Race with the Devil (1975)


Directed by:  Jack Starrett 

Produced & Written by: Lee Frost & Wes Bishop 


 .... Roger 
 .... Frank
 .... Alice
.... Kelly 

Special Appearance:

R.G. Armstrong .... Sheriff Taylor

Release Date: Theatrical: June 27, 1975




Two couples who enjoy dirtbike racing from Texas travel to Colorado vacationing as they enter an area where they spot a Satanic ceremony as well as witnessing a sacrifice and then are spotting by this cult as they go to the police but they don't seem to be of any help.
To top it off, the locals in the town seem strange and are watching them as well as being followed with surprise attacks and no one wants them to escape.


The film rolls along quite well we see people dirtbike racing and stuff like that as well as the group of friends travelling and having a good time with sarcastic moments and so fourth while we carry on watching these moments happening.
Then things really get rolling big time when they camp out in a deserted forest by a river and we spot a big fire happening a distant away which I had a feeling that it was going to be a satanic ritual and boy was I right as the two friends Roger and Frank spotting the place and watching the moments happen with binoculars and making sarcastic comments in which we spot unclothed women and so fourth with people doing a chant as this looked dark and spooky to watch. Then suddenly a sacrifice happens as well as these friends being shocked which really brought tension onto the scene. What is more terrifying is that during the moments on these matters their other friend Alice calls out to their two friends which made my heart sank knwing that this cult will hear her and catch both of Roger and Frank spying on them as this brings more terror onto the picture and a pleaser to any horror hound such as myself.
The action and terror rolls along big time when the two of them run back to their van and try to speed away as well as them being caught in a ditch of the river as my heart sank wondering if it's too late for them to get away. All of this drew in marvellously.
Later on things looked creepily mysterious when they go to the police about the situation as they seem to act strange on stuff as well as the locals there with a vehicle following them offering more great horror timing making me think that the whole town is in on this especially when they go to a gas station and an employee acts strange holding a siamese cat hissing which was a perfect touch. To top it all off there's a note that the two women friends Alice and Kelly spot on a some sort of a threat as well as some astral language in which they go to a library to look it up but the librarian tells them they can't take it with them due to the book being popular there which adds more strangeness to everything that the town is full of cult members. 
Then they go to a trailer park and the two women are swimming with nice shots on the locals staring at them making things a little creepy which has a psychological feel to everything.
Well done bizarre situations when a strange couple Delbert and Ethel greet them with champagne and act nosey in their mobile which certainly drew in that these two were pretty annoying. 
Then they all go to a bar where country music is playing which looked nicely set out and then an intense moment when a brawl breaks out which made me watch carefully that these group of friends would be safe by leaving.
Then a nice shocking tragic moment when they come back to their trailer to realise on what happened to their pet with the localls coming out and just staring at them which offered more weird vibes to the story.
A nice near jumping moment when they are driving and a couple of rattlesnakes come lashing out of a cupboard and a frenzy breaks out as I wondered if anyone will survive and manage to kill these reptiles as things looked perfectly vicious.
The dynamic action occurs again when they are on the road and are on a chase with vehicles trying to run them down as there's perfectly effective moments with some of the people trying to jump on the trailer as well as vehicles crashing or exploding in which this should please fans of car chase types of flicks. Plus strange moments happen when we spot on what looks like a schoolbus broken down with children outside and they realise that it's Sunday which offers more creepiness to the plot which leaves a clue that all of these people are trying to get these 4 friends.
Bottom line is that this is a strange film but incredibly well done offering lots of spooky moments on everyone in a town getting together to try and put an end to some innocent people witnessing something that happened but yet they are all in on it. Has a Twilight Zone type of feeling to everything or even a touch of Rosemary's Baby but it's not just happening in a building it's happening in the whole town. Certainly gives anyone the creeps who can't handle strangeness and can get nightmares from watching this.

The acting is very natural since it has top celebrities in it that are talented such as (Roger) who struts his stuff as someone incredibly energetic offering a nice charming type of attitude as well as offering the odd humoress moments in certain spots. Plus shows off a good intense behavior when he's struggling against the madness that is happening. Seemed to show it all off pretty good. 
 (Frank) shows off a good seriousness as well as coming across as someone who will act tough when needed to be which was fairly well performed. He also does a nice job with his deep speaking as well as having a good caring behavior too which shines off perfectly. Seemed to get into his characteristics wonderfully.
 (Alice) shows off a good brave attitude and trying to hold it all together as she was strong in her presence while behaving this way. Plus does well with her sobbing and upsetting behavior in other spots. Was on the ball within whatever she did in her role to make it seem all believeable.
(Kelly) brought it on the most with her intensity as she does well reacting nervous on situations with others. Also does well losing control with her emotional attitude packing a great punch with this alng with her freaking out which really came across greatly. Knew on how to scream too with the terror striking her as well. She was another terrific character actress who stood out the most. 
R.G. Armstrong (Sheriff Taylor) had a terrific supporting role even if it wasn't huge in which he drew in a good sarcastic and cocky behavor as well as acting believeably sketchy too. Was a true force of nature with his mysterious and strange behavior making him untrustworthy to be around. Studied this role superbly.

A bunch of women are fully nude at a ritual but mainly their butts are only revealed

Leonard Rosenman does the job right with the low music tones suiting on what is happening onto the screen with deep cassical music as well as some drum boomings too. Alot of action type music too surrounding the story. Everything was put together marvellously while we continue watching all the way through and deserves good credit especially for the opening credits which has a horror drive in type of feel to how he composed it.