A Quiet Place (2018)

Executive Produced & Directed by: John Krasinski

Produced & Written by:
Bryan Woods, Scott Beck & John Krasinski


Emily Blunt .... Evelyn Abbott
John Krasinski .... Lee Abbott
.... Regan Abbott
.... Marcus Abbott

Release Dates: South by Southwest Film Festival: March 9, 2018; Blood Window Fest: March 30, 2018; Theatrical: April 6, 2018







A family hides out in a suburban farm area as creatures reside and attack anything that makes a sound as this family is forced to stay quiet if they want to survive.


A great mysterious beginning to the story with a deserted town as well as showing newspaper clippings on what had happened there as there were many great takes on the area looking like a ghost town. Plus we have a family quietly walking into a drug store and being cautious on getting some medicine for one of their children as this made me watch carefully wondering as to why they're being so silent which looked mildly creepy.
What drew me in fright is when family's youngest child Beau tries to drag a toy rocket ship off the shelf and it's ready to fall as we all know that it will make a loud sound which looked suspenseful while watching every little bit on what he's doing in order to get it.
Then when the family silently walks back to their home and then Beau suddenly plays with his rocket making sounds and the father Lee tries to catch up to him in fear which made me watch in terror knowing that something is going to happen and a mild jumping moment with all of this occuring as this seemed to be an impressive start for a horror flick but things are rather boring afterwards.
Well focused moments with the two children silently play Monopoly together and one of them accidently knocking over a lantern as the loud crash made me jump out of my seat and then the parents coming into action wondering if these beings will be approaching which is a nice spooky moment with everything suddenly still and all of them in fear as well as Lee going near a window to look on what's outside which gave me the chills thinking that a surpising situation is about to happen.
The story starts to drag alot as I was hoping more terrifying moments will occur but very little of it happening as the story builds up to it later on.
Yet we do hear conversations coming from both Lee and his son Marcus when they go to a river which is soundproof for the creature to hear them as this seemed to look okay to watch but still nothing to brag about either making the story lack a bit.
Perfect tension and a psychological moment when Evelyn is about to go into labor and trying to hide from one of the creatures entering her home which is a scary situation and wondering on what to do. Certainly looked well done as to what she tries to do as well as some nice camera shots on what one of these monsters looked like.
Then in the story there's adventureous moments with Lee and Marcus running towards their home and then a nice shot with a backwoods old man which looked spooky as well as him crying out as this looked perfectly intense to watch this wondering if they're in vain on surviving.
The adventure almost packs a punch with Lee escaping from one of the monsters and trapping himself in a cellar and having an emotional discussion with Evelyn which looked well focused but still the story was slow while watching the outcomes of all of what's going down.
Yet in the story things looked incredibly intense and suspenseful with both Regan and Marcus struggling the insides of a silo being sucked underneath the grain that's inside which made me watch in terror wondering if they will be drowned from this. It for sure looked powerfully done by what they have to do in order to survive.
The showdown seems to happen in okay style with Lee trying to protect his surving children from one of the beasts which looked powerful to watch and it is sad on what happens to him and their kids watching this all happening.
The final showdown really happens when one of the monsters tries to be sneaky with Evelyn and her kids in the cellar and terrific intense moments on this beast destroying some TVs and wrecking havoc which offered some nice special effects as well as Evelyn pointing her shotgun but was taking up too much time as I was like shoot this bastard!!! Things look clever when one of their kids spot their weaknesses as well as at the end opens a door for a sequel but I won't be disappointed at all if they don't make one.
Bottom line is that the theatrical trailer is better than the story itself which I was hoping for an exciting story but it doesn't go anywhere and kepts going in circles as well. Seemed like a clone on creature feature flicks such as The Descent and so fourth as nothing was going for this one at all in which it needed way more inspiration. Pretty bland stuff.

The acting is mostly silent which is hard to tell but I will do my darnest to try to review it. Emily Blunt (Evelyn Abbott) seemed to act natural within everything that she did as well as trying to be perfectly cautious on the surroundings. Also reacts well to nearly being in labor and acting fearful with what is going on while this is happening. Also does a great job with her emotional attitude which seemed natural.
John Krasinski (Lee Abbott) seemed to show alot of adrenaline by acting cautious with what is going on around him and others. Shows some good anxious expressions when something happens as he seemed to be a natural. Also shows a nice uplifting attitude later on near a river when he is discussing stuff as well as showing a good emotional attitude when talking to his onscreen wife about what is happening too. Springs into action greatly near the end of his performance too.
(Regan Abbott) shows off a nice maturity for her age as a courageous and responsible child. Does well with her upsetting behavior as well as doing a great job with her adrenaline when she is in a suspenseful situation. Does her best to show off characteristics and seemed to flow in naturally by everything that she did here. Had the perfect appeal for all of this which is a nice bonus for her.
(Marcus Abbott) certainly drew across the most on his timid and scared behavior. Also was good crying on set as he really knew on how to be frightened on what's out there. Does a great job acting anxious with what he had to say when he fears on creatures finding them if they make a sound. Reacts well crying out in a certain part of the story and does it with style.

Woman's insides are exposed in a wooded area.

Marco Beltrami is one of the films only saving grace as he really knew his stuff with each scene step by step in which for the creepy moments has low moaning classical scoring adding a nice touch to the frights as well as hissing, scraping sounds and tappings too as this always does the trick for any creature feature. Plus he has some nice clear classical music and piano playing for other certain quiet moments which sounds great too.

Lee Abbott: [Signed] Too noisy.

Evelyn: Your father will protect you. Your father will always protect you.

Lee Abbott: It's a boy.
Evelyn: It's a boy.

Marcus Abbott: [Signed] He'll come for us.
Regan Abbott: [Signed] He'll come for *you*.

Lee Abbott: [Signed] I love you. I've always loved you.