The Redeemer: Son of Satan (1978)

Directed by: Constantine S. Gochis

Written by: William Vernick


Damien Knight .... John Sinclair
Jeanetta Arnette .... Cindy
Gyr Patterson .... Kirsten
Nikki Barthen .... Jane
Nick Carter .... Terry
Michael Hollingsworth .... Roger
T.G. Finkbinder .... The Redeemer

Release Date: Theatrical: April 7, 1978



Six friends go to their highschool reunion as they seems to be happy to see one another again and are enjoying the banquet that is served there.
But they discover that they are trapped inside their old school with a killer preacher on the loose wearing different masks and uniforms and killing them all in various ways.
It seems that they have sinned in many ways during their teenage years as it centered around a kid that people picked on and now they are paying the price for it.


We spot a long opening on a lake and then a school bus entering as we spot a child coming out of the lake to go to his school as this leaves a true mysterious feel wondering as to what this is all about a nice weird tale too for what we spot here.
Also it shows this child going to catholic school and getting ready for a ceremony along with other kids bullying him in which looked a bit rough to watch and unnatural too. Also we spot a moment on a dead body as well as someone trying to create some mould on this corpses face which looked twisted to watch.
Then we spot some full grown adults planning their reunion which needed a bit of a better focus but there's some interesting moments while we watch on what goes on here. We spot a cheesy situation at a local disco with some people dancing and a corny discussion on a couple being drunk and discussing their reunion. It was pretty off but can be fun for people that like 70's cheesy moments such as what we're spotting here. Also there's a situation with someone whom is wealthy doing target practice and uses a pigeon to kill as I found this to be in bad taste and for birdlovers this isn't a scene that you'd enjoy. Plus we spot a lesbian discussion in which back in the days you had to remain closeted so this grabbed my attention greatly. Meanwhile there's nice mysterious shots on a killers hands cutting the pics of these former grad students out of a yearbook as this was drawn in greatly.
Cheesy moments with the former grad students entering their old school and stuffing their faces with food along with their discussions too which wasn't too shabbily done.
We also spot a scene involving both John Sinclair and Jane having a brief discussion which seemed to draw you in as well as one of them using a payphone as the scene was supposed to make out that something deadly is going to happen but it was a false alarm as there was just creepy music which was bad timing.
However there's a moment when Cindy goes to check up on the inntaker as he has his back turned from a chair which is of course a sign that he's dead and close up camera shots on this dead person which looked perfectly gross as to what is growing out of his neck.
Nice discussions with all six of them wondering as to what they did wrong in their past for the terrors that are happening to them which is a nice add into the story.
A slightly cheesy moment when someone realises they're trapped in the school and tries to call out to someone in a black outfit as well as this person storming up front wearing a grim reaper mask as this was catchy but didn't look too terrifying.
We also spot a moment when a back is turned in a chair but this looked cheesy when it's supposed to be a mystery and then we spot a clown figure and then the killer come up and kills a couple of people with a torch as this makes up for the cheesiness looking intense and wild.
We also spot Jane out in the field and a corny disguise on the killer wearing a hunter outfit with their conversations which looked off as well as him trying to kill her as it looked amusing when he guns her down in the end.
We see a wild moment with a deadly theatrical act by the killer hosting towards some of the other surviving one's trying to escape from the mandess with a clcever moment as to what happens to them involving a big blade which looked gruesome to watch. Perfect trap in a horror flick.
Plus we have another situation with the killer grabbing a hold of Cindy and forcing her in a changeroom which looked brutally intense as well as trying to drown her in one of the sinks filled with water as there's good close up shots on all of this and makes you cringe wondering if he will succeed. Doesn't look pretty at all but it is an inspiration for future slasher flicks since we've seen other similarities occur with these moments.
Great close up camera shots on the killer playing a trick on Kirsten by throwing her a gun while she tries to use it along with a good shot on a puppet coming up behind her and about to swing the blade on her as well as good shots on her screaming in terror which is a classic scene in this flick.
Bottom line is that the film almost looked like a fun one to watch but it has so many leaky holes and alot of time. It does make you wonder why these people are getting killed yet it becomes tiresome and pointless as the story carries on. For some silly reason when VHS tapes saw the light of day this movie was renamed Class Reunion Massacre plus this was probably what inspired the 1987 flick Slaughter High.

The acting is dated and full of virtual unknowns but they seem to pull their weight in the film especially seeing their reactions when they experience the killings. But I will try and dig up who's worth mentioning here.....
Damien Knight (John Sinclair) seemed to have a fairly strong motive and presence as well as showing off a good powerful attitude by what he does here. Was good with the action that was involved and showing off some decent energy within all that he had to do.
Jeanetta Arnette (Cindy) was probably the best out of the cast in which she portrays a bimbo type since we need those in a slasher flick. She shows that off well along with having a perfectly bubbly full of life type of behavior. Has a good hyped up speaking. Also does well screaming and freaking out when she realises that someone is killed. Also reacts well choking and acting intense when she is being tortured ina changing room with her gasping reactions.
Gyr Patterson (Kirsten) who portrayed the lesbian seemed to show off a great outgoing and brainy behavior. She knew on how to act well on situations as well as showing off a good friendliness too. Plus shows off great itnense screaming energy near the end of her performance really going at full speed with this. Does her job great as the next victim.
Nikki Barthen (Jane) showed it off as the rich snob as I saw she came across well by being snooty about stuff. At times she lacks in her performance especially when she is chased in the field by the onscreen killer but at the end shows off a great terrifying scream with nice wild eyed reactions so will give her credit for that.
Michael Hollingsworth (Roger) shows off a nice cocky and slick attitude showing off his energy with his words but he rather sounded quite gay with his speaking as I don't think he was supposed to portray someone like that at all. Had the right athletic looks though. He was a bit over the top though.
But the actor that stands out is the killer played by T.G. Finkbinder (Redeemer) as he disguises himself into numerous different characters and really pulls it off terrifically which is better than the story itself. Also does a great job with his forceful blocking really knowing on how to act menacing or doing a theatrical hosting which he seemed like a madman at doing. Plus was great when he is a preacher at a catholic school by being deceiving on what he does there.

Two people are bloodily shot during two different scenes
A rotting male corpse is sitting in a chair with maggots crawling out of his neck
A man is burnt to a crisp
A man is stabbed in the head
Another man is shot in the head

We have a cheesy composition by Phil Gallo and Clem Vacara Jr. showing that they can do wonders with their piano and some windy synthesizer sounds along with some disco music too. Yet some neat low sounds as well as airy types too which blends in nicely for a cheesy no budgeter such as this one. We also hear some piano music as this sounded very catchy.and effective.