Pulse 2: Afterlife (2008)

Written & Directed by: Joel Soisson


Jamie Bamber .... Stephen
Karley Scott Collins .... Justine
Georgina Rylance .... Michelle
Todd Giebenhain .... Man in Red - Thomas Ziegler
Lee Garlington .... Aunt Carmen
Boti Bliss .... Marta

Special Appearance:

Grant James .... Uncle Pete

Release Date:
Fantastic Fest, Austin: September 22, 2008

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A woman named Michelle (Georgina Rylance) is on the search of her missing daughter named Justine (Karley Scott Collins) and asks anyone around her but spots people committing suidice or being run over by a vehicle not happy with themselves.
She goes to the aid of her Aunt Carmen (Lee Garlington) as she doesn't seem to be herself and tells her that her husband Uncle Pete (Grant James) isn't himself anymore.
Next, Michelle spots Justine in the playground at night on the swings and then runs away.
The next day, Justine is found walking on a roadway near Michelle's apartment and Stephen spots her and then takes her away.
Justine realises that everyone is being plagued by some sort of a virus caused by cell phones and computers which has been spreading a couple years beforehand causing deaths and suicides along with their spirits becoming evil and sucking the life out of others as they travel across the country to try and find safety but wherever they go people are being infected.


We do have some brief impressive shots with the Man in Red - Thomas Ziegler pulling out red tape and then making his costume but then he walks the alley ways and streets with ghostly effects shown which looks quite cheesy plus it was in the daylight. Not a good time to show hauntings then.
Next, we have a good camera shot on Michelle at her computer with an angle shot on her while some sort of soot is falling down and then the camera circles towards showing her in front of the computer typing which looked good and gets up as well as nice angle shots on her looking around for her daughter with nice hallucination sequences with her banging on a neighbors door in an apartment as well as at a hospital with no one reacting which was done in good taste making it mysterious.
We have a nice scene with her walking in the middle of the street near a deserted city with a close to jumping reaction on a falling down of a corpse being hung along with an estranged woman coming up to her acting totally out of it when she tries to demand to her if she saw her little girl which was perfectly set out.
We spot a perfect dark scene between her and Aunt Carmen as niece and aunt wondering what is happening to everyone. A perfect close up shot on both of them nearly opening a door to a room with Aunt Carmen acting emotionally scared telling her something terrifying.
A nice shot on Michelle going outside in a backyard with a shot on Justine wearing a jacket and hood on her head acting like a zombie on a swing.
We have some good cheesy outdoor effects with Michelle trying to chase after her daughter in a playground area.
There's perfect angle shots on Justine walking the the middle of the road with her hood over her head along with two separate shots on Stephen waking up in his vehicle watching her in the street along with Michelle on her balcony in her apartment staring at her. Then there's good shots on her running down the stairs to try and get to her along with Stephen hugging her and speaking emotionally towards her.
A good creepy moment with the two of them in the vehicle while trying to speed by before a suicidal jumper is on an overpass about to jump off.
We have some great aggressions between Stephen and supporting character Cliff after he spots a mark on Justine's shoulder.
A nice conversation in a house with Stephen and Justine when she discussed what happened to her mother along with a great flashback sequence with a perfect camera shot on Michelle in her daughters bedroom kneeling down and holding out her hand along with Justine slowly walking towards her crying and embracing one another with Michelle singing a song to her and the cheesy effects of black markings forming on her and then falling to dust.
We have a nice energetic moment on Michelle trashing her apartment room and then her kneeling down with the camera zooming away from her.
There's a nice evil moment with a character Uncle Pete gutting a dead animal and trying to get out of his room with Aunt Carmen on the other side of the door acting frightened when he tries to demand her to let him out which was truly dark and twisted like.
We have a good presence with Marta entering the cabin and acting arrogant as well as her acting spooked with Stephen on shutting off a computer with him discovering what's on the computer screen.
A perfect shot on Michelle's hands typing very quickly on a keyboard plus a great close up shot on Stephen while trying to figure something out on his side of the computer and then a great ghostly presence with her looking face to face with him in which he breathes heavily.
A perfect running away scene in the cabin with Stephen screaming and panicking to everyone in order to get out.
A nice ghostly presence by Marta trying to make out with Cliff and then the terror starts to happen.
Another nice moment on a gas station attendant while filling up gas a nice close up shot on his arm with the dark effects as well as a nice shot on him putting gasoline on him and lighting his lighter.
The best part of the movie of all is towards the end when Stephen tries to sympathise with the ghostly Michelle in a middle of a field.
Bottom line is that this film is not as good as the first one as I almost rated it just above average as it almost sloped down but picked up in many spots with the very dark terrifying moments and the evil ghostly hauntings which makes up for that making it very watchable for any horror fan. This film almsot reminds me a ghostly version of Dawn of the Dead but in much better taste.
I'm glad the story carried on and can have a great following still imaginging if computers or any other devices can kill you and turn you into a deadly spirit.
The special effects are slightly cheesy in some spots and on a bit of a lower budget than the first one but that really doesn't matter since we have a nice performance and a good plot.

The acting is very well done for most of the cast in this film especially the lead actor Jamie Bamber (Stephen) who shows a great serious attitude along with alot of aggression and terrific energy to his character to top it all off showing great expressions not to mention. A good shocked reaction on him discovering what's on a computer in a certain scene. A good scared expressions in another part of the story. He showed off terrific energy and emotions offering sympathy towards someone else near the end of his performance.
Child actress Karley Scott Collins (Justine) was gifted with her part as the estranged child in the film who knew how to cry on cue when she needed to or be frightened as well. In a certain scene she does well by getting spooked. She does well sobbing about discussing her mother. She can really go far in her career as an actress.
However, Georgina Rylance (Michelle) doesn't seem to pull off her part all that well and seemed a tiny bit wooden but not extremely awful. She just seemed low on energy.
Lee Garlington
(Aunt Carmen) performed great acting like a basket case Aunt as well as behaving very quiet and extremely strange too which made her believeably mysterious.
Boti Bliss
(Marta) really knew how to act like a tough one with a bit of a stuck up attitude although she was in it about 10 minutes.
She is good by acting frightened with a ghostly presence on her fellow actress.

We have a bare breasted Boti Bliss when she is turned into a ghost walking towards William Prael's and nearly seducing him.

A body is bloodied after jumping off an overpass.
There's a slit wrist
A body sinks in some sludge

Elia Cmiral composes good harp chiming and synthesizer music for when the film starts after the opening credits showing good talent along with the odd singing. Of course he composes the great thumping sounds for the jumping scene's. There's perfect windy, moaning and hissing sounds too.
There's some good chilling piano playing which sounds similar in Halloween during a haunting moment in the film along with the good peaceful violin playing too for other certain scene's when it's necessary.