Red Lips (1995)

Written & Directed by: Donald Farmer


Ghetty Chasun .... Caroline
Michelle Bauer .... Lisa

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1995



Caroline (Ghetty Chasun) wants to give blood to a doctor cause she is broke and needs money but realises that one day the doctor injects her with a serum that gives her a need for blood in which she becomes a succubus.
She becomes weak and hungry for blood and falls in love with Lisa (Michelle Bauer) as she helps her find people for victims to feed her hunger.


There's an extremely trashy opening with two lesbians getting it on with one another while we watch the opening credits which took way too long and what was worst was that the picture quality looked terrible and grainy in which this was done on a poor home video camcorder. I knew I was in for another trashy flick with lots of skin covering a bad plot.
Then during the near beginning of the story we spot discussions between Caroline giving blood to a doctor in order to get money as the discussions looked mediocre since I've seen worst as well as things unravelling into what Caroline is going to turn out to be.
Then I spot a lame moment with a celebrity thinking that she's going to score with a movie producer by going into his hotel as there's terrible writing on this along with the discussions lookin amateurish. Later on we realise that he's not a producer but with the same name as I rolled my eyes on a typical bimbo making a mistake. This scene was a total waste of time but yet during this scene I spotted a moment with Caroline standing outside of the doorway acting hungry for blood which wasn't done too badly.
Then when she enters to make out that she will seduce him this grabs your attention and having a feeling that she will do something deadly to him.
An interesting moment that draws you in is when Caroline returns to see the doctor and makes out that she wants to secduce her which was carefully shot as well as an interesting shot on Caroline exposing her fangs and ready to lunge into her neck. Alot of the times when she munches away on someone's neck the shots are way too long which is another time waster in this dud.
Sloppy moments when Caroline is feeling woozy and sick walking in the streets as this needed more inspiration but mainly due to a poor quality camera which doesn't do the trick at all.
Lame moment with a big woman rubbing herself in a bubble bath which is of course a time waster and then her lover Lisa calling her that they're breaking up which the interactions looked terribly trashy to watch.
Yet there's a good pointer with Caroline acting weak towards Lisa and she tries to help her as this looked well done which is one of the only good points in this flick and was nicely put into the story. Plus some good interactions with them eating in a food court and to what they're talking about along with Caroline going to a restroom and getting touchy and feely towards a woman there which is another drawing point that she's hungry for her blood.
Another good pointer in the story is when they go to what seems like a lesbian bar with some psychedelic rock group playing and a weird performance act too and then the two of them getting touchy and feely towards one of the customers Gina which looked well drawn in along with all their friendly interactions together afterwards.
Then we have a nicely drawn in moment with Caroline and Lisa getting ready for bed and a good soothing romantic discussions between the two of them which looked like a cool moment on the two of them having a slumber party but things get lame again as the two of them are lusting for a long time. I don't need to tell you that this is yet another time waster cause you got this figured out. Then we have Gina coming in and catching them offering them a blanket which is a good pointer by catching someone in the act.
Yet an effective moment later on when Caroline approaches Gina sleeping making out that she's caressing her but you get the feeling that she's next as well as nice close up shots on the sharp teeth ready to dive in as this looked deadly. Then we have Lisa catching her in the act as well as good intense and emotional moment with Caroline telling her about the situation and them having an understanding along with what to do which is a good add on in a horror story.
Then we get into the trashy storyline when Caroline meets up with a guy and she goes to his suite as well as her taking a bath focusing on her rubbing the water all over herself along with him offering some help which is a weak attempt at a lustful situation but we both know on what her plan is with him. This looked terribly slow to watch.
Quarter way through there's a long shot on Gina's boyfriend Tony holding his gun and waiting for Caroline and Lisa to enter the suite which looked too long to watch this but then when he gets threatening with them things look intense but in a trashy way as well as him demadning them on doing things for him as this was decently written in. Also you hope that Caroline will save the day by biting him in the neck. An interesting moment when he goes into a fridge but doesn't spot your normal food which is a minor shock on what he pulls out. However things get into a slope with this as well as a trashy ending later on which is supposed to make you feel sad but that doesn't even work.
Bottom line is that the makers looked like they wanted to make their own home movie as I was surprised that this was renting at my local video store back in the days but this is a very rare and obscure flick which I could see why. The screen is hard to watch that this was a real old home video camera and the audio was terrible too. Was indeed a soft core porn dud along with this being a lesbian succubus horror flick made on nothing. Skip this one indeed.

The acting is quite poor but there's only 2 main cast members in this which the rest had minor parts. Ghetty Chasun (Caroline) seemed to do okay with her lustful behavior as the succubus and showed decent energy when she attacks someone as well as really getting into feasting her hunger which she shows off good energy into this. Plus does well acting arrogant at times. Yet when she acts weak for hunger is a little over the top or acting emotional. At times she seemed to show okay intensity when acting like this. Nothing to brag about either though.
Scream queen Michelle Bauer (Lisa) was never a great actress but is probably the best out of the whole cast in which she seems to do fine as someone sympathetic as well as showing a good assertiveness and kind hearted behavior too. Does well with her decent behavior along with acting charming too. Knew on how to act flirtatious as well as getting into a lustful mode. Was okay near quarter way when she gets scared being pitted against a bad ass. Yet she needed to pick up the pace a bit. But again needed more inspiration in her characteristics like she does in her other shows.
Danny Fendley (Tony) played the bad ass in the film as I thought he was worth mentioning in which he seemed to try to get obnoxious and controlling but needed a bit of a push since it wasn't believeable. Seemed to have the motive but wasn't passable enough to be a character actor.
Jasmine Pona (Gina) stood out not too badly as the nice friendly type in which she shows a nice calmness to her role as well as reacting well to a lustful scene and behaving unimpressed. Plus had the right innocent girl looks too which was another nice bonus. She wasn't a great actress but not terrible like most of the cast in this flick.
Mandy Leigh (The Doctor) showed off a decent seriousness into her role by what she is talking about and was quite sharp in her presence. Knew on how to do the trick with her part in it. Again not the best cast member but seemed to do okay for what she tried to do here.

Two women take it off and get into a lustful situation during the opening credits
Another one takes off her top while about to fornicate with someone in a hotel room
A big breasted woman is taking a bubble bath
Two lesbians are nude top to bottom while making out before going to bed
Then they are nude once again about to take a shower
Another breast shot revealed when someone is about to be seduced before killed
Full nude body taking a bath as well as someone washing her top to bottom

Many bloody neck bites with chunks of flesh bitten off and some bloodsheds
Hand is cut off

Alot of screechy toned out electric guitar composing in which this got on my nerves as you could tell that they couldn't afford a proper composer. However some of it sounds quite catchy with certain echoey effects especially for a scene in an apartment when the main character is hungry for more blood as this really grabbed my attention. Plus certai other guitar riffs worked in okay but most of it it was sloppily done and beyond amateurish too.

Lisa: I don't wanna be a bitch but you're not leaving the table till you eat something! Okay???

Gina: Thought I'd bring you an extra blanket in case you get cold