Greg Russell Tiderington - Host / Producer
Apart from being the moderator of Racks & Razors Greg started out in the entertainment field as a sketch artist before he learned to talk eventually leading him by being interviewed on local newspapers and a spot on the 6'0Clock News. He also did comic strips for his school paper.
Then during his senior highschool years he was bittten by the acting bug and did some independent scholarship one act plays.
After he grauduated he volunteered at his local community cable station by doing camera and audio eventually leading to appearing in front of the camera with his own TV specials.
He then took some small acting workshops and then landed supporting roles in many community theatre productions most notably in A Woman Of No Importance, Pajama Game and Sleeping Beauty.
After the millenium he got into starring in short and feature underground horror films including They Came from the Attic, Streaks in the Mirror and Room for Rent


Doktor Strange - Host
"Doktor Strange is one of Vancouver's Premier Comedy Magicians. Over the
span of his 30+ year career he has performed for tens of thousands of
people. He performs shows for all ages and primarily loves to make people
laugh! You can learn all about him at his website He
is a board game and game show designer, he works in elementary schools
teaching grade 5s and 6s through a company called Classroom Expeditions. He
is a father of two amazing kids and he also really enjoys a good scary
Official Site:


Quey Phillips - News Anchor!
Quey is a very inspired actress and has a strong desire to build her resume in all areas of performing; dancing, acting, singing, and choreography. She also craves gaining more experience in writing and directing.
Previously, she has performed in community and interactive theatres, as well as assisted other actors and dancers with play development and choreography. Quey has also written and been an assistant director of one play. In addition to this, she assisted her local high school's marketing students to write and compile a script for the credit grantors.
Moreover, Quey has recently been part of a couple of short films which were tons of fun and have proven to me once again that she love these fields.


Nathan Stranges - Book & Magazines!
Nathan is a newcomer reviewing magazines and book on horror films which he is marvellously at with alot of spunk to his vocalising.
Nathan is also an actor, writer and short filmmaker.
He was a DJ host for a radio show called S.W.C. Radio Broadcaster as well as co-hosting a Unicef Telethon TV special for the community cable.
His acting work in commercials include Microsoft-Print Campaign, Robitussin, Future Shop Print Campaign and Nike Air Jordan.
He also acted in local theatre plays such as Seward in Dracula, Arnie Shnorsnever in Rehearsal for Murder and Thaddeus T. Rella in Reform School Reunion.
He wears many hats for the performing arts like doing stand up comedy at the Rumors Comedy Club, Performing acting telegrams for TLC Entertainment and does a driving tour on Halloween Haunted Tour with the Vancouver Trolley Company.


Christopher Lee Gordon / Interviewer!
Myth Peddlers Media Inc.’s C.E.O., Christopher Lee Gordon, with 25 years of industry experience, is an award winning Actor, accomplished Director, experienced scriptwriter, digital editor and producer who has had a part in initiating 2 theatre companies prior to starting “Lucid Group Films”.  Lucid Group Films developed and shot the 30 minute film entitled UPGRADED for “Studio 3 Productions” and together with Myth Peddlers Media Inc.’s CEO, were responsible for developing the feature entitled LONG NIGHT that, due to scheduling conflicts and a rebranding of Lucid Group Films [Ottawa] to Myth Peddlers Media Inc [Vancouver] makes up the first year film production of this business plan.
Myth Peddlers Media Inc.’s C.E.O, Christopher Lee Gordon, has immersed himself into underground entertainment forms on the internet over a period of 10 years, getting to know the end-users market and cataloging their tastes.  As such, he is confident that he has identified what they are looking in the way of elements in their entertainment.  He has also been an avid reader of comic books as a youth and has been watching the “comic book” age of movies through its arrival and truly believes he has a firm grasp on what is, visually, the missing element for the theatre going, comic-book weaned audience.  Both of these points meet each other quite successfully to create a visual style that suits the many stories he has himself designed.
With it being accepted that societal trends are on a 13 year revolution, Myth Peddlers Media Inc.’s films being prepared for the resurgence and rethinking of the 80’s style, Myth Peddlers Media Inc. has a 5 year opportunity to create a body of work that will appeal to its target audience.
Official Site:


Dave Cockran aka Johnny Cockles / Sound Engineer!
Dave was is 25 years of age and is born in Elmvale, Ontario and works for Rogers Radio here in Vancouver which is connected to other stations in the local area like Jack FM, Clear FM, News 1130, Star 98.3, Mountain FM and Country 107.1.
Dave also enjoys writing and loves horror films ever since he watched Scream which was the comeback to the horror film craze.
His favourite horror movies are Army of Darkness, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, The Ring and The Fog (Original).
His favourite bands are They Might Be Giants, Rob Zombie, Beck and Schoolyard Heroes.
Dave enjoys camping (Watch out for Jason Voorhees) and his favourite seasons are Halloween and Christmas.
We are very happy that he came on board with us giving us the news each month on whats happening in the horror industry and well as introducing each segment on our show here.