The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)

Directed by: Katt Shea

Written by: Rafael Moreu


Emily Bergl .... Rachel Lang
Jason London .... Jesse Ryan
Amy Irving .... Sue Snell
J. Smith Cameron .... Barbara Lang
Dylan Bruno .... Mark Bing
Zachary Ty Bryan .... Erick Stark
Charlotte Ayanna .... Tracy Campbell
Rachel Blanchard .... Monica Jones
Justin Ulrich .... Brad Winters
Eli Craig .... Chuck Potter
Eddie Kaye Thomas .... Arnold 'Arnie'
Mena Suvari .... Lisa Parker

Release Dates: Theatrical: March 12, 1999





Years after that horrible incident at the prom Carrie White went to while unleashing her powers comes her half sister Rachel Lang (Emily Bergl) who also has telekinetic powers and is sent to a foster home due to her mentally ill mother Barbara (J. Smith Cameron) who was sent away to an institution.
Years later Rachel is in grade 12 and her friend Lisa (Mena Suvari) who announces that she lost her virginity but later gets a note in her locker of the guy she made it with one of the jocks Eric (Zachary Ty Bryan) who is in the highschool football team tellling her he just used her for a one night stand.
When Lisa reads it she takes her own life by jumping off the school building.
Rachel talks to counsellor Sue Snell (Amy Irving) whom was once classmates with Carrie, and a police officer about Eric. Sue tries to press charges as Eric is 18 accusing him of performing stagetory rape.
Eric's friend Mark (Dylan Bruno) tries to terrorise Rachel while Rachel is having a romance with one of his friends named Jesse Ryan (Jason London).
Afterwards Mark and his friends make out they're sorry and invites Rachel to their grad party with a nasty surprise while Sue Snell visits Rachel's crazed mother Barbara as she tells Sue who Rachel's father was which was Ralph White.
Sue and Barbara tries to go to the grad party before it's too late for Rachel fearing that she would use her telekinetic powers against her enemies


There's a perfect opening with Barbara Lang dunking a paintbrush in red paint and then slowly painting a line in her house on a wall and curtains as well as a good shopt on her taking her time painting the lamp shade with her daughter Rachel as a little girl watching her mysteriously and then trying to get her to come with her along with a nice close up shot on Barbara slapping her face with the paintbrush and a sad expression on Rachel which looked disturbing.
There's a nice shot with little Rachel storming away into her room with doors slamming shut and a deputy trying to go after her and then good shots on windows slamming up and down with her screaming to stop it which also looked good. Then there's a good camera shot looking down on her in a closet kneeling down next to her dog with a nice camera change on present day with Rachel now a 17 year old crawled in a same position in her bed.
There's a good dysfunctional moment during breakfast time with Rachel getting blunt with her foster parents getting short with her about being disrespectful which all of this looked very realistic.
A good conversation between Rachel and her friend Lisa in a school bus together which looked well done as friends having a good conversation and Lisa herself acting so full of life on losing her virginity.
There's a cheesy camera shot on a group of students practising their cheerleading with the bus rolling in.
We spot a group of jocks talking about what points to score on sleeping with girls at their school. It looked a bit cheesy but at the same time kids being perverted kids.
There's a good shot on Lisa looking gloomy while closing her locker along with good angle camera shots on her walking up some steps to a top of a roof and then a terrific shot on her slowly falling off a roof with her binder and papers falling out. A great shot on a distorted face crashing on a car window. There's a great close up shot on Rachel looking wide eyed and shocked. We spot some good camera shots on lockers breaking open with paper and other stuff flying out. Next, there's a nice soothing moment with Sue Snell comfortably taking Rachel away from the scene.
There's a nice shot on Rachel acting expressionless in a counselling office with Sue trying to encourage her to let it out. It was still and nicely done.
We spot a nice camera shot on Sue speaking through the highschool speaker about a vow of silence to a suicide at the school while we have a nice slow motion running shot on Rachel outside.
We have a good shot on Erick Stark's close up on his face acting nervous about what had happened with Mark Bing talking to him.
A good moment with Mark and Jesse Ryan driving by a photography place with Rachel there and Mark asking for some photos by acting sleazy and charming to try and get them with her acting cool and smart alecky about stuff and refusing to give them to him.
There's a nice discussion between Jesse and Tracy Campbell after making out in a vehicle with him being distracted on thinking about the suicide and her acting sneakily stuck up about it all but very cool. It was a real look on a total highschool bitch the way it was done. We have a nice moment on Jesse acting disgusted when she tries to hint to him for a date at an upcoming grad party too with him speeding away afterwards as this moment looked very clear that he didn't like her.
We have good shots on a dog walking across a road with Rachel acting panicky trying to get her dog after a car runs the dog over. There's a nice close up shot on Jesse driving looking dazed and then snapping out of it when there's a sudden crack on his windshield.
We spot a nice natural conversation between the two of them at a diner which looked very touching.
Powerful moment with Sue talking to a sheriff to take legal action against Erick for stagetory rape as well as a nice close up on him asking her about what happened in the past with Carrie which looked incredibly eefective as we get a good brief flashback squence from the first flick.
There's a good shot on Erick at his locked with the door slamming shut and then Rachel standing there showing a nice cold expression towards him and speaking coldly to him.
There's a good shot on Rachel in the counselling office with a mug and her staring at it while Sue is trying to talk to her and then the mug falls off.
A good camera shot looking up on Rachel wrapped in a red towel and then alot of good shots with people like Erick, Mark and Brad Winters banging on doors and windows. We also spot a nice close up shot on Mark's mouth speaking on his cell phone to her and acting cold. We also spot a great moment with Erick really going nuts and smashing a glass window with a brick and trying to crawl through a window with the window door closing on him.
A good raging moment between Jesse and Mark in a changing room nearly brawling during the bullying incident which was energetic and nicely done.
A good moment with Sue trying to talk to Rachel and then a nice close up shot on a snow dome on a desk exploding with Sue herself looking spooked and shocked.
A great confrontation between Sue trying to ask Barbara
who Rachel's father is with the surroundings at the mental hospital with the crazy patients which looked cringing. We spot a nice close up shot on Barbara herself when she tells her who Rachel's father in which it was wonderfully done.
A nice still moment with Sue approaching Rachel with her sitting at a desk asking quietly for her to come with her somewhere. Then we get them walking at the burned down schoolhouse as it looked terrific and gloomy. There's good camera takes on the two of them talking and Sue trying to convince her to get help with her telekineseis. There's a good defensive moment with Rachel acting arrogant about all of this.
There's many great romantic sequences between Rachel and Jesse as it looked really peaceful as well as nicely different close up shots on the two of them making out in bed.
A good shot on Rachel crawling through her bedroom window the next morning with both her foster parents standing there and the foster dad smacking her in the face with a nice brief gasp by the foster mom in which the scene looked good between a passive and aggressive married couple.
We spot a good silent moment between Sue towards Barbara in the asylum next to a window on trying to get her out of there with a good quivering reaction on Barbara herself . We also spot a good shot on Sue sneaking her out.
There's a nice disturbing moment with Rachel looking at a score book Mark gives her as well as a shot on a TV screen showing a sex scene as well as Erick coming down the stairs to try and humiliate her. There's good black and white close up shots on people like Mark and Erick making mocking expressions and barking as well as others laughing at her with her almost falling to the ground and then a great shot on her eye's growing as well as her tattoo growing with the rest looking shocked and then a nice shot on Rachel slowly turning around looking evil plus great shots on the doors of the house slamming and CDs flying around everywhere and other objects killing people as well as flames rising from the house and Rachel just standing there with all this happening. This was terrific camera takes indeed.
There's great panicked reactions on everyone trying to get away with Rachel looking cold and walking towards people and shots on things falling or breaking. There's tons of energetic moments with everyone during all of this.
A perfect confrontation between Jesse and Rachel about all what happened which was the best energetic scene of all times in this film with good shots on the two of them which was touching and emotionally sad.
We spot a perfect jumping moment towards the end that involved with Jesse and Rachel but you will have to find out for yourself.
Bottom line is that I was soo excited that a sequel arose to my all time favourite horror flick showing a half sister of Carrie White. Although this girl was an outsider as well she was sociable and had a couple of friends in which Carrie never had.
The movie was a wee bit cheesy though trying to make it look like today's society and sometimes it does the trick but this sequel was nowhere near as effective to the 1976 classic blockbuster. Again, sequels never are.

Alot of people put this one down but I liked it although the story was nowhere as strong as the first one.
We still have mean kids at school and lots of them as it does look realistic on jock's trying to get their jollies and seeing how many points they's score with any chick which looked like real perverted idiots at school.
We showed some good flashback scene's to the original Carrie which really spiced things up and it was awesome spotting the burned down school ground since the tragedy at the 1976 prom night. I mean that was total class.
During a humiliation at a party I loved hearing the Margaret White chant "They're All Gonna Laugh At You" just like in the original flick after the pigs blood was dumped on Carrie at the prom. It just leaves you exciting chills.
Some neat effects when Rachel used her powers showing more types of magical elements than in the first flicks showing her tattoo's growing and all making it look real horror like. It was a shame what happens to a reoccurring character but I won't spoil it for you. It's a shame we never find out who Ralph White is though as I was hoping someday we'd see him and his history too.

The acting was quite good as lead actress Emily Bergl (Rachel Lang) does her job well as Carrie's half sister and knew how to behave outgoing as an outsider at her school and brought on alot of charm as well as her outrageous attitude when something bad happens and does well freaking out holding her dog in the middle of the road crying after her pet was run over which was a nice example. She shows good dark expressions too for when the moment was necessary. She does well acting tough to top it off. Well done!
Jason London
(Jesse Ryan) played the nice jock boy next door kinda fellow like he did in Dazed & Confused so he proved that he can do it for this one as well. He sure did his part strongly and showed some different moments too at times. He made his part believeable by having an intelligent and descent attitude not feeling he belongs with the preppy jock crowd.
Amy Irving
(Sue Snell) does her job wonderfully by reprising her role this time as an adult instead of a teenage graduate. She has a great calmness to her part in the film and is great with her speaking too.
Does well acting insisting towards an onscreen sheriff on taking legal action to a student on stagetory rape in which it looked powerfully performed. Also a good shocked reaction on her in her office after a coffee mug slips off her desk. She hasn't lost her touch at all since her work in the original. Just more mature like.
J. Smith Cameron
(Barbara Lang) seemed to do well by acting disturbed and pulls her weight well as a crazy one in the flick. She brought the part across like she was supposed to with her icy words and cringing attitude too.
Dylan Bruno
(Mark Bing) played the perfect head jock bully football player and had a nice rough look to prove himself too. He spoke roughly to top it off which was a plus. He really brought his sleazy attitude to life and proved to be a good character actor as he usually played these types of roles in other shows too.
Zachary Ty Brown
(Erick Stark) wasn't a great actor I found but he knew how to act like a bratty troublemaker in the flick and looked right as he seemed like a prick. He doesn't prove at all that he couldn't move on to film acting after his fame in TV's Home Improvement though. Still he was someone you'd love to hate and want to punch out. Shows a good shocked expression on his face in a scene when someone shows a picture to him.
Charlotte Ayanna
(Tracy Campbell) had the nice girl looks and knew how to be a troublemaking stuck up snobby cheerleader in the flick. She certainly had that bitch with an attitude type of appeal which reminds you of those popular girls you went to school with who would snub you. She was great by acting full of herself too which looked totally realistic too.

Emily Bergl doesn't expose herself but there is a tiny bit of brief nudity with her and Jason London.

Lisa crashes into a car when she jumps off the school building and lots of blood is shown.

There was more gore in this than the first one when Rachel unleashes her powers.
A head is cut off
Sue Snell is stabbed in the head by a spear which was disappointing as she should've lived
Somone's crotch is stabbed
A girls eyes are stabbed
Many teens are stabbed in the head by sharp CD's.

The theme song for the opening was the best score I've ever heard in a sequel as we hear a chiming song play and then some low keyboard sounds with some chantings too. It will give you goosebumps and was fantastic. Danny B. Harvey sure was original and can be influential. In other areas of the film we hear the odd piano playing as well as some bonging sounds for tragic moments in the film. Plus some good wind effects for the suicidal moment. There's also great booming sounds which almost makes you jump especially during the flashback scene's. There's some good romantic piano playing too with the main characters.

Sheriff Kelton: Sue, are you sure you aren't still trying to save a girl who died twenty years ago?

Sue: I had a traumatic experience in high school. I tried to help someone, and it backfired horribly.

Rachael: I don't think that I believe in it.
English Teacher: Believe in what?
Rachael: Love.
English Teacher: Then you have bigger problems than passing this class.

Jesse: Doesn't it bother you that some girl offed herself?
Tracy: No. It's not like she was anybody.
Jesse: What?
Tracy: I mean, I didn't know her.

Eric: I think I split her in two.

Monica: He should get some more points because she's so skanky.

Monica: He's just letting little Jesse do the thinking for big Jesse.

Sue: You've heard of Carrie White, haven't you?
Rachael: Supposedly she set the fire as some sort of revenge-suicide thing, Elvis was her date and they escaped in a UFO.

Mark Bing: We're all friends here - we're all friends!
Jesse: No - we just grew up together.

Monica: You know, Tracy isn't universally loved. She tried to steal Brad from me. She's a Melrose Place super-bitch.

Rachael: I always wanted to be one of the shiny, happy people.

Arnie: We're missing a real killer party.

Rachael: Please. Don't leave me. I don't have anyone. Please, God... let me die.

Rachael: Is that all I was to you, Jesse? Thirty points?