Redneck Zombies (1989)


Produced & Directed by: Pericles Lewnes

Written by: Fester Smellman

Story by: Zoofeet & P. Floyd Piranha


Lisa de Haven .... Lisa Dubois
William E. Benson .... Jed Clemson
William W. Decker
.... Jethro Clemson
James Housley .... Wilbur
.... Tyrone Robinson
Benjamin K. Goldberg .... Ben

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: February 15, 1989



A soldier Tyrone Robinson (Tyrone Taylor) travels with a barrell of toxic waste that falls out of his vehicle but some backwoods hillbilly's prevent him from taking it and uses it for moonshine as after they drink it they turn into zombie's and terrorise a group of hikers camping out nearby. .


The beginning has hokey discussions with people working at a ward as well as the main female role Lisa Dubois in a straight jacket disturbed about a situation with flasbacks on zombies eating gruesome objects as I was thinking the story might be gruesomely enjoyable but I was wrong when we get into the beginning on what is going on with a dorky soldier Tyrone Robinson driving in his vehicle as well as him carrying some toxic waste and it falls out as well as him trying to get it back only to be harrassed by a burly redneck hunter with trashy speaking by the two of them. I was like "Oh boy! One of these flicks!"
Also in the meantime there's a bunch of people hiking out to get ready for a camp out as the discussions looked rather lame as well but not as bad as what we see with some of the backwoods rednecks and what they're talking about. However when they bring the toxic waste to their area there's a moment on the object falling over with liquid spilling out which leaves an impression that the terror will happen soon.
More dumb slapstick moments when the Lieutentant scolds Tyrone for not retrieving the toxic waste which looked like a total joke to watch as well as extremely amateurishly done too.
Interesting shots on the barrel of toxic waste being treated as moonshine and pouring liquid into containers ready to be shipped to others as this also leaves an impression that this isn't a good idea at all.
Plus in the story some driver picks up a hitchhiker whom is nuts as this scene spoofs the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in a terribly trashy way too in especially showing a distance shot on the vehicle stopping by a field to pick this idiot up. It was supposed to make you laugh but it's not funny whatsoever.
There's an attention grabber revealing the campers smoking dope and getting high while the hillbilly's are reacting to the toxic moonshine with cheesy camera effects on them changing into zombies which seemed to show decent timing on two parties on what they were doing.
During this moment we have Jed Clemson bringing some of the toxic moonshine to some perverted people watching a lame porn type of flick with more terrible interactions which was a total time waster while seeing all of this as I was screaming to myself "Get on with the next scene please!!!!"
What's really sick is we have a mother drinking this as well as putting it to her baby in a baby's bottle which looked dumb to watch all of this scenrio happening.
The action and terror stirs up when we spot a burly hillbilly now transformed into a zombie and attacking someone as well as graphic moments on what he does to his victim which can please the gorehounds big time along with intense moments on the campers trying to survive the madness that is happening but yet there's still stupid one liners here and there.
A creepy situation when Jed goes to a butchers home and sees someone tied up and gagged while trying to get money this person owes as the moments makes you wonder as to what this butcher is doing in the next room of the home which leaves an impression that it's something very sickening as well as what's playing on TV which doesn't look pleasant either.
In the story with the surviving campers there's a black screen on Ben revealing on what a zombie has eaten and taking out the objects which also looked terribly pointless to watch.
Things start to look mildly impressive when the zombies are cornering the campers in the wooded area which leaves a nice zombie type of tradition but then it gets stupid and overly long as well as spotting the mother and baby as zombies and eating some of their victims. This looked sick to watch with overly long footage on what they're doing which needed to be cut down big time.
Might I also add a zombie tries to rape our beloved Lisa? Not the least bit inspirational at all.
Bottom line is that this is an utterly stupid comedy horror zombiefest full of dumb slapstick situations as well as sick, controversial and shocking moments but not in a good way whatsoever. The videobox looks much better than the story made on a video project and boy is it amateurishly done. Making this piece was a waste of time as I couldn't wait till it ended as it lagged big time.

The acting is terrible but however lead actress Lisa de Haven (Lisa Dubois) seemed to pull her weight as much as she could as I found her to be the best out of the cast in which she seemed to show off a convincingly sarcastic and somewhat cocky attitude. Also knew on how to act anxious in a mediocre fashion and rolled with the punches when the terror strikes her. She wasn't award winning material but did the best she can in this one.
William E. Benson (Jed Clemson) however seemed over the top and geeky as a redneck but he showed okay timing with his energy. But alot of the times was too over the top by what he was doing. Yet came across not too shabbily onto the camera as he seemed to grab my attention within whatever he did here.
William W. Decker (Jethro Clemson) played the redneck father in which he was quite annoying with his screechy and grouchy speaking. Shows off okay energy but alot of the times gets carried away within whatever he did here. Draws alot of attention by what he did though.
James Housley (Wilbur) got on my nerves big time while leading the other fellow campers with his demanding and aggressive attitude along with his sarcasm as well. He didn't seem to cut it as a fellow leading his troupes. Didn't seem too keen on playing his role too well sadly. I've seen worst though.
(Tyrone Robinson) played a total lame ass soldier carrying the toxic waste as he was supposed to be the key member to the story in his supporting role but seriously needed some acting lessons big time. He couldn't cut it by anything that he did throughout his performance. He was a bit humiliating.
(Ben) tried his best to add some spunk and enthusiasm with his hyped up behavior but like the rest is too over the top or lacks energy when he acts anxious. He seemed a little too feminine as I wonder if that was his intention to play off like that. He was better than most of the cast members so will tip my hat off to him for trying to pull his weight.

Womans breasts are revealed on a TV screen feeling herself out

Lots of bloody neck and face bites with flesh torn off
Bodies torn in half
Half bodies with insides are revealed
Lots of bodies bubbled up with the toxic waste
Intestines and other body parts are being eaten
Flesh is being ripped off
Tons of violent bloodsheds

The music has deep sounds all the way through it with some high wavy types too but this was starting to annoy me as it needed to be mixed up a bit better and adding different types which wasn't often used but there's the odd echoey hacking sounds which sounded catchy. My guess is due to the lack of the budget they couldn't think of having other various sounds too much. All of this was done by Adrian Bond.