Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (1994)

Directed by: Jeff Burr

Written by:
Douglas Aarniokoski , Steven E. Carr, Jo Duffy, Todd Henschell & Keith S. Payson


Gordon Currie .... Rick Myers
Chandra West .... Susie
Ian Ogilvy .... Dr. Jennings
Teresa Hill .... Lauren
Nicholas Guest .... Hendy
Willard E. Pugh .... Jason
Duane Whitaker .... Scott

Special Appearances:

Ron O'Neal .... Detective
Guy Rolfe .... Andre Toulon
Clu Gulager .... Man #1
Kaz Garas .... Man #2

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: September 21, 1994







Decapitron has his main demon totem destroyed as he performs a cult ceremony to create a puppet for himself to release on the world.
Meanwhile, Rick Myers (Gordon Currie) is in prison and questioned by the Dr. Jennings (Ian Ogilvy) and a Detective (Ron O'Neal) about the murder of his friend Cameron and is then released but is having nightmares on his friend Lauren (Teresa Hill) whom is in a coma in a hospital and then awakens. He discovered that one of Toulon's puppets named Blade tagged along in his bag when he arrived home and finds out that there is still trouble so him and his girlfriend Susie (Chandra West) goes back to the Bogeda Bay Inn to put an end to Decapitron's evil deeds.
Meanwhile, Dr. Jennings brings three goons to look for Toulon's puppets oping to get rich quick in which he plans to sell their secrets as implements of war. They break into the Inn but discover that not only are the puppets residing there but more totems and other evil creatures roaming around and killing any living thing that enters there.
Rick and Susie may have to risk their necks in order to save Jennings as well as themselves but Jennings is becoming very greedy and can be dangerous.


There's a good moment with Rick Myers sitting there in his prison uniform along with his voice over during the flashback sequence on the previous sequel.
Good shots on him along with Dr. Jennings and a detective by questioning him in a room which was decently made on two people trying to get anything out of a criminal.
We spot a good shot on the puppet Blade looking around and then a great camera shot running towards a beg.
There's a good moment with Rick running into Susie's arms and kissing one another along with a good shot of them making out in their bed together.
A perfect horror shot on a bathtub filled with bloody water and toys in it along with a shot on Lauren acting almost erected like with pinhead drilling her head and opening her eyes looking evil like and then a great surprise wake up shot on Rick in his bed. Then we get a good shot on him looking surprised with a shot on Blade crawling up to his bed and a good moment with him talking to this alive puppet about what to do to save Lauren.
There's some good moments with Lauren's in her hostpial bed rising up and screaming.
We also have many perfect shots in the cave with the Decapitron figure doing a cult ceremony with a dead totem as it looked cheesy but enjoyable.
There's also a corny but very interesting situation on Dr. Jennings with three goons breaking into the mansion where Toulon resided and trying to steal Toulon's puppets.
A terrfic shot on Jason looking in a container and then a shot on a totem leaping out which almost makes you jump in which these shots were very similar in the previous sequel.
Many good shots on the totems attacking as well as a camera rolling in on Scott lying on the ground panicking.
We see a good fighting sequence between Dr. Jennings and Rick in an elevator in the mansion which looked like quite a good struggle.
Many terrific camera shots between the army of puppets and Dr. Jennings being cornered acting nervous and then being attacked.
Then we have the final battle between the puppets and the totems once again but this was more powerfully done with the terrific camera shots and effects along with a great raging reaction on Rick and Susie.
A real perfect shot looking up on Rick after stepping on a totem.
Next there's a nice shot on Susie jogging and later on having a conversation with Rick and Lauren. There's also a good shot on Toulon speaking telling them that the battle is over.
Bottom line is that this marks to be one of the best out of the Puppet Master series with plenty of great special effects, action and suspense too. There's plenty of terrific scenery in the film like the dimensions of Decapitron with his evil doing's along with some misty effects there too. There's also some crafty dream and hallucination sequences giving it a good dark horror effect to the story.
To top it all off there's a perfect ending to the story which was necessary since this one was titled the final chapter of the whole series but of course it doesn't come to an end as we get to see Curse of the Puppet Master.

The acting is quite good as Gordon Currie (Rick Myers) reprises his role and still pulled his role off well along with his attitude like a true warrior battling against those creatures and his enemies.
Chandra West
(Susie) also seemed to put more energy into her role than in the previous one and also knew how to get anxious quite well with the terrors going on.
an Ogilvy (Dr. Jennings) does his job well as a scumbag doctor in the film ttrying to be deceiving too in which I give him two thumbs up.
Teresa Hill
(Lauren) returns as well but mainly in a coma in a hospital bed but really knew how to scream as well as look evil in some dream sequences too. She looked good acting intense almost behaving like she's having a seisure in her hospital bed. She really stood out in her role.
It's nice to see b-film veteran Duane Whitaker (Scott) play a supporting role in this film and does well with his bad ass attitude. He's often typecast playing these types of roles. Does well trying to look around for the puppets with him battling a totem and later on is good in a kitchen area of the mansion and picking up a rolling pin and sneering nastily while looking for the totems.
There's a cameo on the late Ron O'Neal (Detective) as he really knew his craft playing a detective in the film but of course he often played these types of roles in his heyday.

Pinhead is drilling Lauren's head in a bathtub during a dream sequence with some blood puring out.
Some bloody scratches by the creatures as well as them being blown up along with some violent bloodsheds.

Richard Band brought back the traditional theme song for the opening and closing credits way to go! There's the odd neat chiming sounds played on the keyboard mostly remembered in a moment when the character Rick Myers types on the computer trying to find help. There's some new classical composing too with some violin and trumpet playing for the puppet battling. We also have some nice keyboard piano playing towards close to the end of the film with the character Susie having a jog outside in the sun.