Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991)

Produced & Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by:
C. Courtney Joyner

Story by: Charles Band


Guy Rolfe .... Andre Toulon
Richard Lynch .... Major Krauss
Ian Abercrombie .... Dr. Hess
Kristopher Logan .... Lt. Eric Stein
Aron Eisenberg .... Peter Hertz
Walter Gotell .... General Mueller
Sarah Douglas .... Elsa Toulon

Special Appearance:

Michelle Bauer .... Lili

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: October 17, 1991

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Taking place in 1941, when Andre Toulon (Guy Rolfe) first started bringing his puppets to life with his wife Elsa (Sarah Douglas) and how he entertained kids back in World War II in Germany.
A scientist at a morgue named Dr. Hess (Ian Abercrombie) who has invented a top secret formula that brings his attendents to life discovers that Andre and Elsa are using it to bring their puppets to life so a NAZI named Gestapo kidnaps Andre along with his nasty leader Major Krauss (Richard Lynch) in which he kills Elsa and is then whisked away by one of the NAZI's named Gestapo.
However, along the way Gestapo is killed by the puppets as they take action to protect their master and they all escape.
Suddenly Andre creates a new puppet of his own named Six Shooter to seek revenge on the murder of his wife along with using Elsa's essence into a new puppet he made for her named Leech Woman.
Meanwhile, Krauss tries to hunt Toulon down since he knows the formula in which he uses to create more of his puppets to kill his cult since they have already done away with many of his men including the sleazy NAZI General Mueller (Walter Gottell) prevented by Six Shooter but he is in for a shocking surprise when he finds out what puppet is after him.


There's a great moment which involves Major Krauss about to have a discussion with Dr. Hess while he's experimenting with a zombie as he is about to attack Krauss when he suddenly shoots him in the head in a mortuary.
There's entertaining camera shots on Andre Toulon and his wife Elsa performing their puppets with the children watching and being entertained which all looked natural.
We also have some nice shots with Andre injecting his puppet Tunneler with fluid to keep them alive as well as a nice discussion between him and Elsa when he shows her a new puppet he made based on her in their bedroom together which we have great close up shots on both their faces.
Of course for an old school DeCoteau flick we spot General Mueller being bathed by topless prostitutes
while chatting on the phone but it looked very artsy and necessary for the scene.
There's a disturbing moment with Elsa being shot and and later on she spits in Krauss' face and then he takes out a gun and her reacting scared with a good shot on him holding the gun shooting her along with Andre being taken away. These moments were almost disturbing to watch.
We spot some good close up shots on Mueller and Lili fornicating in a room and then caressing and kissing one another later on.
A nice shot on him looking surprised at the Six-shooter puppet with a great shot on him taking out a gun and then shooting one of his arms off along with a good shot on Six-shooter firing his guns along with a shot on him reacting to the gun shots and crashing out a window.
The best scene is the discussion between Andre and Peter Hertz showing him his puppets in his hideout which showed many good shots on the puppets reactions as well as Peter himself looking very interested in them with Andre's nice attitude towards him.
A disturbing moment with the driven anger on Peter's father Hertz against Toulon when he tells his son to stay away from him by making you wonder if he will get depressed to the point that he will turn evil.
We have a good struggling scene between Hertz and Krauss with the two of them trying to get a gun from one another.
The best scene's that involves Krauss by being tortured by the puppets with hooks attached to chains being stabbed on him with perfect angle shots while this moment happens and then being hung as well as some great painful expressions on his face and pleading for mercy.
Bottom line is that this marks to be my favourite one out of all the Puppet Master movies since it's a prequel to the first two.
It shows the history of Andree Toulon and his love life with a beautiful woman. It also explains on how he brought his puppets to life and how Leech Woman was invented as well as the most famous killer puppet named Blade. Not only that, these puppets only killed bad people like the NAZI's and not doing away innocent victims.
Some scene's were a little disturbing but not too extreme due to it's low budget but it has a great performance with everyone. However, some of the clothing and hair styles don't look like the 1940's look like they should be but it's just the odd characters in the film and the rest looks just fine for the time it should be.
If you're a fan of Full Moon Entertainment and enjoy the Puppet Master films this one is for you!!!!

The acting is quite good for a low budgeter like this since we have many experienced actors and a few known names who had there day of fame like Richard Lynch (Major Krauss) who does a splendid job playing a nasty NAZI leader in which he often plays nasty types of roles regardless. He knew how to make his words very cold and evil like too along with his expressions. Also a good cold reaction with him towards one of his fellow actors with their discussions near the beginning of the story. His blocking looked good when he takes out a gun.
It's great to see Guy Rolfe (Andre Toulon) back again since his absence from the previous sequel and he was wonderful with his character like always and knew how to bring his kind charm and upsetting emotions all come to life. He was terrific with his upset emotions when he's being taken away. does a good job with his words telling his fellow actor to listen to his onscreen father to stay away from him.
Ian Abercrombie
(Dr. Hess) definetely stood out in his role as a science in a morgue and brings his nervous actions and energy to life immediately when the film started with him. He is another terrific character actor whom is often a horror and b-film veteran.
Kristopher Logan
(Lt. Eric Stein) really shows his stuff as a dorky NAZI soldier in the film in which leaves you the impression that can be outsmarted since he made his character convincing at that.
Young actor Aaron Eisenberg (Peter Hertz) totally brought his charm as a curious and kind kid to life and did a nice German accent to his role as well. He really was believeable by playing a trustworthy well behaved one.
The late Walter Gottell (General Mueller) (Bless his soul) brings alot of humor to his part as a sleazy scumbag NAZI general in the film and knew how to pull of his characteristic accent too like he's done in numerous other shows during his lifetime. This was one of his last films. Rest in peace big guy.
Sarah Douglas
(Elsa Toulon) was only in this film for the first 20 minutes before being killed off but she really knew her stuff and I've been a fan of her work in the first two Superman movies as the evil Ursa but this time she plays a sweet and innocent wife of Andre Toulon and pulls it off almost just as well than playing someone wicked. She also looked very beautiful in her performance and different too. She reacts well to being shot as well as acting in pain.
Matthew Faison
(Hertz) does a good job playing a protective dad with his nervous actions. He does well being aggressive towards his onscreen son by telling him to get away from Toulon.
We also have sexpot/scream queen Michelle Bauer (Lili) who has a cameo in this film as a prostitute in the film who had the right looks but had no lines so she fit the part and this is one of her better films since she was mostly remembered working in DeCoteau's trashy T&A horror and comedy flicks as well as the same with Fred Olen Ray whom does the same kinds that bomb big time and she had bigger roles in them.

Three bit part actresses like Michelle Bauer, Jasmine Touschek and an uncredited one named Landon Hall all play hookers topless bathing Walter Gottell's character but he has underwear on.
Michelle Bauer
is bare breasted fornicating with Walter Gottell's character in a bedroom scene at a whorehouse.
That's aboput it folks as this is not a T&A trashy horror flick like most of the 80's and early 90's films that DeCoteau has directed.

A morgue attendant is bloodily slaughtered looking
Many NAZI's are drilled and stabbed by the puppets
There's some bloody gunshots
Some Nazi's look gruesomely slaughtered by leeches caused by Leech Woman

The music is composed by who else??? Richard Band of course with the same theme song as always for the opening and closing credits and in certain spots throughout the story too. There's also great deep synthesizer music for the suspenseful happenings too and the odd high notes with it.