Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1991)

Directed by: Clay Borris

Written by: Richard Beattie


Nicole de Boer .... Meagan
Alden Kane .... Mark
Joy Tanner .... Laura
Alle Ghadban .... Jeff
James Carver .... Father Jonas
Brock Simpson .... Father Colin

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: 1991 (Canada)




A preacher named Father Jonas (James Carver) who is possessed by the devil kills a couple during their prom night in 1957 at Hamilton High School and was put away in a room locked up at a cathedral.
Years later he escapes by killing a younger preacher named Father Colin (Brock Simpson) and heads to the snowy mountains to a monastery he knew from during his youth which is a lodge up there.
However, the place is now a summer home for four teens who celebrate their graduation in their own way.
When they arrive the place is robbed and then one of them gets an obscene phone call by Jonas.
Jonas watches the four teens through the windows of the lodge.
Then one by one Jonas uses his evil on them leading to their deaths.


A good prologue with the prom dance along with some conversation sequences by a couple and then a good shot on an evil preacher Father Jonas doing his deadly deeds towards them with menacing actions.
We also have a great and intense shot on Father Jonas whipping himself.
There's a corny moment with a nun scolding both Laura and Jeff on what they were doing that she said was a sin.
Good camera shot looking up on a cathedral with cheesy looking thunderstorms.
A good moment between both Father Colin and Father Jaeger in the cathdral discussion what will happen to Jonas as well as many good takes on a room with Jonas himself lying on his bed lifeless.
There are many close up shots on Father Colin as well as him checking up onJonas in which there's a great dark feel to every bit of these scene's.
We have a great evil close up shot on Jonas towards Father Colin and speaking evilly.
Of course close up shots on both Meagan
and Laura putting on their nylons and getting dressed but yet they have good discussions towards one another.
We have great mingling with all the friends in a limo celebrating their prom night and drinking champagne which almost looks natural but still slightly cheesily done at the same time.
We have a scene cheesy moment involving someone driving in his truck with Jonas and talking sleazy talk with him evilly staring at him. It really didn't fit at all.
There's a good shot on Jonas' mouth talking coldly on the phone with Meagan on the other end acting nervous which looked well done.
Many good shots on the making out scene's as well as a camera shot looking into the lodge window with heavy breathing. There's also a great camera shot watching Laura go get some wood outside in the windy night which almost gives it that Friday the 13th type of appeal.
We spot a good dark shot on Meagan trying to find some wine and then looking frightened with Mark approaching behind her and scaring her.
A good approach by Jeff up in an attic seeing a figure rocking in a chair and then having Jonas turning around and attacking him by grabbing his head holding him in the air. I can honestly tell you this scene was almost borrowed from Black Christmas.
There's a perfect shot on two corpses on fire on two crucifixes with a shot on Meagan and Mark looking stunned and freaked out. Now this looks very similar to Hills Have Eyes.
There's good adventurous moments with Mark and Meagan trying to escape from Jonas.
We also spot some great suspenseful shots on Mark falling down a roof of the lodge with Jonas stabbing the roof and him trying to hold onto the blade.
A nice shot on Meagan cradling Mark with him suffocating and a good camera look up shot on Jonas throwing down a knife.
Good dark shot in a barn with Meagan holding a rifle and Jonas standing in the doorway as well as her praying after she shoots and Jonas coming right at her with his insane words to her.
Bottom line is that this one beared no relationship to the first film or the Mary Lou one's so it stands on it's own with a totally different plot to it alltogether. Some of the scene's borrow a bit from those other cult classic horror flicks from the 70's and 80's which I found this film to be a bit of a tribute to them. It is an interesting story but at times it goes nowhere since it mainly takes place inside the lodge.
There's a great cheesy liner with the kids proposing a toast saying "To Prom Night... To Jamie Lee Curtis" which they were talking about the first film proving that this one beared no relationship at all.
We spot some interesting cheesy effects in the film and it tries to make you jump but most of the times that fails. Of course we have a prologue like in the rest of the film but if you remember each of the prologues were very different. This one looked almost similar to the Mary Lou one's but with a possessed preacher.
However, this film was confusing as grad nights usually take place in the summer and there was snow on the ground where the lodge was.

The acting is quite cheesy but yet in a good way too. The cast in this film were mainly virtual unknowns and local Canadians. Nicole De Boer (Meagan) has the stunning looks and the nice girl attitude and does very well with her performance especially her scared actions.
Alden Kane
(Mark) is probably the best actor in this film as he changed his name to J.H. Wyman and also liked his part in the TV series Catwalk. He really delivers his character and charm very well but quit acting to work as a writer for shows.
Joy Tanner
(Laura) was funny with her rebellious attitude and proves to be a good character actress plus had the right looks to her part as well. She's funny when she said what they were doing to an onscreen nun when being scolded.
James Carver
(Father Jonas) was truly intimidating and intense as his role playing an evil preacher killing the prom students as he has prefect growly words and nice evil expressions too.
Of course we have Brock Simpson (Father Colin) who played many different supporting roles in all the Prom Night films proving that he can wear many hats and pull off each role well. He was a great serious preacher with still expressions.

There is a nude sex scene between Joy Tanner and Alle Ghadban's characters.
Joy Tanner
also takes a shower afterwards and her breasts are revealed.

Some of the gore isn't too convincing.
A throat is bloodied from a slit.
We have Jonas crushing Jeff's head but it doesn't look too real but he has blood streaming down on his face.
There are other bloodied faces too.
Jonas is in an ambulance and his skin is all burned up.

We can't forget about Paul Zaza who did the music for every Prom Night flick that was made. We have some good screeching sounds with some bass violin thumping along with some moaning sounds too. There's some cheesy plunking romantic type synthesizer music involved as well plus some monks chanting and organ playing for the cathedral scene's. Zaza even redid some of his composing from the first Prom Night film but it sounds updated for a 1992 b-flick like this one. His score for this was good but some of it could've been better nevertheless.

[repeated line]
Father Jonas: Join your slut.

Father Jaeger: [showing Colin, Jonas in his room] In there is Father Jonas. The devil has taken him... He is beyond saving

Rafe: Pussy, pussy, I'm gonna get me some pussy

Father Jonas: [On the phone to Meagan] It's in the hands of the lord now

Meagan: Bless me father... for I have sinned...
Father Jonas: REPENT