Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990)

Directed by: Ron Oliver & Peter R. Simpson

Written by: Ron Oliver


Tim Conlon .... Alex Grey
Cynthia Preston .... Sarah Monroe
David Stratton .... Shane Taylor
Courtney Taylor .... Mary Lou Maloney
Dylan Neal .... Andrew Douglas
Jeremy Ratchford .... Leonard Welsh

Release Dates: Theatrical: June 1, 1990




A spoiled prom queen Mary Lou Maloney (Courtney Taylor) in the 50's was burned to death by her boyfriend and once again her spirit walks the halls at Hamilton High School trying to wreck death and havoc to others that goes there.
She encounters a good looking athletic depressed guy named Alex Grey (Tim Conlon) whom she plans to kill as well but yet seems to fall for him and realises that he isn't doing well in school at all as he is failing as his teacher Mr. Weatherall (Roger Dunn) doesn't like him and tries to prevent his dreams on becoming a doctor so Mary Lou changes that by killing him and making his grades look better.
Every time someone at school gives him a rough time, Mary Lou seems to do the trick by murdering these people but Alex tries to tell her not to kill anymore.
Well she continues to go on a killing spree whenever Alex is in trouble as he eventually breaks it off with Mary Lou as this enrages her and plans to kill his friends as well as his girlfriend named Sarah Monroe (Cynthia Preston) at the prom. Not only that, Alex is a suspect for the murders there according to the police but he must try to put a stop to Mary Lou before Sarah becomes her next victim.


A great beginning with some people at the prom dancing in some steam and a battered up room that looks like a school from hell.
We have a rough conversation between a janitor with Mary Lou as she comes on strong to him which looked awfully stale.
There's a good close up shot on a school principal holding some scissors about to cut a ribbon with a finger in the way holding the ribbon announcing the prom reopening after the distaster as you just know he's going to cut his own finger and a great suspenseful shot with the kids screaming along with some doors opening blowing in some wind.
There's a great shot with Alex Gray falling down some stairs at a school with Mary Lou coming down and putting up her hand with long nails forming as it looked very Freddy Krueger like.
Many funny shots on Alex running through the hallways wearing nothing but an American flag wrapped around him trying to find a washroom.
We have a corny discussion with Andrew Douglas giving Alex a rough time in the washroom but at the same time it works well.
A good shot on a teacher trying to put an F on a paper along with Mary Lou talking to him in the classroom showing an ice cream parlour which looked kookie but later on when she approaches him with two ice cream cones and talks to him it gets to the horror quite well as something deadly is about to happen.
There's a good appraoch by Mary Lou towards Alex kissing him and then tries to act forcefully romantic towards him and then grabbing his neck which was nicely done for a comedy horror like this.
We also have another good deadly scene with a school counsellor being caught in a room trapped in a nail salon chair with Mary Lou talking to her and acting deadly.
There's a moment with Alex after seeing a corpse along with a set of a wholesome looking room inside a classroom with Mary Lou greeting him like a family wife which was done extremely hokey like.
Good shot on Alex falling down in a football field with a shot looking up on Andrew Douglas and his teammates staring down at him.
A good shot looking up on Alex digging up a grave in the athletic field and throwing in a corpse along with Andrew Douglas coming up to him and taunting him.
Also a good shot on Mary Lou in football gear throwing a football towards Andrew Douglas with the ball forming into a spike and a shot on him screaming.
A good on a break up scene with Alex breaking it off and a nice glowing effect on Mary Lou screaming and wind blowing.
We have a rough moment with Leonard Welsh by having a conversation towards Sarah Monroe.
A good scene with supporting character Leah Grey sitting on a couch coming on strong towards Shane Taylor with her lustful words and then shouting something deadly.
There's a good shot on a reflection in the mirror with Mary Lou speaking evilly towards Alex and then him rushing towards the mirror and smashing it.
Another good shot on Mary Lou at the prom with Alex giving in to her as long as she doesn't kill anymore along with her kissing him and then a good shot on them sinking under the stage with smoke and him screaming.
We have some good battling scene's with Sarah Monroe towards Mary Lou along with great shots on zombie's trying to reach out at Sarah.
Bottom line: Mary Lou Maloney is back and it is based on the tragedy that happened to her back in the 60's but is this based after part 2?..... Nope. The film is very kookie with lots of dark comedy as you wonder if it's a horror film at all but then the horror's reveals after the gruesome deaths caused by Mary Lou. It's a fun film to watch as we get some goofy performance's by family member's and bullying jocks too as well as adding a touch of some humoress Freddy Krueger type killings in which they tried to make Mary Lou be. It's quite a cheesy film but good to watch with a group of friends to laugh while watching the plotlines.

The acting is very corny but somewhat good. Lead actor Tim Conlon (Alex Grey) tries to pull his weight as much as he can as the highschool prep in the film buit somehow doesn't deliver his charming performance all that well. However, when he is dressed in a greaser uniform he does pull off a tough character and gets better later on as the story progresses too with his aggressions. There's a great reaction o nhim after seeing a corpse during a certain part of the story. A good aggression on him breaking off his relationship with Mary Lou.
David Stratton
(Shane Taylor) does well with his hyped up attitude as his friend and has a good bubbly performance pulling it off inside out.
Courtney Taylor
(Mary Lou Maloney) plays the part well with her cold soft words along with a great comedic evil personality too showing that she can wear many hats to her deadly performance as well as looking beautiful too.
Dylan Neal
(Andrew Douglas) is very kookie at a bullying football jock in the film but does well with his comedic timing and menacing attitude too. Yet a nice threatening reaction with him towards somebody else.
Jeremy Ratchford
(Leonard Welsh) was not at all convincing as a nerd in the film as he has the studly looks to him and can't be at all convincing with his actions either.
He doesn't pull off acting dweeby towards his fellow actress in a restaurant scene like he should be.

There's a butt shot on Tim Conlon after waking up in school the next day with an American flag wrapped around him
We spot a brief breast shot on Courtney Taylor making out with Conlon's character.

A principal's finger is cut off by scissors
A teacher's hands are stabbed with two ice cream cones and later on gutted with fruit inside of him
A counsellors flesh melts
Hearts are ripped out
A bully is stabbed in the stomach with a football turning into a spike

We have more good spooky synthesizer tpye music composed by Paul Zaza along with some sexy saxophone playing and throws in the kooky comedic music too.

Sarah Monroe: I don't get mad, I bake.

Sarah Monroe: While I'm here baking my face off, he's
Sarah Monroe: probably out there having the time of his life.

Mary Lou Maloney:(To Alex) It's not who you go with... It's who takes you home