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Find out what actor played who and their previous experiences in the entertainment industry as well as the director, writer and sound guy as they all did a great job with this show.
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Join us back to our one hour talk show as we review movies, have news, interviews, music and sometimes giveaways.
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It's like Tales from the Crypt .... but on the radio!!!!!!
Welcome everyone to our radio plays as each episode packs alot of suspense and terror with a new chapter every time. A great time to listen to it during late at night for a bedtime story for those who love to be scared before going to sleep. The series started in late January of 2007. You can download the series on your ipod at www.sweetsweetproduction.com
Written by: Kerry Eno
Directed by: Heath Horejda
Sound & Recording by: Dave Cockram and Heath Horejda

Greg Russell Tiderington .... Henry
Sheryl Thompson .... Daphne
Dick Pugh .... Narrator
Elizabeth McQuade .... Kimberly
Tyrone Karius .... William
Margot Berner .... Child
Wendy Podgursky .... Doctor
Quey Phillips .... Mary Anne - News Anchor
Heath Horejda .... Officer James Timms

Music by
Midnight Syndicate

Children seem to be missing and a mysterious and estranged man named Henry (Greg Russell Tiderington), who wondered about a big white truck he often saw leaving a property twice a week with a blue dolphin painted on it carried, seems to be a suspect for their disappearance that also connects to the lifestyle of a troubled Police Officer named James Timms (Heath Horejda) who had a troubled childhood life.

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