Rats (1984)

Story & Directed by: Bruno Mattei

Written by:
Claudio Fragasso & Herve Piccini


Ottaviano Dell'Acqua .... Kurt
Geretta Geretta .... Chocolate
Massimo Vanni .... Taurus
Richard Cross .... Video
Henry Luciani .... Duke
Ann-Gisel Glass .... Myrna
Cindy Leadbetter .... Diana
Jean-Christophe Brétigniere .... Lucifer
Moune Duviver .... Lilith
Fausto Lombardi .... Deus
Christian Fremont .... Noah

Release Dates: Theatrical: December 5, 1984 (France); May 23, 1983 (Italy)



One hundred years after a nuclear war, society has been reborn into two factions; the underground society and the scavangers above in the wastelands.
A group of scavenger bikers enter a small deserted town for shelter, food and water while their own war has just started and discover that the place has been devoured by red eyed rats who will eat anyone that trespasses on that land.
They try various deadly weapons but the rats still keep attacking and all of them must stick together to survive the night but the rats even got into the water system and polluted it making it very difficult for them to make it through the night as the bodycount piles up more and more leaving very few of them alive through the night.


An interesting moment with the bikers riding into a deserted small town in their motorbikes and then checking around. There's also good close up shots on them pigging out on food they find. Next up, there's a good close up shot on Myrna spotting something moving underneath some covers with a good shot on a corpse eaten up by rats and a nice close up shot on her screaming.
There's a nice artsy shot on both Lucifer and Lilith naked and caressing one another.
Good close up shot on a rat staring at Lilith and a nice red effects shot walking up to her sleeping.
A good moment with Deus spotting the rats climbing down some tubes into the drinking water with him freaking out by trying to get the rats out and a nice terror shot on rats attacking by falling on his head with him screaming in terror.
There's a good close up shot on a rat sliding into a sleeping bag with Lilith starting to wake up and a good close up shot on her wide paranoid eyes which was a great classic horror shot.
There's nice reactions on Lucifer acting drunk and walking around the deserted town as well as leaning against a ledge with rats dropping on him and him screaming which also looked well done and cheesy like for a horror movie like this.
A good camera shot on the the gang circling around Lilith with a shot on a rat coming out of her mouth and an approach by Deus screaming in terror with rats all over him and a good shot on Kurt using his flamethrower on him and a good shot on him burning to death falling back.
A good argumentive discussion between Duke and Kurt pointing their rifles at one another on who should lead.
Many good shots on rats leaping out and attacking or a swarm of them in the areas of the small town.
A nice approach with Duke coming towards Myrna and tempting her to be on his side which looked nice and evil.
A good moment with Kurt getting aggressive and pointing his gun at Duke for almost having him killed showing a good gruff attitude.
We spot many nice shots on some of the people trying to walk past the rats without being bitten as well as showing good nervous expressions.
We spot a nice rage on Duke pointing his shotgun from a distance away with Myrna next to him threatneing to kill her and then rats jumping on him and showing nice screaming reactions with a nice shot on an explosion happening.
Bottom line is that I must admit it's a bad film but it can be a fun one to watch if you're in the mood for those trashy dirve in types of flicks that you's like to get together with your gorehound friends.
The story doesn't do much as people are stranded in an deserted area with rats around them. At the same time this film can be shocking on how these rats feast on people as well as trying to pollute the water systems there which really grosses you out too. It does make you wonder if David DeCoteau saw this flick apart from Alien and invented Creepozoids since his plot was almost similar as this one but used a beetle like creature and giant rats in a deserted area.
The ending I won't give away but it looked very corny as just when you think the nightmare is over it has become far worst than you thought.
It is a typical looking low budget Italian type sci-fi horror elements and it looks like a tragedy kind of one too. At the same time the storyline is very weak taking place in one area throughout the whole story.

The acting is hard to tell whether it's good or bad since it was overdubbed by US actors but I will try my best to review the one's I noticed the most.
Lead actor
Ottaviano Dell'Acqua (Kurt) stood out well as the leader of the pack and shows good energy from what it looks like as well as showing nice reactions to what is all happening. He knew how to do his blocking quite well with his struggling behaviors.
Geretta Geretta
(Chocolate) was so far the best one of them all having a tomboy attitude and getting tough when she needed to. Very slick and cool she was. She shows nice frightening reactions too with the rat invasions or any other terrifying moments. I can judge from what she does that she can pull off a good character.
Massimo Vanni
(Taurus) seemed quite charming and bubbly with his role and showed the odd humor to his part. He had the right looks for the character he portrayed.
Richard Cross
(Video) does his part well as a partying type of cast member and knew how to be energetic and outgoing too. Plus he really knew how to act like a goofball during certain scenario's of the story.
Henry Luciani
(Duke) showed a nice evil aggression to his part acting arrogant and manipulative too. He brought out the best in him for the crazy moments that he had to do with each effective moment of the story. He looked right for the part too as he even looked mean. A nice aggression with him shooting his gun in the air in the empty town and screaming which was well energised. He showed nice screaming reactions when some rats attacked him.
Ann-Gisel Glass
(Myrna) came across nicely as a sensitive type in the film who acts too paranoid about everything going around her. She shows nice frightening expressions too. She knew how to portray an innocent type for what she had to play.

Both Jean-Christophe Brétigniere and Moune Duviver are nude fully top from bottom while making out with one another.

Numerous corpses are chewed up by rats
A head falls off
Rats tear out of people's flesh

Luigi Ceccarelli does wonders with the music in this film in some parts we hear a haunting like old fashioned organ playing if you think of Phantom of the Opera this was very similar. We also hear cheesy keyboard music for low budget sci fi horror elements like this one along with the odd screeching and bonging sounds too. It sounds very horror Italian like.

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