around in circles a bit when we think it will look great and it ends up as a bit of a disappointment. The comedy is at times funny but at times stupid. It does offer many suspenseful scares which is a good thing since it's mainly a horror flick.

The acting is in good shape as lead actress Daniella Panabaker (Maddy) seems to do a nice job with her character by having a no nonsense type of attitude and comes across as someone who is intelligent too. She does a nice job with her stern speaking and getting to the point with stuff. She also does a nice job with her shocked reactions along with getting anxious while struggling from the terrors surrounding her. Plus was believeable with her courageous behavior too. She shows off a ton of perfect energy and enthusiasm into whatever she does here.
Matt Bush (Barry) comes off as believeably dweeby in his role and has the perfect looks for this too. Yet he seems to come across as one of those bright types who acts the opposite of being arrogant in which this looked nicely done in his performance. He shows off alot of terrific energy while struggling away from the terror as well as showing great adrenaline saving the day which also looked nice to watch.
David Koechner (Chet) certainly comes across perfectly with his greedy charm during the beginning of his performance hosting an advertisement on his business in which he comes across believeable with this acting witty in every way. He was right on the spot here. Also does a nice job with his sarcastic behavior acting like a total fruitcake here. Shows alot of great characteristics and comes across as a perfect backstabber too with a sleazy behavior showing great timing within this too. He also had the right looks for all of this with his plump like features. He was without a doubt a natural ham.
Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Josh) knew on how to act like someone who is eager to do anything for a beautiful girl as well as someone who seems a little uncool too. He also shows some nice energy with his attitude towards others too. Plus does a great job with his hyped and freaked out speaking when something attacks him and going into a ballistic rage just letting it all out in which he shows perfection while doing this and intense too.
Chris Zylka (Kyle) seemed to have the masculine looks to play an officer in which he seemed at first wooden within his performance but her gets better in which he shows a perfect arrogance in his role as one of those cocky types with a sleazy attitude too which comes off well. Plus he shows off a nice niastiness in his speaking towards another person coming across as a believeable bully. Plus he also shows a good cowardly intensive speaking when the terror happens which shines off nicely making him look like a beliveable pussy too. He drew in some good energy in the middle of his performance so I pat him on the back for all of this.
Katrina Bowden (Shelby) really brings it on nicely with her lustful looks and outgoing performance. She shows off a nice chamring type of personality whenever she is speaking as well as her showing off some nice sobbing emotions too without it seeming phony at all. Also she shows off a believeable performance by acting freaked out and too scared to do something when it comes to her possible life after being terrorised on a pier which she really drew in this part perfectly. Plus she comes across as cheesy while asking someone to make it with her just getting it all out with her speaking as this was intentional. All in all she was a great character actress and the best out of them all.
Adrian Martinez (Big Dave) really did his trick in his supporting role as coming across as annoying as well as perverted plus had the nice obese looks to portray this part in order to do so. Also he was good with his wit when acting vengeful or aggressive and doing an impressive job with his lines while doing this making his performance come to life. He was another one showing some okay timing in his part here.
David Hasselhoff (Himself) shines off nicely surprisingly. Of course he's playing himself but he's actually pretty funny with his charm and spunk into his role in which he shows up in the film a quarter later. His witty performance in the beginning by trying to write a song seemed a bit stale but yet he seemed to act outgoing which looked fair enough. He also really acts funny while talking to a little kid on who he is in which there's great energy and enthusiasm within all of this. Plus he does a nice job with his lines whenever he does something when the terror starts and making you laugh whenever he does all of this. Yes I was impressed by what he does here and also knew on how to act a bit cocky and arrogant whenever he needed to be this way without taking him seriously and acting like another natural ham here.
Now let's look at some of the special appearances here that seem to stand out:
Christopher Lloyd (Carl Goodman) reprises his role in this one and still acts quite eccentric since he often portrays these roles in shows acting very wired up within he speaking and actions too. He especially acts very anxious when he shows his piranha and his experiments too. He really knew on how to portray a larger than life outrageous role here.
Ving Rhames (Deputy Fallon) reprises his role as well and shows it off nicely here as someone who has no legs now in which he shows nice wit when he gets serious on going in the water and then freaking out showing great energy here. He also does well with his stern expressions when the terror unveils which is a real attention grabber along with him showing a dynamic energy when he goes into battle as this guy shows alot of enthusiasm with everything he does here.
Gary Busey (Clayton) pulls off a great accent into his part as a hunter in which he was well focused in his seriousness along with doing a perfect job freaking out after spotting something and having a shot of great intense energy while reacting like this. He also does a nice job with his menacing and struggling behavior when something happens to him.

Lots of nude women top to bottom including their vigina exposed in the pool in different situations as well as good close up shots on all of this.
There's also a butt shot on a guy after something bites his thingy briefly exposed here.

Piranha's are eating through a guy's face
A chomped off wrist is exposed
A corpse is exposed in the bottom of the lake
Penis is cut off
Lots of bloodsheds
Tons of mangled bodies are exposed in a large swimming resort including body parts too
Head is slised off flying in the air
Sharp object is stabbed through someone's eye
Head is chomped off

Alot of good deep composing with the classical music for the real dark moments as well as the suggested terror used in the flick which sounded perfectly done. Of course there's the great banging sounds for the jumping moments which works as usual. Plus there's good sad violin music for when tregedy's strike sounding common for today's mainstream flicks. All of this was put together by Elia Cmiral.

Deputy Fallon: Bring me my legs.