Prom Night (1980)

Directed by: David Lynch

Written by: William Gray

Story by: Robert Guza Jr.


Leslie Nielsen .... Mr. Hammond
Jamie Lee Curtis .... Kim Hammond
Casey Stevens .... Nick McBride
Anne-Marie Martin .... Wendy Richards
Michael Tough .... Alex Hammond
David Mucci .... Lou Farmer
Mary Beth Rubens .... Kelly
Joy Thompson .... Jude Cunningham
George Toliatos .... Lt. McBride
Antoinette Bower .... Mrs. 'Vi' Hammond

Special Appearance:

Jeff Wincott .... Drew

Release Date: Theatrical: July 18, 1980

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A group of kids play a game at an abandoned school. They play a game similar to hide & seek. One girl goes into the abandoned school and she seems to be the victim of their game and falls out of a window and dies. They all keep it a secret but someone outside of the school witnessed the murder.
Six years later they are getting ready for their senior prom dance and a strange caller calls all of them and crosses out their name after he calls each and every one of them. They gets pictures of themselves stuffed in their lockers with a shard of glass stabbed in the pic. Some suspect that it's the strange janitor that eyes the girls that walks past him.
Then it is prom night and a killer in a ski mask with an axe starts hacking the people away that are responsible for the little girls death 6 years ago.


We have great shots in an abandoned school with kids playing a sort of hide and seek game with them running and hiding.
Nice look at them pushing young Robin which looked disturbing to do to a poor child looking like a real bullying act.
There's a good camera shot up on other three children screaming KILL towards Bourne as well as a good shot on her backing up and trying to get a way.
A nice moment on
Mrs. 'Vi' Hammond breaking down and crying with Mr. Hammond embracing her.
We spot a perfect present day shot at a graveyard mainly focused on Kim and Alex placing some flowers on a tombstone.
A good dark shot on a phone cord leading up to a phone with a hand dialing a number as well as a nice effective growly whisper on the phone along with a shot on a pencil hitting a notepad. This really grabbed my attention that this will be the mysterious killer.
Nice effect on Lou Farmer smoking a cigarette in a highschool hallway and trying to approach Kim and her friends when they try to avoid him. This left me a real impression on a school bully trying to look for trouble as well as making me want to watch for more on what he will do next.
Nice mysterious moments when some of the girls at the school tease a disturbed and quiet looking janitor at the school with one of them mooning him as it leaves an impression wondering if he'll be a suspect in the story.
Nicely focused moment with the rich snob Wendy Richards towards Kim in a gymnasium telling her after the prom it's all over trying to make her feel bad about her new boyfriend. This for sure grabs your attention big time on jerks in school.
A nice struggle between Kim when Lou tries to grab her in a cafeteria wearing a ski mask along with nice moment between Alex and Lou fighting. I enjoyed this moment showing a triplet brother trying to protect his sister. These moments looked quite strong.
I also liked the moment when both Lou and Alex were called into the office and Mr. Hammond suspends troublemaking Lou until further notice and being a disgrace to the school as well as this bully making out to Alex that it's not over yet. This was a perfect add for the story on highschool life.
A nice setting between Nick McBride and Kim walking on top of a cliff near an ocean having a nice romantic discussion as well as him trying to force out his words too hesitant to tell her what happened to her sister during the game he played at that abandoned school. This for sure left a true psychogical feel on someone's guilt that he had to hide over the years. It leaves a good and strong impression by wondering if she will dump him if he spits it out. This moment makes you watch real carefully wondering if someone will cut in before he says anything about it.
We spot a real funny conversation with a prom queen and king rehearsal that involved a teacher instructing as well as Kim and Nick practising along with Alex rehearsing with the crowns and Nick by getting sarcastic about the kissing which offers a few chuckles.
A scene that grabbed my attention is Wendy having Lou be her prom date in which makes me wonder what a beatutiful teen sees in a grease monkey like him but it leaves me an impression that she's using him after what she told Kim earlier on it's not who you go to the prom with it's who takes you home. Some of these scene's reminded me of what I saw in Carrie.
A nice moment with 'Vi' acting nervous and like a basket case towards Kim when they all prepare for the prom.
Great setting with the disco dancing floor in the gymnasium with people dancing.
Good conversation between Kim and Mr. Hammond dancing together at the prom as daughter and father.
A dynamic disco dancing performance by Kim and Nick together and totally showing their stuff.
Nice shot on Lou and Wendy dancing together. As well as him stupidly realising that she left the dance floor later on.
Nice making out moment between Jude Cunningham and her boyfriend Seymour in the van and outside with a camera shot on the killer watching. There's a perfect slasher timing with her lying down in the van with the door opening and the masked killer constantly stabbing her. This showed great timing for a slasher flick.
There's great fast paced panicking shots on Seymour driving in his van with the killers hands grabbing him along with a perfect shot on the van falling off a cliff and exploding.
Many good dark shots on Wendy running away in the hall and the killer standing holding his axe and chasing her. We spot a nice shot on her standing beside a corner crying and trying to hide away from the killer. Many good shots on the axe coming down and crashing into things.
Another great moment when Lou and his friends punch out Nick to pull a prank on Kim when it's time for the prom king and queen seassion as well as a nice surprising moments on the killer ready to strike.
Nice light and static effects as well as good shots on the people at the prom screaming after spotting a decapitated head and running out of the gymnasium.
A great struggling moment that involved Nick in the gymnasium trying to protect himself from the killer and Kim trying to do something about it. Plus great action moments on them trying to dodge the killer in the ski mask with an axe which looked exciting to watch.
Great close up shots on Kim when she discovers who the killer is along with a nice close up shot on the killer in his ski mask.
The ending was perfect that involved Kim and Alex but I won't get into it as that would be a spolier as it was very sad and can make you cry.
Ahh yes, those were the days when there was disco dancing, roller skating as well as Atari and Colecovision video games.
Although this film is cheesy nonetheless it is still well done and reigned as a cult classic. It influenced many other cheesy teenage slasher films during the same era like Graduation Day, Hell Night and Happy Birthday to Me.
I loved the disco dancing sequences plus this film inspired two other flicks in the late 90's titled Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Followed by 3 more sequels that beared no relationship to this one which was an awful shame as they weren't that great like this one but again this film had a beginning and an end so there couldn't be a continuation. Anyhow why should there be as this movie stands out perfectly as is.

The acting is cheesy and a little off but I wouldn't change it at all since it suits the film itself. Leslie Nielsen (Mr. Hammond) played a terrific loving father and school principal with a perfect strict and serious attitude. Shows off a great sharp attitude in his office when he suspends on onscreen troublemaking student as he was very believeable while behaving this way.
Jamie Lee Curtis
(Kim Hammond) was at the top of her scream queen famedom due to this film as she struts her stuff well like she always does as one of the triplets and can play a great popular teenager perfectly. Does well with her sarcasm in a certain scene towards someone else at a highschool hallway. Also shows great energy when trying to dodge away from the killer being pitted at the prom.
Casey Stevens
(Nick McBride) really knew his part as the funny and outgoing one in the film as he will always be fondly remembered for his role in this film and really standing out well. Plus almost showed a good emotional attitude in the middle of the story nearlyu telling someone about what he did as a child and being hestitant as he studied this scene greatly.
nne-Marie Martin (Wendy Richards) looked terrifically beautiful and stunning as the rich bitch which she was perfect at doing in this film. One of the best cast members in the film. A real effective response on her by with the prank call telling the caller to get lost. Also shows off a nice prickly attitude towards one of her fellow actresses in the gymnasium about the upcoming prom as she really delivered her lines well. She was very sharp while delivering her lines here. Shows grerat adreanaline while trying to escape from the killer.
Michael Tough
(Alex Hammond) was good as the other triplet with his quiet attitude and innocent behavior. He had that perfect boy next door type of look to him. Comes across as almost a shy type of person as he stood out convincingly by behaving like this. Plus does well letting it out with his emotional sobbing at the end of his performance making this truly believeable.
David Mucci
(Lou Farmer) lived to play a punk in this film showing a great nasty attitude to his part as his role. Shows off a good nasty and sarcastic behavior and was convincingly obnoxious as well as arrogant. He for sure had a don't mess with me attitude. Had the right brawny and tough guy looks as he was a perfect choice playing a school bully.
Mary Beth Rubens
(Kelly) had that right shy girl outsider type of appeal to her although her part was a little different which she's passable at doing.
Joy Thompson
(Joy Cunningham) had the best 80's curly hairstyle to her role and really knew how to act outgoing in this film.
Antoinette Bower
(Mrs. 'Vi' Hammond) had the nice supporting role in the film as the basket case mother as she came across nicely by doing so. She showed off a great devastated attitude after the tragedy of her onscreen daughter making this come to life and not being with it later on while her onscreen kids are preparing for the prom still shaken up years later which she knew on how to make this realistic too.

Very brief nudity performed by Mary Beth Rubens who takes a shower but you could barely see her. There's another scene where she is making out with her boyfriend but it is dark but you can see a bit of her breast.
Pita Oliver
moons someone by exposing her butt.

Just some bloody stabbings but there is a very gory scene when a bully's head is chopped off and shown.

The music was composed by Carl Zittrer. It's cheesy violin sounding. Kinda like Friday the 13th like but a little uneven. However, the songtracks are excellent.
We get alot of disco tunes at the prom dance all composed by Paul Zaza (One of them they borrowed the beat heavily from Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive"). It's fits in well at the prom dance this will always bear in my mind especially the high pitched keyboard synthesizer playting and beats. Plus we have the fast stompin theme song which is the best out of the bunch which sounded powerful especially with the two main characters strutting their stuff on the dance floor. Great beats and clap sounds to it all. Plus nice powerful vocalising too.
There is another track titled "Fade to Black" by Glorene Simpson which is a slow ballad sounding a bit sad for the closing credits sounding marvellous for a film during it's decade. Worked well after the ending on what happened here. Seems most of the music scores fit in perfectly.

Young Nick: [after Robin falls out the window and dies] We've got to get somebody, quick.
Young Wendy: Are you crazy? They'll put us in jail. If we tell anybody they'll say it's our fault. Who would believe it was an accident?
Young Nick: But what if...
Young Wendy: Listen to me, we'll go home now and never ever tell anyone. No one but us will ever know. Jude, swear?
Young Jude: I swear.
Young Wendy: Kelly? Kelly!
Young Kelly: I don't want to go to jail!
Young Wendy: Swear?
Young Kelly: I swear.
Young Wendy: Nick? Nick!
Young Nick: I won't tell anyone.
Young Wendy: Good, let's go.

Lou: Now I know why Kim won't go out with me... She likes girls
Better than kissing an ashtray

Kim Hammond: You seem a little anxious, Wendy. By the way, who are going with tonight?
Wendy Richards: It's not who you go with, honey. It's who takes you home.