Quey Phillips as Karen Fisher - Narrator!
Quey is a very inspired actress and has a strong desire to build her resume in all areas of performing; dancing, acting, singing, and choreography. She also craves gaining more experience in writing and directing.
Previously, she has performed in community and interactive theatres, as well as assisted other actors and dancers with play development and choreography. Quey has also written and been an assistant director of one play. In addition to this, she assisted her local high school's marketing students to write and compile a script for the credit grantors.
Moreover, Quey has recently been part of a couple of short films which were tons of fun and have proven to me once again that she love these fields.

Andrew Cleminson as Jacob Fisher!
Born in England some years ago, Andrew is a retired businessman who now designs and makes custom furniture.
He has appeared in many well known TV commercials like for and print advertisements Memento's Peppermints, Avlamil (Viagra for women), Tristar Hospitals US regional, Island Hearing Aids, BC Tourism, Whistler skidoo, Sequoia Restaurants and several 'indie' films one of them coming this fall titled Jersey Devil as it comes to the West Coast in which he plays a gay professor
at Cambridge University who is a recruiter for the al quieda suicide bombers.
Andrew also played a part
in a Mysterious Ways episode in which he thought was a roadkill.
Andrew is an experienced public speaker having spent much of his life MC'ing international horse shows both here, in Canada and all over the US.

Greg Russell Tiderington as Toby Allen!
Apart from being the moderator of Racks & Razors Greg started out in the entertainment field as a sketch artist before he learned to talk eventually leading him by being interviewed on local newspapers and a spot on the 6'0Clock News. He also did comic strips for his school paper.
Then during his senior highschool years he was bittten by the acting bug and did some independent scholarship one act plays.
After he grauduated he volunteered at his local community cable station by doing camera and audio eventually leading to appearing in front of the camera with his own TV specials.
He then took some small acting workshops and then landed supporting roles in many community theatre productions most notably in A Woman Of No Importance, Pajama Game and Sleeping Beauty.
After the millenium he got into starring in short and feature underground horror films including They Came from the Attic, Streaks in the Mirror and Room for Rent.

Chad Riley as Tim - UPS Driver!
Born in Winnipeg, MB, Canada in 1979 an only child to parents Val and Otis Riley. I spent my first 12 years living in Winnipeg until my mother and I moved to Calgary, AB.
Where I grew up, going to high school and working for a few years before obtaining a baseball scholarship to Lethbridge, AB for my first year of post secondary education.
My second year I advanced my baseball skills to Kamloops, BC where I also played football in the CJFL for the UCC Kamloops Cowboys.
After three years and a Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree I moved back to Calgary, and found my love for entertainment and eventually acting.

Today I continue to grow and learn from my experiences, one of which are my experiences in relationships, they've had there ups and downs but when it comes down to it, all I can do is be true to myself and be successful at whatever it is that I do, when the right one comes around which she has, I'm sure we will both know.
I've had the opportunity to 'get my foot in the door' of entertainment with a successful reality TV show, I've always felt that I have an entertaining personality and here was my chance to prove it... it worked out well because it was a reality series so I was able to be myself.

I pay special attention to my dog Polar who has been there for me for a long time. Polar is a white American Pit-bull and the best friend I've ever had.
He has helped me through hard times when I had no friends and my relationships did not work out. Now I have another best friend named Riley a very intelligent golden retriever.
I continue to thank god for these experiences both the positive and the negative... it is these experiences that I have learned from.
I believe that experience is 'the foundation of all personality.... if I hadn't gone through what I had, no matter what I did, the consequences are that I would never be where I am today to reflect upon what I went through yesterday'.

Favorite music artist: Outkast/Goodie Mob/Cee-lo

Favorite foods: East Indian, Mexican, Jamaican

Favorite book: The power of your subconscious mind Joseph Murphy

Favorite place: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1.) What is your favorite word?

2.) What is your least favorite word?

3.) What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Optimism and enthusiasm

4.) What turns you off?

5.) What is your favorite curse word?

6.) What sound or noise do you love?
Waves crashing ashore

7.) What sound or noise do you hate?
Chopper at high rev

8.) What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Baseball pitcher

9.) What profession would you not like to do? Office clerk

10.) If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? It's been a long time coming.


Heath Horejda / Radio Play Director
Born on March 19th, 1978 Heath first fell in love with horror movies after watch the film Jaws with his father. The delight of the scare and the release that followed is a thrill enjoyed to this very day.  

Growing up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Heath was very active in sports. After high school he was pursuing professional careers in both hockey and football until a shoulder injury ended any chance. With his love for sports ending Heath looked to another love for his dreams... Acting.  

Intending the University of Saskatchewan he entered the B.F.A. program, but in his fourth year of school and only two classes short of his degree, he auditioned and was accepted on a scholarship to the Vancouver Film School. Knowing more opportunities existed in Vancouver, Heath made the move and one year later he left the acting program at the VFS with honors.

Spending the last two years learning the ups and downs of the film business Heath finally landed his first roll in a feature film. The movie is a horror/thriller called Wind Chill due out later this year.   "Everybody has a dream, who's am I?" Heath Horejda's words to live by.


Dave Cockran aka Johnny Cockles / Sound Engineer!
Dave was is 25 years of age and is born in Elmvale, Ontario and works for Rogers Radio here in Vancouver which is connected to other stations in the local area like Jack FM, Clear FM, News 1130, Star 98.3, Mountain FM and Country 107.1.
Dave also enjoys writing and loves horror films ever since he watched Scream which was the comeback to the horror film craze.
His favourite horror movies are Army of Darkness, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, The Ring and The Fog (Original).
His favourite bands are They Might Be Giants, Rob Zombie, Beck and Schoolyard Heroes.
Dave enjoys camping (Watch out for Jason Voorhees) and his favourite seasons are Halloween and Christmas.
We are very happy that he came on board with us giving us the news each month on whats happening in the horror industry and well as introducing each segment on our show here.

John M. Sullivan / Writer!
John Sullivan is a screenwriter, fiction writer and journalist born in the USA and currently based in Vancouver, Canada. While working as a journalist in the USA, he published several short stories in various magazines and anthologies.
His story Everything Changes was selected as the lead story in the inaugural edition of James Hartwell's Year's Best Fantasy collection (Eos Books, 2001). He attended the Clarion science fiction writer's workshop in 1999.

John relocated to Vancouver in 2004 to pursue a screenwriting career, and graduated with honors from the screenwriting program at Vancouver Film School. He continues to write reviews and articles on film for the online and print publications of the Sci-Fi Channel.

His produced works to date include the comedy short Djinn and Tonic (writer), and the short thriller The Debt (co-writer). His short horror script Outside the Lines won second place in the short screenplay competition at Shriekfest 2004.
John has numerous projects in development including: Guru Hop, feature script (co-writer) with support from Telefilm, B.C. Film, and Movie Central; Social Contract, feature script (writer) and Dr. Bateson's Patented Revival Device, feature script (writer).