The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005)

Written & Directed by: Joel Soisson


Kari Wuhrer .... Allison
Jason Scott Lee .... Dylan
John Light .... John Reigart / Satan
Tony Todd .... Stark
Jason London .... Simon

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: September 6, 2005



As an ancient religious text - the Lexicon - continues to write itself and reveal eternal mysteries of the universe, it is now believed to contain the exact time when the Antichrist will arrive!
With control of the Lexicon and it's enormous power at stake, a group of fallen angels lead by the evil Stark (Tony Todd) will stop at nothing to capture it and the young woman named Allison (Kari Wuhrer) who possesses it!
She is chased after by strange people speaking different languages to her and then attacking her but yet is guided by the devil disguised as a local man named John Reighart (John Light) as well as being held hostage by someone named Dylan (Jason Scott Lee) who seems to help her when she is in danger too.


The beginning of the story looked very dark by showing small clips with supporting character Father Constantin taking out a book and trying to read it with the camera looking up at him while reading the book about how the world is ending speaking a different language with good close up effects on the words forming on the pages and then showing him dropping dead.
We have a good close up shot on
a little girl throwing a basketball at a metal fence along and then getting distracted along with a camera shot looking up on John Reigart by having a discussion with her in Spanish.
We also have a good close up shot on Dylan lighting a cigarette and then loading a shotgun pointing it in his mouth. There's a good shot on Stark playing with a slinky and then looking down face to face with Dylan talking coldly to him after he shoots himself.
A great shot on Allison on a balcony with some pigeons and Dylan then holding his gun at her later on telling his plans for her.
We have a terrific camera shot circling around both Dylan and Allison when he gives her a top and a wig to disguise herself.
A good shot on Allison looking nervous while walking through a corridor and then a hulking throne blocks her by putting his hand next to a wall which almost makes you jump and showed perfect timing too. Next we have a face licking throne coming up to her and licking her face which looked creepy.
A perfect close up shot on Allison's eye blinking and then showing terrific and shocking clips of disturbing moments in her life. It was well put together.
Good camera shots on Allison walking in a dark and abandoned cathedral with a nice distant and dark shot on John coming out from some blinds and then approaching close up to her with his cold speaking.
There's many good takes on Allison walking away from the cathedral looking nervous with two people running after her.
A nice effect on Allison cradling herself in a cathedral with lightning striking on her.
There's a nice spooky moment between Allison and Gabrielle walking up to her in a dark room with lightning whispering her words towards her.
We have a nice conversation sequence in the cathedral between Allison and Dylan which looked very peaceful.
There's a good silent speech by Allison towards Stark and then breaking the silence and acting menacing towards her.
Another nice artsy moment with John stooping on a stool standing in a trance while speaking to Allison in a park.
A nice passing by with Allison in a park crossing a part lurker with him turning his head to her with an evil look speaking another language to her and then attacking her with a knife along with a good shot on her falling to the ground and turning her body with her eyes barely open and then her getting up showing a good fighting battle with him.
We have a nice attacking moment by Stark slowly walking on an upper floor trying to search for something and then crashing down on a glass floor in a wine cellar at the cathedral against Allison while she's trying to hide with him pushing down a rack of wine and then following her up a staircase with good shots on some blood traces as well as looking at some paper with messages on him and then growling in anger.
There's great angle shots on Allison trying to escape on a rooftop.
A good scene with Stark slowly walking towards Allison and talking evilly to her on the top of the cathedral and her backing up speaking fearfully as well as a good shot on her standing next to the ledge.
A good slow motion shot on someone falling from the building with papers flying all over the place with shots on Stark yelling in devasation.
Bottom line is that this is a film that is a little different than the Gabriel flicks and even more of a hard of a story to understand. There are good performances and well as the nice dark effects in the film too. We have some intense and disturbing touches throughout the film which still makes it watchable but yet the story is a little pointless nonetheless. But again I was never a fan of the Prophecy flicks even if they are loved by millions.

The acting is quite good as Kari Wuhrer (Allison) shows alot of energy in her role with her nervous actions, screaming intensity and her blocking is great during a fighting scene making her part very realisitic. A great reaction on her pounding on a car door screaming hysterically. She also reacts well to being attacked.
Jason Scott Lee
(Dylan) pulls his part well with his frusterations and stern words with his part in the film. A good aggressive reactions on him when pointing a gun towards someone else.
Does a good job acting confused and fearful in another scene while pointing his rifle to one and the other.
John Light
(John Reigart / Satan) seems very crafty with his part as the devil with his still words and serious attitude.
However, Russell Todd (Stark) I must say was the best of them as in which he very much reminds me of his part as the Candyman proving he can play another evil role with his deep voice which sounded total cold sounding. He knew how to seem very silent and yet brutal and menacing.
He does well looking at his fellow actress in the face with his icy words to her. He does well trying to con someone into shooting his enemy.

There's a full naked woman in bed at an apartment suite.

Somebloody stabbings and gunshots but that's about it.

Joseph LaDuca shows many good music and sound effects with this piece. There's some good screechy sound effects with some heart thumping sounds, great chanting sounds by a woman, some good sharp violin music and trombone music too and good drum punding too for the mysterious moments.
There's the odd organ sounding during an intense moment that involved the characters Allison punding on a car door to be let in with Dylan just sitting there in a trance.

John Reigart: [holds up Twinkie packet] I have a weakness for these things.
Allison: Maybe it's the angel-food cake.
John Reigart: [pause] God forbid.