Prince of Darkness (1987)

Written & Directed by: John Carpenter


Donald Pleasance .... Father Loomis
Jameson Parker .... Brian Marsh
Victor Wong .... Prof. Howard Birack
Lisa Blount .... Catherine Danfourth

Dennis Dun .... Walter
Susan Blanchard .... Kelly
Anne Marie Howard .... Susan Cabot
Ann Yen .... Lisa
Ken Wright .... Lomax
Dirk Blocker .... Mullins
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson .... Calder
Peter Jason .... Dr. Paul Leahy
Robert Grasmere .... Frank Wyndham

Special Appearances:

Thom Bray .... Ethchinson
Alice Cooper .... Street Schizo

Release Date: Theatrical: October 23, 1987

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A group of graduates and scientists lead by a man named Professor Howard Birack (Victor Wong) discover a closed down cathedral that has an evil looking liquid with strange people staring at them.
They bring along a preacher named Father Loomis (Donald Pleasance) to help them out but he tells them that there was evil in the place they're doing research but some of the people don't believe him and thinks that he is crazy.
Well one of the graduates named Etchinson (Thom Bray) goes outside down a stairway where he meets a strange man who looks like a Street Schizo (Alice Cooper) and plans to kill him. He tries to escape but other locals there that don't look human in fact look totally dead corners him as this Street Schizo does his nasty deed.
Next, one of the people exploring the cathedral named Susan Cabot (Anne Marie Howard) encounters the basement where this liquid is as it comes to life and spits down her throat as she gags and falls to the ground. Later she is resurrected into a demonic zombie and does her nasty deeds to tohers by spitting venom into them.
Father Loomis tries to find some way to destroy these evil events along with the help of Brian Marsh (Jameson Parker) and Catherine Danfourth (Lisa Blount) before they become next as Satan is released paving the way for the return of his father - the all powerful Anti-God through a mirror reflection.


Some great shots with certain people like Prof. Howard Birack and Father Loomis staring at the cathedral with good shots on them as well as the gloomy looking sky. Plus we have great shots on demonic looking people like a bag lady pacing around.
We have a good scene with this bag lady towards Loomis telling him that it's good that he's reopening the church which was done creepily.
Thyere's also good shots on the other group of people unloading computer and other electronic equipment out of a van with a Street Schizo evilly staring at them along with a perfect close up shot on this person.
Good conversation sequences with Loomis and Howard at a table discussing to the others about the going on's at the cathedral.
We have a perfect shot on Ethchinson trying to spot something on the bottom of the stairs outside behind the cathedral with a good close up shot on a pigeon murdered on a mini crucifix. Then there's a good shot on the street schizo wobbling nearby in a dark alleyway and then picking up a wheel of some sort with a sharp object heading towards him. A good look onthis schizo right next to him with a menacing look on his face while stabbing this guy with this object and then looking up in the air.
We spot some good shots on Susan Cabot near a basement type area of the cathedral staring at an object full of liquid and looking nervous. There's a good shot of liquid pouring down her mouth and her hacking like crazy.
A good shot on Susan rising up from the basement as if she returned from the dead with her wide eyes and then standing on a balcony of the cathedral staring expressionless towards Frank Wyndham along with good shots on ants swarming her and then a good shot on Frank's legs with ants surrounding him and him looking paranoid. Then a great shot on the bag lady coming up to him and brutally stabbing him with awesome close up shots on the knife.
There's a good shot on a window with Frank standing there talking to them and then good shots on his body falling apart with the bugs around him.
A good presence by Mullins approaching the basement and then Susan turning around and twisting his neck.
Good shot on Susan crawling up towards Lisa in bed and then spitting venom in her mouth.
We see a good shot on some of the liquid falling from the top of the wall and then pouring down into Kelly's throat which was a neat effect.
We have a good shot on Kelly typing away on the computer staring into space with Walter approaching her mysteriously and then Susan knocking him down and a struggle happens.
We have a great approach by Calder battling with Kelly and Susan as well as being pinned to the ground with them spitting venom into him.
A perfect and creepy moment with Calder walking up the stairs with sweat puring on him singing "Amazing Grace" sadly and then a close up shot on him crying and then sticking a sharp wooden object into his throat which looked really twisted.
We have a good shot on Walter locking himself in a room and staring through a see through clip in the door trying to talk and a great shot on both Lisa and Susan standing there staring lifelessly which looked quite evil.
We have a nice shot on Kelly rising up from her bed with her evil looks and then staring into a mirror of a make up kit with the mirror lighting up and then pointing her finger inside the reflection along with her upsetting features and freaked out actions then smashing the mirror.
A good shot on Calder cackling and crying at the same time walking around as well as staring at a mirror with upsetting expressions.
We have a good shot on Loomis sitting in a corner hiding trying to pray.
We also have a good shot on him holding an axe and trying to act menacing towards Kelly while she puts her hand in the mirror calling to Satan and spotting a satanic hand she's pulling along with Catherine Danfourth going in a rage and pushing her into the reflection and then Loomis screaming and throwing the axe to the mirror as I found this to be the best moments in ever in any of the story that we've watched.
Bottom line is that this is a dark, evil and weird movie. Not the greatest film of all time as Carpenter will probably admit that this is his worst horror film he's ever done. It's cheesy but at the same time very dark, depressing and evil too. It's very similar to the lyrics to Alice Cooper's song by the same names that Prince of Darkness spits on death for you and me.... There's some resemblance to those George A. Romero's zombie flicks with people that look like locals are demonic and total killing machines with their zombielike actions. Some good effects for this low budgeter and some shocking moments too on what is happening. Although the story isn't that great the other elements are fairly well done which saves this flick from being below average and it opens the door for a sequel which never arose as the story sort of wasn't done just yet. But yet this film bombed at the box office. Oh well... this film was never close to being a cult classic or groundbreaking hit.

The acting is not too bad as lead actor Donald Pleasance (Father Loomis) of course shows his intensity like he did in Halloween of course his character name is the same reference but this time he plays a preacher. He shows a good menacing attitude and nice crying as well as upsetting emotions too.
Jameson Parker
(Brian Marsh) is another actor who stands out not too badly with decent energy to his role and a nice charming attitude too.
Victor Wong
(Prof. Howard Birack) was one of the best known one's in this film as a scientist as he brings out his character very strongly as he seems a little strange with his behavior too.
Lisa Blount
(Catherine Danfourth) has the right looks to her part and acts good being heroic too.
Dennis Dun
(Walter) did okay playing an outspoken young one in the film as he shows a good outgoing attitude too for his role which is perfect for a horror film like this.
Susan Blanchard
(Kelly) really proved her talents as she portrayed a nice calm type of person who is kind and caring. Then after she is poisoned by the venom really knew how to sound screechy and act evilly demented.
Anne Marie Howard
(Susan Cabot) was just as terrific for the first victim to be poisoned as she has a great non expression look on her face with her wide eyes too. Kind of like that Sleepaway Camp Angela type of feel to it.
Dirk Blocker (Mullins) shows a nice appeal to his role as he looked like a brawling gentle giant and came across well after being poisoned with his demonic menacing attitude.
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson
(Calder) does a good job with his loudness in his role and really knew how to lose after being poisoned with his cackling and crying emotions. For sure came across dysfunctional as well as cracked while behaving like this. He was believeable being insane that way and deadly too.
We have a nice character performance by Robert Grasmere (Frank Wyndham) as he really knew how to act hyper and closed minded about stuff.
We can't forget our memorable cameo by shock rocker Alice Cooper (Street Schizo) from the living dead as he looked just perfectly evil in his role and had a few very brief scene's. Stood out nicely in his cameo though and the die hard fans like myself can fondly remember him in it.
We have a bit part performance by Joanna Merlin (Bag Lady) who played a great demon zombielike homeless person and does well with her croaky words and menacing actions.
She knew on how to stab someone numerous times just rolling with the punches here.

There's a dead pigeon stabbed on a small crucifix
A street schizo bloodily stabs Ethinson in the stomach with a sharp obect connected to a wheel of a bike.
There's a bag lady bloodily stabbing Frank Wyndham with a dagger.
Frank returns from the dead with bugs all over him and his body falls apart.
Calder stabs his throat with a sharp wooden object.
Kelly's skin peels off showing some bloody gruesome results as well as having her arm and head chopped off.

John Carpenter of course composes the music for this film along with Alan Howarth as it sounds cheesy but dark too which was approapriate for the film. He shows some dark pounding music for most of the scene's especially for the opening of the film as well as some high and low synthesizer soundings along with a touch of fantasy style keyboard playing.

There is a scene where Alice Cooper's character is going to kill the first victim and if you listen very carefully you can vaguely hear his title song from the movie. I was thinking why isn't it played louder but yet it's a little creepy too hear it very quiet. This song is from his 1987 album "Raise Your Fist and Yell".

Kelly: Hello? I'm opening the door, if you want to stop what you're doing and put your clothes on!

[Wyndham is being consumed by beetles]
Wyndham: I've got a message for you, and you're not going to like it.
Brian: Look at his chest!
[Wyndham's suit coat opens to reveal swarms of beetles]
Wyndham: Pray for death!
[Wyndham's head falls off, and his body starts coming apart]
Brian: [in horror] Jesus Christ!

Father Loomis: [hiding in a room, reciting verses from the Bible]
[wipes tears from his eyes and looks up]
Father Loomis: Where are you...? Christ?

[as possessed Kelly is reaching into the mirror]
Father Loomis: [uncovers an axe] I could...
[picks the axe up]
Father Loomis: I could.