The Prophecy II (1998)

Directed by: Greg Spence

Written by:
Matt Greenberg & Greg Spence


Christopher Walken .... Gabriel
Russell Wong .... Danyael
Jennifer Beals .... Valerie Rosales
Brittany Murphy .... Izzy
Eric Roberts .... Michael

Special Appearances:

Steve Hytner .... Joseph
Bruce Abbott .... Thomas Daggett
Glenn Danzig .... Samayel

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: January 20, 1998




The menacing fallen angel Gabriel (Christopher Walken) returns from underground to try and destroy humankind once again while a battle between good and evil again descend the Earth in a battle over mankind which the ionly hope for survival is athe unborn child of an innocent woman named Valerie Rosales (Jennifer Beals) as she encounters a mysterious stranger named Danyael (Russell Wong) as she has a sexual encounter with him and then tries to protect her from the clutches of Gabriel along with saving all humanity.
Gabriel resurrects a juvenile delinquent named Izzy (Brittany Murphy) while trying to commit suicide with her boyfriend and forces her to help him find Valerie and to try and destroy Danyael and the other angels which climaxes in a battle in Eden.


A very superb scene with camera shots on a road cracking open and a red lighting effect with the cracks along with Gabriel crawling out which gives it a great looking sequel.
There are many good angle shots surrounding him as well during this moment.
We have good camera shots on Danyael jumping on top of a chair performing for some children.
A nice and effective moment that involves both and Danyael and Valerie Rosales together and then terrific shots and energetic performance when they do a lustful scene together as well as showing lightning effects on one another in bed.
Later on we have a great camera shot on Danyael stooping on top of the bed.
There's a nice dark and cold like discussion between Danyael and Joseph.
We have a terrific and powerful situation between Samayel by throwing Danyael out of a window and into a street corner brawling with terrific close up camera shots on the two of them.
A good shot looking up on Gabriel towards Joseph by ripping his heart out.
A nice shot on a punk kid screaming with his jaw wide open in a car while it is speeding towards a wall.
A good moment with Gabriel talking to Izzy in her smashed up car as she does well by crying.
A nice shot on Gabriel walking by a van and snapping his fingers with a cheesy shot on it exploding.
We have a good scene and shots between both Valerie and supporting character Nana by having a mother and daughter argument.
A nice shot on Valerie entering a bedroom and turning on a light walking towards her dead mother with a good shot on Gabriel stooping on her dresser talking silently to her and then attacking her by throwing her against a wall along with a great shot on Danyael by crashing through a window and battling Gabriel which we have a great shot on him throwing Danyael onto a sharp bedpost object.
Nice shots on Valerie running away from a car chasing after her with Gabriel getting demanding towards Nana driving the car.
We have a good moment with her pointing a gun at herself at a sleazy looking diner and then shooting herself which makes you jump a bit.
There's also a good moment with her acting aggressive towards Danyael in a cathedral with a great shot on the seating area.
A good shot on Gabriel dragging Valerie by the hair in the cathedral.
Perfect shots on policemen holding guns behind their cars along with a good shot on Gabriel being shot and slowly falling down in front of the catherdral.
We have numerous terrific camera shots on a factory with a metal gate and creepy moments happening along with battle scene's in the factory performed by Gabriel, Danyael and Valerie with more terrific shots inside.
We also have a good presence by Michael at the factory expressing an evil streak to his part showing him lighting candles while talking to Valerie.
There's a good conversation between Michael towards Gabriel between the metal gate with Gabriel himself acting loud and aggressive which looked truly dark.
There's also a nice special effects shot on him and Valerie by grabbing onto one another while falling off an object at the factory.
Bottom line is that normally I don't like sequels better than the original but I liked this one better probably cause there was more action and dark scene's involved. There's good lightning shots with lots of good fighting action in the film. We still have the odd dark humor too. The story was taken in a different direction with just Gabriel as the same character but hey it really works well with what is going on with the odd suspenseful jumping moments too and alot more darker with the plotline compared to the original.

The acting is well done as Christopher Walken (Gabriel) still shows his evil charm as the fallen Angel Gabriel and has an icy voice along with his nasty humor too. He's got everything with this sequel.
Russell Wong
(Danyael) shows tons of energy performing a good fallen angel as he does well with his blocking and fighting.
Jennifer Beals
(Valerie Rosales) does a good job with her aggressions in the film along with her terrific chemistry to her part.
Brittany Murphy
(Izzy) totally stood out as a basket case punk girl forced to work with Gabriel which she shows great emotional problems to her part in it.
Eric Roberts
(Michael) shows a good cold like presence to his part in the film and has good still expressions to his part.
A good cameo performance by gothic rocker Glenn Danzig (Samayel) which was very brief but shows terrific intensity as another fallen angel of death.

There's a brief butt shot performed by Christopher Walken while crawling out of the ground.
We have a butt shot on both Russell Wong and Jennifer Beals while having a sex scene in bed. Plus we have a brief breast shot on Beals.

Renegade angel's hearts are ripped out
A sharp object is stabbed through Danyael
Bullet shots are marked on Gabriel
A metal fence pole is stabbed through Gabriel

David C. Williams is back once again having some nice chanting sounds as well as the good deep effective synthesizer music and sharp tones.

Samayel: Long time Danyael!!!!