Popcorn (1991)

Directed by: Mark Herrier & Alan Ormsby

Written by: Alan Ormsby

Story by: Mitchell Smith


Jill Schoelen .... Maggie
Tom Villard .... Toby
Derek Rydall .... Mark
Dee Wallace .... Suzanne
Elliott Hurst .... Leon
Kelly Jo Minter .... Cheryl
Malcolm Danare .... Bud
Tony Roberts .... Mr. Davis
Ivette Soler .... Joanie
Freddie Simpson .... Tina
Karen Witter .... Joy

Special Appearances:

Ray Walston .... Dr. Mnesyne
Bruce Glover .... Vernon

Release Date: Theatrical: February 1, 1991




A teenage girl named Maggie (Jill Schoelen) keeps having nightmares about some strange man in a twisted horror movie the night before her and her friends reopen an old movie theatre that has been closed down for a horror & sci-fi film festival.
Her nightmare starts to come true when a killer is loose in the theatre and decides to use the employees as victims while the murders on the silver screen is happening.
The killer who's name happens to be Toby (Tom Villard) in which he is faceless using other corpses faces as masks saves Maggie and his mother Suzanne (Dee Wallace) to be in the final sacrifices of his own film he screened.


We spot a good beginning with the camera focusing on Maggie sleeping in her bed and then having a twisted nightmare that involves Toby showing some good effects and twisted moments too.
There's also many good moments with Mr. Davis gathering everyone to prepare for the film festival at a theatre as well as everyone watching a movie and Maggie passing out.
There's a good discussion between Maggie and Suzanne as mother and daughter when she asks her about a guy named Toby as her Mom looks slightly uncomfortable and tells her doesn't know about that person which the situation looked good that she's hiding something.
There's a nice moment with Suzanne entering the front of the theatre and haunting moments starts to happen like with the words on whats playing is being thrown at her as well good shots inside the theatre with strange events surrounding her along with Toby approaching towards her.
We spot many great moments with the customers enjoying the theatre performance along with shots on their costumes and personalities.
There's a nice shot on a prop of a mosquito flying on cables and then a good shot on Toby using a controlling device with the skeeter aiming towards Mr. Davis with him screaming and then a good stabbing moment with him falling to the ground.
We have a nice shot on Toby using a corpses head to duplicate a mask and then putting it on his face.
A good moment with Joy approaching Mr. Davis and acting sleazy towards him. Later on we spot a perfect close up shot on Toby tearing off his mask with her screaming.
A good moment on a boyfriend getting aggressive towards Mark in the movie theatre along with a good camera shot on this dude's punch with a nice comedic shot on Mark himself falling to the ground.
We spot a good anxious moment with Maggie towards Leon on Toby being in the theatre and trying to find some way of proving it.
There's a nice funny moment with Bud at the control panels in the theatre pressing the buttons where the seatings are to shock people while the film is playing but it gets real intenese when he gets gagged and tied up about to get electrocuted to death as he does well with his struggling actions as it makes you really cringe.
A nice funny moment with Cheryl acting tough towards the boyfriend by punching him out along with a nice struggle between her and Tina getting hauled out of the theatre which was done very slapstick but in a good way.
A great moment with Maggie tied in a chair with Toby acting extremely intense towards her and screaming in a rage too which also seems too funny.
A real perfect moment with Toby about to do a sacrifice which involved Suzanne and Maggie in front of the movie screen as if it's part of the show and was very powerfully directed and choreographed giving the film a perfect horror feel to it.
Bottom line is that this flick was quite clever imagining doing the old fashioned live scares for the audience while watching the film and the terror is really happneing to them and the audience thinks it's all a part of the show which gives you a real scare imagining if you were in that position. It both blends with the horror along with the dark comedy both incredibly well using some elements with Phantom of the Opera, House of Wax and A Nightmare On Elm Street using some original moments too using the dark dsecrets on who Toby really is and the sacrifice making out it's a part of the show in which I haven't seen that used in film's beforehand that I am aware of. Some may find this film pointless but for those who get a kick out of cheesy slapstick low budget horror films like me you'd enjoy it for what it is.

The acting is quite good as we do have a good performance by Jill Schoelen (Maggie) who plays the perfect target for the maniac in the film and uses good emotions to her character to top it all off.
Tom Villard
(Toby) really hams it up with his performance as the faceless killer Toby and uses great intensity to his character making his role both horrifying and very comedic too. Almost got that Freddy Krueger touch but uses his own chemistry too.
Derek Rydall
(Mark) plays a good dimwitted teen who is almost a hero too in the film as he came across nicely with his performance.
Dee Wallace
(Suzanne) of course does a wonderful job as a disturbed mother about her past and brings her frights on quite well like she always does along with her character acting skills. Never once did I see her do a bad job in a movie ever since I saw her play the divorced Mom in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.
Kelly Jo Minter
(Cheryl) is another one I really liked in horror films and always plays a tough cookie and that she does in this film and is always impressive when she pulls this off too.
alcolm Danare (Bud) really knew how to be a typical goofball in a wheelchair controlling the shocking effects in the audience's chairs at the theatre whom I got a kick out of what he pulled off and of course I remember him playing a dorky bully in Christine and was a victim in that show like he is in this one.
Tony Roberts
(Mr. Davis) really brought on his charm as the theatre owner and brought alot of good spunk playing a guy you'd love to work with.
Of course we have a stuck up teenage girl that's played by Freddie Simpson (Tina) who played a good bitch in the part of the story and she came across naturally by doing that.
We've got to have a bimbo employee in the film so Karen Witter (Joy) takes on that role and brought alot of character to this role and give her two thumbs up.

Some mild stuff like faces of peoples skin being turned into masks etc.

Paul Zaza is the composer for the film doing a good job as usual. We have the odd chiming sound effects with some thumping too as well as the low music sounds for the creepy parts in the movie. There's also good keyboard and synthesizer booming too which is suitable for a teenager horror flick. Real effective music for the opening credits which was a plus.

A great soundtrack by some artists especially the closing one which is titled "Up Over You" performed by Yvonne Murray.