Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)

Executive Produced & Directed by: Lloyd Kaufman

Written by:
Gabriel Friedman, Daniel Bova & Lloyd Kaufman


.... Arbie
Kate Graham .... Wendy
.... Micki
.... General Lee Roy
.... Denny
Caleb Emerson .... Carl Jr.
.... Jose Paco Bell
Lloyd Kaufman .... Mature Arbie

Special Appearances:

Ron Jeremy .... Crazy Ron
Debbie Rochon .... Famous Actress Hit by Beer

Release Dates: Limited Theatrical: December 29, 2006 (New York City); Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films: April 14, 2007; Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival: April 22, 2007; Limited Theatrical: August 24, 2007 (Russia); Fantasia Film Festival: July 14, 2007; Limited Theatrical: August 24, 2007 (USA); Toronto After Dark Film Festival: October 21, 2007; Aberystwyth Abertoir Film Festival: November 4, 2007; Lyon Festival Hallucinations Collectives: April 25, 2011 (France); Panic! Cinéma: May 8, 2012 (France); Night Visions Film Festival: April 10, 2014 (Finland); Tromafest: July 18, 2015

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A military themed fried chicken fast food joint in Tromaville is built over an ancient indian burial ground and on toxic waste as the food there becomes possessed and anyone who eats it turns into chicken zombies while one of the employees Arbie () fights for his life while trying to settle his differences with his ex girlfriend Wendy (Kate Graham) who turned out to be a lesbian.


A nice setting and camera shots showing a cemetary with both Arbie and Wendy trying to get it on and their corny discussions as well as him having a hard time trying to take her top off which tries so hard to by funny and it misses by a long shot. Some nice shots on zombies hands rising from the ground and feeling the two of them out and then it gets really gross and perverted while we spot a close up shot on what one of the hands does to Arbie's butt. Simply gross. Also sick moments on some bum jacking off while watching the two of them go at it and then later on zombie's hands doing this person in but in a painful and perverted way too which offers a slight horror touch to the story which so far was a zany comedy while we continue to watch but it will come in time since this is a full Troma Team flick so it combines many different elements.
Good shots on Troma protestors in from of a grand opening on a fried chicken restuatant which is well set as well as hokey close up shots on certain one's and what they're doing which is of course out of the ordinary.
Also there's a musical number happening here when Arbie finds out that Wendy decided to be a lesbian which was silly to watch and the song was terrible too.
Yet we do a have a moment when Arbie gets hired and serves his first customer which is Crazy Ron as he freaks out warning about the chicken burial ground that the restaurant is built over and then goes back to normal asking for his order as this offers a good chuckle I have to admit.
Another brief funny moment is when there's a customer whom is known for doing moderation and yet when we see him he is extremely obese as well as when we spot the employees in the kitchen getting his order it looked completely gross when they are getting the stuff as well as later on he needs to go number 2 at the john and reveals him doing his thing as well as what is happening to him which is absolutely disgusting as Troma really pushes to the limits with gross out controversy big time here and not the least bit funny at all.
We also spot a love ballad going on showing clips of Arbie doing this along with a shot on the graveyard with the zombie hands using cigarette lighters as yet all of this looked incredibly lame to watch.
However there's an interesting musical number when we see the head of the restuarant General Lee Roy appearing in front of the protestors making his speech as well as doing a song since some of this was mildly entertaining. But yet when we watch this it seemed basically like a plain comedy-musical but yet we do start to see some changes for the slapstick horror rolling in as there's a good camera shot with a 3D shot on something watching someone which is one of the cook's named Jose Paco Bell jacking off in from of what he is cooking as this was also completely disgusting to think of this and controversial for sure. And boy do things look gruesome when he is done in which will please the gorehounds big time which we spot a grinder at the kitchen with this person being forced in. Later on when we find out who activated the grinder its of course a half cooked chicken which looked dumb to watch of course.
Then we have Carl Jr. trying to act crazy and get it on with this raw chicken meat as well as this object biting him along with suddenly the kitchen looking clean again and then him coming aong and things start to look very gross once more as well as good close up shots on fried chicken being devoured by the blood as well as shots on slimy objects bubbling from this meat as this leaves a mysterious impression that more horr will be revealed.
There's some nicely focused discussions with Arbie meeting face to face with the mature Arbie but the stuff that's discussed is perverted and dumb as well as a musical number happening too which looked silly once again.
There's a slightly funny moment with Micki pampering Lee and him dressed as a baby with them acting kinky like this which was a nice scene put into the story I must say that works in well for a Troma flick and then Wendy catching them in the act and being upset that her lover isn't being a lesbian anymore and getting furious. Nice one liners with the three of them.
Also we spot protestors stuffing their faces with the fried chicken as this was well concentrated as well as later on in the restuarant getting sick and Lee telling them there's nothing wrong with the chicken and Wendy challenging him to eat it as this is a good peer pressuring moment as to whether or not he will.
An odd interesting moment with a slimy zombie baby chicken attacking Lee as this offers more horror to the story and things start to turn around but still involving the slapstick comedy at the same time.
More greaqt moments on the customers now zombie chickens eating the other customers as well as funny momens in certain parts combining the comedy and horror into one. As well as fun touches on the employees firing them away.
Some nice moments with other zombie chicken protestors trying to come into the store with good dark shots on them as alot of the moments that we are starting to spot here borrows alot from Shaun of the Dead but using more slapstick as well as a clever moment with one of the employees putting a closed sign on the door to prevent them from coming in for their safety.
Funny moment on Micki wearing a chicken costume to try and disguise herself from being attacked by the zombie chickens outside in order to search for someone else.
A nice shot later on when we spot her costume with a baby zombie chicken trying to leap out and attack.
Plus some nice shots on Lee now a big zombie chicken trying to attack the survivors as well as about to do a musical number before doing so which I admit this time worked in well. Also perfect moments when people go into battle with the zombie chickens but doesn't save the film from bombing sadly.
A dumb moment when Wendy spots a keg of beer and tells Arbie about it and he gets the wrong impression and then gets what she means as well as spotting clips of what will happen when they use the beer on the zombie chickens as this yet borrows heavily on Shaun of the Dead as some of that thrown in worked well with the dumb writing.
Bottom line is that this was a totally sick and disgusting typical Troma flick but made on a decent low budget grindhouse theatrical type of budget. The makers go to the extreme with the gross out shockings with this one as it's not my liking at all. The best happens as mentioned quarter way through with the horror as it tricks you proving that this is for sure a horror tale as well as a slapstick gross out dark comedy/musical. A flick for die hard Troma fans who like gross stuff beyond shocking stuff that you'd see in South Park which is tame compared to this unfunny flick. Otherwise avoidable.

The acting is surprisingly not bad for a Troma flick but lead actor (Arbie) annoyed the hell out of me with his dweeby attitude but adds alot of energy and a hyperactive attitude nonetheless. His singing while doing a musical number is off and was not a born talent for this at all. Seemed to show off a good anxious attitude with the suspenseful slapstick moments as well as coming across as once again annoying when he shows aggressions with misunderstandings and then thinking twice and getting overly happy and heroic which looked awfully wooden and lame.
Kate Graham (Wendy) certainly had the pretty girl next door looks and appeal in which she seemed to do well with her lines. But needed improvements when she acts silly or upset as her emotions were too over the top but yet for a film like this one it works in well. Does an okay job too when she acts disappointed in a scene as well as later on showing good energy when she spots a keg of beer to save her life and bringing this in nicely. Plus had a fairly passable singing voice for the musical numbers.
(Micki) did her job as a supposed lesbian in which she offers some slapstick tough girl attitude by getting in your face. She for sure does well with her powerful words and actions. Also does a nice job in a funny scene putting baby powder on someone else which makes you laugh when she does all of this. Had the right looks to portray the part which was another plus.
(General Lee Roy) lived to play the owner of the restauarant in which he had a perfect KFC look to him with the beard and how he was dressed and came off perfectly onto the camera whenever he did a speech or was discussing situations. He added a ton of spunk into his part of the story as well as reacting well to when he is nearly about to change groaning in pain and acting sick. I'd say that he was the best out of the whole cast and showed perfect timing with his comedy.
(Denny) shows off his stuff as an employer of the joint as acts perfect as a sgt. type of commander with his dmeanding attitude and aggressions just adding a perfect hype to everything as he was a totasl ball of energy to all that he did here. Plus had the right sharp personality and looks too which added to the story.
Caleb Emerson (Carl Jr.) however got on my nerves as a gross dimwitted employee but showed it off by acting like a gross and lazy slob. However when he tries to act mysterious or crazy he doesn't seem to do the trick at all. Oh well not everyone was born to be a character actor.
(Jose Paco Bell) had a brief supporting role in the film but seemed to show it off with his outgoing attitude and getting into what he did even if he did gross stuff. He for sure was full of life by what he did here and shows off some great enthusiasm. Comes off well onto the camera by everything that he did.
Lloyd Kaufman
(Mature Arbie) acts as usual with his hyper attitude and seemed to bring in a nice focus to his part acting silly as well as clever by all that he did here. Plus packs a good punch when the suspense piles up by going into action while blowing away zombie chickens or interacting with others.
Ron Jeremy (Crazy Ron) had a real effective cameo as he was convincingly funny acting nuts while trying to warn to fast food joint as to what will happen and then adding a perfect versatality by taking his order as if he had a split personality. Deserved a good pat on the back by all that he did here.

In different aspects of the film various men have their butt revealed with their pants briefly pulled down.
Persons dick is revealed while masturbating.
A teenage girl takes off her bra in a graveyard breasts fully revealed.
During a protest in front of a grand opening of the fast food restaurant a woman is topless shaking her breasts.
Two girls are topless making out kneeling down in front of a counter at the restaurant.
Many dorm girls take off their tops breasts revealed while doing a musical number.
A woman's top is torn off at the restaurant.

A zombie's hand from the ground rams his fist through someone's butt and tears out some of his insides.
Something inside of someone tears through his stomach.
Body pieces and other parts of someone is grinded in a machine and blood spraying out.
Blood is sprayed out of a guy's crotch and sprayed all over the kitchen of the restaurant as well.
Person's crotch and balls are badly bitten and blood spewing out.
A broom stick is impaled in someone's butt as well as his crotch stabbed through.
Couple of heads are torn off in different scene's.
Zombie chickens are tearing out guts and other body pieces of customers.
Person's nose is bitten off.
Zombie chickens melt from beer sprayed on them.
Goo is spraying out of someone,

The music in this film was half good and half bad as we have hokey accoustic guitar playing for where it was needed for amny of the dumb slapstick moments as well as some banjo playing since it fits in with a southern fried chicken restuarant such as this one. Also we have some interesting synthszier horror feels for when the suggestive horror moments occuring which sounded nicely effective too. Plus there's the odd string plucking for the silly moments in a scene when someone is dressed in a chicken suit trying to avoid the chiken zombies. This works in okay but we've heard it many times in other films. Also there's the odd heavy metal riffs for when the invasion happens as this sounded strong and effective too.

Crazy Ron: You fools! This restaurant was built on anicent Tromahawk tribe sacred burial ground! Get out of here while you still can! Get out! Save yourselves! Save yourselves!
[changing his tone]
Crazy Ron: And... Uh, I'll have one Sloppy Jose value meal.

Paco Bell: America isn't ready to accept a gay Mexican chicken sandwich.

Protestor: General, what are these tiny little bumps all over my chicken?
The General: [thinking fast] Uh... those are our new... Flavor Pods!

Wendy: I'm sorry Arbie, but how could I ever love someone that wants me to eat cock?

Carl Jr.: Would you look at the size of my woodpecker. [Directing everyone to look at his penis at the end of the mop handle that is shoved through his rectum]

General Lee Roy: And for the record, having a diaper fetish is a completely normal, healthy, and harmless bedroom activity.

Arbie: Say, where did you get this gun?
Mature Arbie: I've got a whole stash of them here. I keep them hidden here with the childrens' promotional items. I was going to be an alienated employee who kept to himself and then went on a murderous rampage this afternoon.

Arbie: You just won the contest.
Chicken Denny: What contest?
Arbie: The wet t-shirt contest, motherfucker! [opens fire]

Chicken Zombie: I know it's fattening, but I love the skin.