Prom Night (2008)

Directed by: Nelson McCormick

Written by: J.S. Cardone


Brittany Snow .... Donna Keppel
Scott Porter .... Bobby
Jessica Stroup .... Claire
Dana Davis .... Lisa Hines
Collins Pennie .... Ronnie Heflin
Kelly Blatz .... Michael
James Randsone .... Detective Nash
Brianne Davis .... Crissy Lynn
Kellan Lutz .... Rick Leland
Mary Mara .... Ms. Walters
Johnathon Schaech .... Richard Fenton
Idris Elba .... Detective Winn
Jessalyn Gilsig .... Aunt Karen Turner
Linden Ashby .... Uncle Jack Turner

Special Appearance:

Ming-Na .... Dr. Elisha Crowe

Release Date: Quick Theatrical: April 11, 2008

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A maniac highschool teacher Richard Fenton (Johnathon Schaech) wants one teenage girl Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow) all to himself so he kills her family but then gets arrested and sent to a lifetime in prison.
A few years have passed and she is trying to overcome her nightmares and forgetting about him. Plus, there;s a special event for her as she is graduating from highschool going to her prom with her boyfriend Bobby (Scott Porter) and her best friends as well. She hopes to be prom queen but a jealous enemy of hers Crissy Lynn (Brianne Davis) wants that honor so she makes it rough for her.
Donna's worst nightmares have come to life as Richard escapes from prison and tracks Donna down at her Prom which is residing at a hotel.
He disguises himself and kills some of her friends and employees there in order to get to her while the police tries to save her from his evil clutches.


There's a good far away camera shot of a car driving by a tall bridge.
A very disturbing shot on Donna Keppel hiding under her bed and watching her mom getting killed.
A great discussion between Donna and her shrink as it looks impressive with the encouragement on forgetting the killer.
There's a good shot on her walking down some stairs in her prom dress.
We spot an excellent flashback sequence involving her in a police station crying and acting frightened towards Richard Fenton acting creepy towards her saying he's the only thing she has while being arrested.
We see great shots on Donna in a limo having conversations with her friends as they look like believeably happy teens celebrating their grad night.
A good hateful relationship between her and
Crissy Lynn when she enters the prom which looks like two girls who don't like each other but yet Donna was trying to act like a good sport to her which was impressive looking.
A nice camera panning in on the prom which looks very flashy with a DJ standing out well.
Good moment with Richard Fenton walking into a hotel hallway and a good camera shot on him scratching his hotel card with a knife.
Another good moment with Claire acting upset at the prom and a nice moment with Donna trying to cheer her up.
We have a good moment with Richard walking by someone in a hallway and then a mysterious student turning around to stare at him and ask him a question about if he's seen one of the employees there and then Richard tells him to enter his room which is creepy like.
A great shot on another student when he is screaming with his eyes wide and paranoid.
Nice shot on Aunt Karen Turner
looking in shocked horror and a great shot on a dish dropping and smashing.
There is a nice shot on Michael sitting on a couch and a camera approaching him which is of course the killer.
A nice shot on Claire with surprised expressions on her face after spotting the killer in disguse trying to figure out where she's seen him.
A good scene between Claire and Ronnie kissing lying on a hotel and Claire herself suddenly gets up with a freaked out expressions when she remembers who she saw.
A good shot on Claire walking down some stairs and tripping crying and being scared which makes you wonder if she's going to make it or not.
Nice moments with her trying to hide and not say a word and good shot on Richard trying to look around.
Nice shots on Schaech smashing the door with a fire extinguisher.
We have perfect suspenseful shots on Detective Winn and his sidekick trying to act cautious and silent looking into a room and not trying to get killed themselves hunting the killer down.
A nice moment with Winn trying to look into a vent and you jump when he finds out what's up there.
A great moment with Donna and Richard struggling and fighting as we have nice jiggling shots on the camera with their battle.
Bottom line: This is by no means a remake of the 1980 classic starring Jamie Lee Curtis and a story on it's own. What can I say about this film? It's boring, nothing much to it and not a whole lot of scene's either. What saves this film from bombing??? Well we have some good direction in the film but that's about it along with some cool dark scene's involving the killer.

The acting is a little above average but not terrific. Brittany Snow (Donna Keppel) seems to show off more of her beautiful looks but can get into character at times.
Scott Porter
(Bobby) seemed to breeze through as the protective boyfriend.
Jessica Stroup
(Claire) is full of character with her part and does come across nicely too.
rianne Davis (Crissy Lynn) played a fairly believeable bitch in the movie as she reminds me of some stuck up girls at my school.
Johnathon Schaech
(Richard Fenton) portrayed his role well as a killer and looked believeably intimidating too as well as being convincing by disguising himself too.
We have a small role performed by Ming-Na (Dr. Elisha Crowe) as a counsellor but she really brought alot to her part and I will always remember her performance.

Some mold bloody stabbings.
A couple of slit throats

There's some echoey classical violin playing and other dark sounds composed by Paul Haslinger but nothing too memorable.

Richard Fenton: [before chasing Lisa] What's the rush?

Richard Fenton: [whispering in the dark] Donna. Oh, I've missed you.