Puppet Master II (1991)

Directed by: Dave Allen

Written by:
David Pabian

Story by: Charles Band


Elizabeth Maclellan .... Carolyn Bramwell
Collin Bernsen .... Michael Kenney
Steve Welles .... Andre Toulon
Gregory Webb .... Patrick Bramwell
Charlie Spradling .... Wanda
Jeff Celentano .... Lance
Nita Talbott .... Camille

Special Appearance:

George 'Buck' Flower .... Matthew

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: February 7, 1991

*Images courtesy at www.badmovies.org






The puppets are back to take care of some unfinished business by resurrecting their master Andre Toulon (Steve Welles) from the grave and a new puppet joins them named Torch and gather the brain matter that keeps all of them alive and keep collecting brains.
Toulon however has a deadly plan of his own in which he returns to his castle by the ocean where he meets a new group of Paranormal Researchers residing there and Andre discovers a woman named Carolyn Bramwell (Elizabeth Mclellan) who looks just like his dead wife Elsa in which all hell breaks loose and wants to keep her for himself and to be resurrected into a puppet with her so they can live together eternally.


A good camera shot with some of the puppet's digging up Toulon's grave and a camera looking up with a corpses hand sticking out.
We also have perfect camera shots and effects on the puppets attacking Camille and dragging her to the ground and killing her.
There's many good shots on a puppet with a drilled head drilling in Patrick Bramwell's head along with some of the other people trying to get the puppet off of him and destroying it.
A good shot on a supporting character Martha by looking shocked as well as a good shot on Matthew dead with the puppets killing him as well as terrific shots on her trying to kill them with a shotgun as there's nice action on this moment.
We have a good presence by Andre Toulon approaching towards both Carolyn Bramwell and Michael Kenney having a discussion with them.
We also have a good flashback scene that involved both Andre and Carolyn at a puppet performance theatre festival with NAZI's burning stuff.
We spot a good shot on Carolyn and Michael with their dialogue along with a distance shot on Andre.
Another good dialogue between Mclellan and Bernsen near an ocean which looked nice and emotional.
There's also a moment with a child near a campsite playing with his soldier toy by using a whip and then discovering one of the puppets and playing with that one which looked quite corny but the direction leaves you an impression that the child is looking for trouble.
We have a good lustful shot on Carolyn and Michael in bed together.
A good shot on Wanda screaming after discovering that her boyfriend was killed as well as her trying to crawl back with a camera zooming in on her and one of the puppet's approaching to kill.
There's a good battle scene between Michael and one of the puppets.
A nice scene with Carolyn tied to a chair in an attic with Andre talking to her and then a nice appearance on a resurrected Puppet Toulon which looked well done and alot of great suspenseful shots on the puppets attacking him.
Bottom line is that this sequel was not as good as the first one but it offered some good killings as well as good effects on the puppets. The story seems to go nowhere however but Toulon trying to find resurrection as well as pointless camera shots on certain other things like a couple of farmers being terrorised by the puppet's and a child trying to play with one of them thinking it's a toy. But there is a good flashback scene about the Nazi's burning down a puppet theatre and a bizarre ending too to top it off.

The acting is fairly descent as always since we have a nice performance by lead actress Elizabeth Maclellan (Carolyn Bramwell) showing her emoitons well plus terrific energy with her actions and words too.
Collin Bernsen
(Michael Kenney) looks like one of those pretty boy types who can't act but he seems to do okay but is not overlly terrific but passable enough to oull his part off.
Steve Welles
(Andre Toulon) brings the chram with his role as Toulon and has a nice slick voice to his part even if he is mostly folded in bandages like a mummy.
Nita Talbott
(Camille) didn't have a huge role in the film but yet she was very well noticeable in her part living at the castle.
A perfect spooked reaction on her warning to others not to go in some rooms telling them there's little demons of some sort.

Charlie Spradling shows off her breasts while getting out of bed.
There's a butt shot on Collin Bernsen while trying to defend himself from a puppet at a bedside.

A person has his head bloodily drilled by a puppet
Another puppet takes out a piece of brain from a guy's head
A person is burnt to the crisp and their eyes stabbed with black blood gushing out
A guys throat is bloodily slit
Toulon's face is scarred
A puppet Toulon is breaking to pieces with green blood flowing out

Richard Band is back at it again. We have some good sexy synthesizer playing for a romantic scene which is different than the other stuff used in the film which was borrowed alot in the first one. But still it works terrifically.