Red Velvet (2009)


Directed by: Bruce Dickson

Written by:
Anthony Burns & Joe Moe


Henry Thomas .... Aaron
Kelli Garner .... Linda
Cristen Coppen .... Pat
Michele Nordin .... Jenny
Bret Roberts .... Frank
Ryan Doom .... Ken
Jordan Hagan .... Kyle

Special Appearance:

Forest J. Ackerman .... Himself

Release Date: Texas Fear Fest: March 8, 2008




Two neighbors named Aaron (Henry Thomas) and Linda (Kelli Garner) finally get aquainted with one another when they are both doing laundry in a laundromat and then get together for Thai food and discuss a scary story related to people they know which some of it was fact and some fiction about a bunch of them going away camping as it involves somebody's Birthday and are getting killed one by one with a maniac in a white jumpsuit.


The scene's really focused between Aaron and Linda as there's moments when they have an attitude towards one another in a laundromat and then eating at a Thai restaurant with good shots on the two of them having a discussion with one another. In the Thai restaurant there's a good shot on a cockroach that lands on the back of him with a waitress smacking it off and stepping on it.
A nice twisted moment on both a father by placing a pillow on a crazed mother and trying to kill her which looked energetic with a great close up shot on the two of them.
There's a nice close up shot on Kyle falling down with a knife falling nearly missing him which looked nicely done and then a great blocking movement on him accidently stabbing it in a toaster and electrocuting himself.
A nice lustful scene between both Frank and Pat running in the woods naked and then getting it on with one another with nice close up shots on them. Plus we have a good shot on a supporting character Roy behind a tree watching with a good shot on him being slayed to death.
There's a good scene between Ken with Frank tied up on a wall and a good gay scene with the two of them together along with great gruesome shots on the maniac sawing one of them in half which looked greatly done.
Many great shots on both Pat and Jenny walking in the woods with mist as well as on a pier and then running away from a killer and struggling to survive as I found this to be the best moments in the entire film.
There's a good camera shot looking up on both Aaron and Linda walking to their apartments.
Also a good moment with the two of them in a vehicle at a farmyard and then trying to find out where a screaming sound is coming from inside of a house which looks creepy.
Bottom line is that this film was quite boring as it mainly centers around two people trying to tell a scary tale with clips of the story happening which seems to blend in Saw meets Friday the 13th. The film was made on a descent budget unlike those other trashy film you see these days and it offers the odd terror but it wasn't overly scary by any means.
There's the odd chuckles as one of them is someone caught in a pit and tries to climb up with a rope and a crocodile is tied on the other end and sliding into the pit with them. I couldn't stop laughing during that moment.
The film didn't really have much of a plot but was saved from bombing simply cause of the odd humor as mentioned along with a story involving a killer doing in his vicitims and chasing after two girls in the misty woods. Plus there's a good twisted ending in the film which was another plus to the plot. Otherwise just skip this one and find a better one as there's lots out there.

The acting is fairly passable as we spot a performance by former child start Henry Thomas (Aaron) as someone who seems witty and charming as well as having an eccentirc behavior. He really brings the energy towards the end of the film. He seemed very different than the other characters he portrayed in other shows but this wasn't one of his best jobs. Still he's passable.
Kelli Garner
(Linda) seems to stand out quite well as a snooty eccentric type and bringing on an interesting character to her part as the neighbor in the film. She does well by acting nosey and getting defensive too which she brings all of it together.
Most of the other actors there isn't much to talk about but they were all equally average and tried the best they could in order to pull their weight in the film.

There are butt shots on both Bret Roberts and Cristen Coppen running in the woods as well as a clear close up shot on Coppen with her full breasts

A head is chopped off flying in the air
Many bloody stabbings
A constant stabbing in the head
A person is sawed right in half with blood splurting everywhere