Poltergeist (2015)

Directed by: Gil Kenan

Written by: David Lindsay-Abaire


.... Eric Bowen
.... Amy Bowen
Saxon Sharbino .... Kendra Bowen
Kyle Catlett .... Griffin Bowen
.... Madison Bowen
Jared Harris .... Carrigan Burke
Jane Adams .... Dr. Brooke Powell
Susan Heyward .... Sophie
Nicholas Braun .... Boyd

Release Date: Theatrical: May 22, 2015






A family moves into their new dream home but their son Griffin (Kyle Catlett) has a fear on the place as well as their devices activating and his sister Madison (Kennedi Clements) talking to the TV screen and then the apparitions take her as captive and the family bring paranormal investogators to their home to try and rescue her.


Nice uplifiting moments with the family moving into the new home and the landlady showing them around their new home as well as an attention grabber on the boy Griffin spotting a creepy looking tree in the front yard as this was a nice attention grabber and knowing about the creepy moments that will unravel later on.
Nice silent moment with Griffin spotting his sister Kendra talking at a closet as well as later on him putting his hand near a door and then a jumping moment that breaks the silence which offers nice timing here.

Interesting moments when both Griffin asnd Kendra go to the knob of the closet and their hair sparks up which was nicely concentrated on two kids having fun and finding something new about the home.

Also a good moment when Griffin pulls something in a door and a bunch of clowns and other toys come tumbling down which is a good jumping moment as well as a good camera shot on a nasty looking clown lying there along with Griffin looking frightened about it which is a nice drawn in scene. Plus a nice moment when his father Eric checks out the toys and a good jumping moment when a squirrel comes leaping out which offered nice special effects. The moments turn out pretty funny and cute when they're on the chase with this rodent.
Also we do have a nice peaceful moment with the mother Amy tucking Griffin in and trying to talk about him losing his fears in his home which looked realistic and relaxing to watch.
There's nice shots around the home with things actrivating as this looked suspenseful to watch as well as the TV screen going on and having the fuzzy look to it along with little Madison looking at the screen and talking to it as well as some neat creepy moments on hands revealing on the fuzzy screen as well as Griffin acting nervous on what she's doing as well as perfect moments on an alarm and other objects going off which adds more great suspense to the story.
Some interesting special effects when Grffin spots some paranormal moments surrounding him that involves his comic books as well as other surroundings and then he tries to tell his family on what is happening but his father is acting full of life bringing pizza to the table and other expensive gifts which adds perfect timing to the frustration on the child not being taken seriously as well as not being paid attention to. It leaves a good psychological feel when we were at that age and moments on not being listened to.
A perfect moment with Eric and Amy at a dinner party and their friends discussing that the home was built over a grave which adds nice suggestive terror into the story which was a nice touch to the story although this was mentioned a bit in the original but it's more in your face with the discussions going on here.
A great terrifying and struggling incident with Kendra in a garage and suddenly she spots something gooey on the ground and then a nice shot on a ghoul appearing at her which looked genuinely scary as well as this goo trying to suck her in as this makes you watch terrified and wondering if she will escape this.
There's a perfect jumping moment when the toy clown attacks Griffin and he struggles as well as a good effects shot on the tree crashing through his skylight and he tries to run away and escaping the arms of the branches c0oming after him. However this doesn't look as spooky as it did in the original. Just had better CGI effects that's all.
Yet a great special effects scene with Madison walking into her closet to get her stuffed toy and seeing that she is in a dark area as well as her closet doors are distancing her and objects grabbing at her since it focuses on what happened to her unlike in the original that she was discovered gone when they looked at the closet. I give a nice pointer to this scene for sure.
However we have a discussion with the people involved with paranormal activities as it looked a little too cheesy than effective on what they were discussing in which this scene looked like a typical remake without a doubt.
A perfect deadly moment with a dorky teenage activist whom is Boyd having his arm trapped in the closet wall and a drill poking holes close to him which makes you wonder if he will be killed as this was a perfect moment to watch extremely carefully to what is going on.
What we see in the scene when the investigators are trying to communicate with Madison that we don't see in the original is what she's doing in the other dimension as we spoit her shadow running around which looked interesting as well as a scene when Eric thinks that he sees Madison cornering in the closet as well as his hand trying to touch her as he slwoly does this which makes you cringe big time making this a sign that something scary is about to occur and gives you the chills as this works in cleverly.
Spectacular special effects as well as spotting in what we see in the other dimension when they use the rope to try and retrieve Madison in which this doesn't show in the orginal with Griffin trying to rescue Madison which things look silent and dark with the objects surrounding them as well as a struggling moment with the objects trying to prevent them to leave as this makes you watch wondering if they will escape or not. This was one of the best scene's in the film and should entertain horror fans.
Then you think things are over and the film was too simple but then we get more of the terror happening as well as Carrigan Burke doing his thing to try and save the family in which we spot the best special effects on the house being torn apart as well as powerful lighting being sucked up in the sky and a good camera shot looking down on the family trying to speed away in the vehicle with neightbors seeing on what the madness is happening at that home as this was worth watching in the film.
Bottom line is that the film was more short and simple compared to the original but at the same time remakes are done to death as this one was nowhere near as effective as the first one but offers more jumps in this one and much better special effects which are worth watching as the film deserved 3 bats for all of this. Else the ratings would've been below that. It's a fun film to watch if you're in the mood for it and worth checking out on the big screen with the 3D glasses.

The acting is in good shape as lead actor (Eric Bowen) really knew his craft as the family man in which he made his scene's believeable by acting full of life on what he does and acting like a typical father treating his onscreen kids well. Also does great acting overly happy when he brings home some surprised. Yes he certainly had the spirit within all of this. Also does well with his upsetting attitude by getting emotional and trying to act brave without crying in which he really brought this to life. Also shows off great energy during many suspenseful situations as well.
(Amy Bowen) seemed to do an okay job as the mother in which she does a good job by acting stern during a situation with her onscreen husband bringing expensive stuff for the family making this look very life like as well as doing a convincing job by acting warm and caring to her onscreen son while talking to him on overcoming his fears and being the middle aged child offering a nice versatality with her caring assertiveness. Also does well crying and getting upset when the terrors start to happen.
Saxon Sharbino (Kendra Bowen) seemed to know her craft as a typical teenage kid who loves to use online chat with her friends and got into this realisitcally as well as having a convincing arrogant attitude going through a rebellious phase. Does well with her smart alleck aggressions as well as later on doing a good job with her emotional attitude too. She brought all of this to life in a good fashion.
Kyle Catlett (Griffin Bowen) stole the film with his performance as a bright young kid who seems to add alot of spunk into what he does as well as showing a convincingly fearsome behavior as well. Also does well trying to stress situations or getting anxious in which he adds alot of energy and terrific characteristics into doing so. He for sure studied this part inside and out and can go places in future acting gigs. Was a born character actor as you can tell here.
(Madison Bowen) offers a cute type of charm into her role as a kid whom is full of life and enjoying what she does. She for sure was believeable by doing all of this as well as talking to the TV screen and other situations and getting right into all of this. Shows good featuristics too which was another nice plus to her role.
Jared Harris (Carrigan Burke) had a nice supporting role as the main paranormal researcher as he offers a perfect seriousness to his role along wtih adding a good charm to his personality. Really shows off some good charisma and energy while doing his research and getting into his part perfectly just letting it all out. Had the perfect appeal to all of this.
Jane Adams (Dr. Brooke Powell) however was a birt miscast in her part as another paranormal researcher in which she seems a bit too over the top when she tries to show her concern or being serious with her discussions as she just doesn't cut it at all. She wasn't terrible but shouldn't have played the part of this type of role.
Nicholas Braun (Boyd) pulls it off well as a dorky type teenage investigator with his convincing outspoken attitude as well as coming across as annoying too. Also does well with his hyped energy by freaking out when a drill is nearly attacking him or struggling to escape from being trapped against a wall which shows off greatly.

The music was powerfully done by Marc Streitenfeld in which he ahs alot of hissing and prickly sounds along with the booming too leaving every effective moments throughout the story standing out superbly. Also alot of strong classical violin music without it sounding too typical. Plus some good fast types sounds as well especially for the ending credits which was a powerful piece of art and the composer made some decent effort into all of this.